Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Well, little dude has a proximal fracture of the tibia. Non-displaced. And yet, he looked like this at the radiology place.

He and Lily are at the orthopedic clinic now and we'll see how they decide to treat it. 

And Owen is here with me and when he just asked me if I could blow bubbles for him while I was typing and I said no, I could not, he said, "I think you're over-reacting."

Does he know me or not?

So. Gibson has a broken leg and by the way- it was NOT a kid cart he was in at Trader Joe's but the regular-sized cart and Owen, who is used to clinging on to the side of the cart at Publix and Costco where the carts are bigger and sturdier, had no idea that if he tried to do that on TJ cart it would flip over. So- head's up- don't let your child try to catch a ride on the side of the cart while you're shopping for edamame hummus and Two Buck Chuck. Actually, Lily was looking at watermelons when it happened. 



  1. Poor little guy. That's awful.

  2. Well. Our lives continue to dad fell off the roof today and broke his wrist and some vertebrae. Wow..this is getting crazy.

  3. Lisa- He'll heal fast. But yes, it's sad.

    SJ- You know, I was seriously wondering which family member of yours was going to break something today. Dammit! That's horrible about your dad!

  4. Overreacting. That child. And sweet Gibson too.

  5. So sorry, yes, he will heal fast. Gail

  6. poor kid. but what a smile he has!

  7. Seems he's in good spirits. Once in a while these instances come along to remind us to NOT TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THEM FOR A SECOND.
    Our youngest still has the scars on her nose from when she went ass over tea-kettle down a flight of stairs in one of those roller type things. They've since been outlawed.
    Too late for her, however.

  8. Poor boo boo Gibson. Wow. And Owen is hysterical with his over-reacting comment. Maybe Owen can make Gibson a painting or something. Sweet Jo

  9. Ah, will he have a cast? To draw on? He'll love that. Well... it'll be hot, I guess. Hmm. He'll heal so fast though, at this age. Excitement! I think that you could watch like a hawk 24 hours out of 14 and it would still be a random unexpected thing that would get him. He could have crushed himself under a cascade of watermelons, for example. You can't win! Adventures = consequences, it's true, but it's still worth adventuring.

  10. It's why kids are so sturdy. It would have probably killed us.

  11. When Sophie broke her tibia, the doctor told us that the healing makes for an even stronger bone. Keep us posted!

  12. Poor little guy, but what a trooper in the picture. Hope he heals quickly. Might be more traumatic for Owen :)
    Over reacting, that's a good one! I'm going to use it on my kids :)

  13. Oh dear. Well, those kiddies heal fast, bless them.

    You were totally over reacting!!! hahahahahahahaa.


  14. Such a confident, cheerful little guy. As everyone has said, he'll heal fast.

  15. Poor baby! I hope he heals fast too. That little smile is so charming.

  16. oh no! Poor little bubba! What a little trooper. I live in fear. Chips is always always teetering on the edges of things and launching himself off. I don't call him Danger Mouse for nothing.
    Gibson will heal quickly of course.
    Sending love.

  17. So sorry for Gibson! I broke my wrist twice as a child and both times, I healed up just fine. And I'm glad for this reminder, as my kids climb all over TJ's carts.

  18. Jill- Where does he come up with this stuff?

    Gail- I know. But it's hard to watch.

    Angella- And he shined it all day long.

    Bob- When one has one's child buckled into a shopping cart, one feels that she can turn her back to look at a watermelon, you know? It's a wonder any of us make it out of childhood.

    Sweet Jo- Owen is being a lovely big brother. They are so beautiful together. They really, really love and enjoy each other. I hope it stays this way forever.

    Jo- Exactly. One cannot control all the factors every moment. And shouldn't. Life would be so very boring and flat and we wouldn't learn anything.

    Ellen Abbott- If it had been me, I would still be moaning, groaning, and crying for drugs.

    Elizabeth- I know. But Jeez. A full-on cast? At least he's cool with it.

    Mel- Owen has been repeatedly told that it was not his fault. It was the cart's fault. But I think he still feels sort of bad about it.

    Beth Coyote- As I usually do.

    A- It's not a big deal to him. I guess everything is pretty much new and unexpected when you're two.

    Lois- He charmed everyone yesterday with his smile and his spirits. He high-fived all the techs and doctors.

    Yobobe- And we can be there to catch our little Danger Mice 99 times but it's the 100th that'll get you.
    Thanks for the love. Back to you.

    Ms. Vesuvius- Seriously- watch those carts. They are tippy.

  19. Good grief. You'd think they'd make those carts IMPOSSIBLE to tip over for liability reasons if nothing else. Of course I am not at all surprised that Publix has better carts, because they have better everything.

  20. Dang, I am sorry about Gibson. Not good to have a tippy cart. Hope that he heals up fast.

  21. Steve Reed- Publix IS better at everything.

    Syd- Seriously. And Owen is not a big kid. He weighs less than fifty pound, soaking wet.


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