Friday, June 20, 2014

Breakfast Report

The boys have not been sleeping nearly as late here as they do at home. They've been getting up around 7:30 which is unheard of at their house and they have not been going to bed any earlier here either. Last night Owen was so tired that when I started to read a second book to them he pleaded with me not to. "I'm too tired," he said.
I read it anyway. "Just close your eyes and listen," I told him. He stayed awake for it but had no desire for the Mr. Peep story.
Gibson, who had had that nap did not fall asleep easily and in fact, probably didn't succumb entirely until 11:00. First I stayed in the bed with him and then his Boppy. We tag-teamed it.

So this morning they woke up at 7:15, went racing through the house and found me still in bed. Owen went and got back in his bed and Gibson crawled in with me. "Snuggle," he said, and pulled me close and then Maurice came and found us and jumped on the bed and snuggled in too and it was about the sweetest thing that ever happened to me.

I got up at eight and fed the cats and got the paper and drank some coffee and just now Gibson woke up again.
"Owen?" he said when I went to kiss him.
"He's still asleep," I told him and we went to look at his brother, who is most definitely not awake.
"You want smoothie?" I asked him.
"Cookie," he said.
And so I gave him one. As the Quaker Oatmeal box has always said, "Good for them in a bowl, good for them in a cookie!"

He's parked in front of Curious George on TV and I'm finishing this up and the chickens want to get out and start their day and Boppy's at the gym and then work and maybe he can come home and we can go to the Marine Specimen's Lab later on and then tonight, Mama and Daddy get home.

And so all is well here in Lloyd except for the fact that I found a damn tick on my poor old titty last night in the shower. It was not truly embedded and I got it off easily but today my breast is red and itchy and those bites can itch for weeks.
As if I weren't fit to go in public before...

And now Owen is up too and asked for pancakes and bacon but I told him that no, I was not cooking pancakes and bacon again this morning. "Are there any leftovers?" he asked.
"You ate them last night," I told him.

We settled on Cheerios and now Gibson has a bowl too and they are both watching Curious George and Maurice is eating her crunchy cat food.

Thus the day has begun and soon we will go outside and let the chickens out, feed them their corn, and this is how it is for all of us creature. We wake up, we break our fasts, we start our days.

The boys' last morning in Lloyd for now and my! How fast these three months have flown by.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon

P.S. I've now also made and served a cheese and lettuce sandwich and a round of smoothies. Next time Lily and Jason go out of town they might consider just dropping their children off at a 24-hour McDonalds with a hundred dollars cash. That might last them a day or two.
Then again, maybe not.


  1. This sounds so cosy and sweet. Brings back memories!

  2. Sweet Grandma Mary Moon! What a delicious morning, snuggles and cheerios. You've got it goin' on.
    My morning entailed a tag team diaper change, complete with running commentary from the peanut gallery.
    Life is good.

  3. "poor old titty" made me laugh about 4 times before I got myself under control.

  4. Three months? Girl, it's been three days! Hahah!
    Can you soak your poor titty in something? Oatmeal? Baking soda water?
    I still have toys strewn all over my basement and the babies were here almost a week ago. I need to teach them to clean up, apparently.

  5. All is good except for the damn tick. It's the time of year for those nasty things for sure.

  6. A tick on your boob? I got the heebee geebees just reading that. Yick.

    Life in the world. I have a MOLE in my yard, well maybe a whole family of moles.

    And I don' t think you get rid of moles. Ever.

    Bless you, dear Mary, just cuz.

    XXX Beth

  7. Ouch about the tick. Like Beth, it gave me a bad ick. But your baby cuddles... Unforgettable. Enjoy the well earned martini. Rest. Sweet Jo

  8. Hee, how the three months has flown :D

    That morning snuggle sounds delicious!

    I saw a serene mama this evening, with a tiny, tiny baby strapped to her chest in a beatiful, bright, red sling, all I could see were two wee feet sticking out the bottom.

    I was in the sea with my nearly seven year old son, who was delighted being battered by waves and comes up to my boob now. I couldn't help but say to the woman, 'so soon, they get to be this size!' and she agreed with a word I can't think of now because I'm too tired, so I will just say eagerness. Such a tiny bundle it was.

  9. I nearly spit out my drink when I read the poor old titty line. I wasn't expecting that. Too funny. Have a great weekend, Ms. Moon.

  10. Thank goodness you can make an experience like finding a tick sound humorous, Ms. Moon.


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