Friday, August 28, 2009

And Then The Sun Came Out

And I took a walk and I took these pictures with my phone and no, they are not very good, but it was so beautiful with the sun picking up the shine the rain had given everything. I could not get a picture at all of the huge butterflies, the hawk at the top of a tree, the gopher turtle who slid down his burrow like a shot when I walked by, the emerald green damsel fly by the creek. And who knows what was there that I just didn't notice?

Anyway, as always, click if you want to see them bigger.

The creek:

A mossy cypress tree beside the creek:

It's so still down there by the creek except for the sound of the water traveling across the downed trees and snags. I wish I had a house down there. Cypress trees, pines, oaks. It's just a glory.


Beauty Berry:

An undomesticated spider (and you have no idea how close I came to walking right into her):

The woods:

The peaceful dead, being orderly as is their wont:

Main Street:

My neighbor's morning glories:



  1. Those pictures are so beautiful! I think the rain is coming again but what a wonderful reprieve! Even here in town the butterflies are ginormous and glorious. I would like a Bless Our Hearts calender, please.

  2. I wouls like to take my sleeping bag and a pillow and lay right down in that graveyard; so peaceful and beautiful!

  3. Steph- It isn't hellishly hot today. Just really hot. Not SO bad.

    Sreamish- What a beautiful blog you have! Thank-you for coming by.

    May- Hmmmm. Is that an idea whose time has come? The Dooce has a Chuck calender. Perhaps Ms. Moon could have a Church of the Batshit Crazy calender.

  4. Kori- This may sound morbid and I don't mean it to, but I have often thought that graveyard would be a lovely place to die.

  5. Oh, yeah, morbid or not I totally agree. Especially those older ones like in the picture. I used to see graveyards and fantasize about being buried there. I chhose to think of it as a healthy awareness of my own mortality, NOT a sick obsession.

  6. Yes and yes about the calendar. Just think- if you get started now you can have all your Christmas (yeah, I said it) gifts done early! And if you sell them they will pay for themselves. BAM! Christmas done! Gimme another conundrum.

  7. I'm coming to visit you soon. Seriously.

  8. Aw, that makes me miss Florida.

  9. Well, it would be a lovely place to be dead. Thanks for posting the pictures. I enjoyed the walk and seeing what you did.

  10. I'm moving in. I love it. And I would definitely buy a calendar :)I heart batshit crazy.

  11. I woud love to take that walk with you someday. I can almost hear the bugs rustling around :)

  12. Okay, I read through all of the comments just to make sure that no one had mentioned this already (first though, yes on the Batshit Crazy paypal account is ready and willing) back to the matter at hand.....Is that plant called CLITORIA for real...and for why I think it is??

  13. :o)

    Makes me wish I was in Florida and believe you me, I don't care so much for Florida.'s growing on me.

  14. May- Will you help me? (She asked, her voice barely a whisper.) Really?

    Kori- EXACTLY!

    Aunt Becky- Sheets are clean in the Panther Room.

    Nicol- Fuck the cockroaches. It's worth it.

    Joy- Thank you for sharing the walk with me!

    Tiff- Really?

    SJ- And the birds. The birds singing and calling.

    Robin- Yes on the clitoria. Check it out.

    Ms. Trouble- Florida is really awesomely cool.

  15. Those are lovely pix mm. You do appreciate where you live more than anyone I know.

    The calendar idea is a great one! May, you are a genius!! Hell, the blog friends alone would buy enough for it to be worth your while AND you can do the whole thing on your MAC. You can make freaking books with those things, seriously! All you would have to do is buy the right kind of paper and some of those spirally things. I'll help you guys put it together if you need.

  16. What a lovely old cemetery. I love walking around old cemeteries.

    Thanks for sharing the sights.

  17. So very beautiful...thanks for sharing. I swear my heart is right in those photos.........but my body is stuck here in Missouri


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