Thursday, August 6, 2009

Can Hens Crow? (Plus Other Assorted Topics Of Great Importance. Really!)

If you google the question can hens crow? you will get a lot of differing opinions, which was pointed out to me by the very sharp-minded reader, Ms. L. P., who has lost her google password and can't comment any more.
(See Lon and Lis- it's not just you.)
Anyway, now I am REALLY confused. Suzie may be a she or Suzie may be a he. I suppose the only way we'll ever know is if we catch her in the act of laying an egg. In which case I think we can put all of this to rest.

In other news, my grandchild is still a boy and he is very cute. And seems perfectly lovely and healthy. They want to do a weekly ultrasound now to monitor his health and here we are- in the system we had hoped to avoid. "Don't you want to do the best thing for your child?" is the most guilt-producing phrase in the universe, I would imagine. Now let me say that everyone at the Dr.'s office where they do the ultrasounds are delightful and caring and lovely people. I have no problem with them at all. What I do have a problem with is that none of this technology has really been proven to (a) be that useful in detecting problems, and (b) safe in the long-term.

I've gone out and bought Your Best Birth by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein. I am going to read it and Lily's going to read it so we can have some damn facts on our side. The thing about getting into the hospital medical system in childbirth is that one thing will invariably lead to another. Yes, Lily is at higher risk because her blood pressure is elevated. I understand that she needs closer monitoring. BUT, there are no indications at the moment that this child is anything but strong and big and healthy and Lily's BP is under control.
We shall see. We shall see.

And I've just gotten an email from Kathleen, the Chicken Guru, and she has consulted her experts who tell her that yes, hens can make a crowing sound and she has a chicken from the same batch that Suzie came from who has also recently started this "crowing" but who does not, in any way, act like a rooster. In fact, she is best friends with the for-sure rooster. This is not typical behavior for two roosters.

So. We either have a butchy female here or a slow-to-develop male. Kathleen has the same, except we should add that Natasha may be gay and just likes the company of another man. I don't even want to google can chickens be gay? because I'm sure they can and I have enough to think about as it is without adding that to the mess in my mind. And like I said, if we catch her laying eggs, that girl's a girl. I think she is. Henry is much younger and already starting to crow.

Life is funny, isn't it?

One more thing- I just got the emailed newsletter from Scuba Laura in Cozumel and in it is a picture I love from last week's happy hour. It's of me and a beautiful woman I met there whom I immediately got a big, old girl-crush on. She looks like she could be one of my own in her fierce gorgeousness. Not to mention the tattoos and so forth.
So here it is and I can't believe that was less than one week ago. Really. I cannot believe it.

I promise to pick a topic tomorrow and stay there.
Maybe. Probably.

Okay. I'll try.


  1. Oh no, please don't stick to just one topic; I love it when you sort of meander off the path. And by the way, did you tell Laura about me? Because she has been visiting me, and I her, and it is lovely to share friends.

  2. Kori- Nope. Laura must have found you on my bloglist. She's such a cool person. Ask her to sign you up for the newsletter. It's fun.

  3. i think shes just a butchy female. at least thats what im hoping. but you know me....

  4. Learner- I think that's exactly what she is.

  5. i LOVE that picture! two beautiful women having a good time (:

  6. CMe- I love that picture too. Oh yes I do.


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