Friday, June 13, 2014

And The Sun Came Up Again

Feedly keeps getting hit and if I don't get around to your blog, that's why.

Well, that and the fact that the boys are coming and they keep me pretty busy.

I really have nothing to report here. Drogo risked his life last night by sleeping in the nesting box right next to Elvis with both Chi-Chi and Cha-Cha. Maybe things will work out for him and Elvis.

I have been observing Maurice with chicken-anthropologist eyes and although I have had cats off and on for most of my life, I am realizing that cats are FREAKY! I swear, I understand chicken behavior far more easily than cat behavior. And I'll go out on a limb here and say that chickens are more like humans than cats are, despite our mammalian tie.

So those are my deep thoughts this morning and oh, wait! American Idol is going to have an audition in Tallahassee! Get your act together, folks!

Seriously. That's about it. I got a report from Mr. Moon and it's not all good on the island. The AC didn't work and of course there's no vehicle there so he had to anchor the boat offshore behind the house and haul everything in through the water and there was something about having to get up at 3:00 a.m. when the tide changed to move the boat and...
Well. Sounds like a typical Dog Island fishing adventure.

The porch frog is croaking, Maurice is studying the back yard through the screen, the dogs are still alive although Dolly is barely. I hear she wouldn't even stand up to get groomed yesterday but kept laying down for the process. Beverly said she kept saying, "Don't die on me, Dolly!" and of course she didn't and will probably live for another decade or so.

I just got an automated call from a North Carolina number stating that I had a wireless-to-land-line text and to listen to it, press any key. I pressed one and heard, "What a great day this is. Friday the 13th and a full moon."
If that was you, let me know.

And yes, it is definitely Friday the 13th and a full moon too.

I don't know whether to celebrate or live in fear.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Dolly is totally going to live until 2024. I will call it now ;)

  2. Blogger is acting weird today. Maybe it IS the full moon and Friday, the 13th.

  3. How do the boys like Maurice? Have they bonded?

  4. SJ- Which would make her 24 or so. And me dead before her, most likely. Shitfire. That would be so cruel.

    Elizabeth- Who knows? Not me.

    Angella- They love her. She pretty much avoids them. I wish their cat would avoid me. That dang kitten loves to attack.

  5. Katz are a mess and I've had then all my adult life. They throw up on your bed, they scratch you, they harass the dog(s), they walk around on the counters, they bring in all manner of dead or dying or living and maimed creatures, they sit on your hands when you're trying to type, they are completely unrepentant about any or all bad behaviors, And we can't really ever understand them and they like it that way.

    And we put up with them because they 'choose' us, to live with, to feed them and fuss over them. Because they RULE THE EFFING UNIVERSE.

  6. Might as well celebrate since there's no point in living in fear. Cats see things we don't, I'm convinced. Little ghosties and things.

  7. Oh but cats are soft and in choosing you, make you feel special and you can close doors so they won't always sit on your hands when you type and they don't have to be taken for a walk and not all cats attack you and not all throw up on the bed and oh who cares, Maurice is not going anywhere. Have a great martini night. Sweet Jo

  8. Beth Coyote- My preliminary anthropologic observations prove your words to be true. They do indeed rule the fucking universe.
    More studies to follow.

    Ellen Abbott- I have always believed that to be true. Oh yes.

    Sweet Jo- Vodka tonic tonight since Mr. Moon is not here. Maurice isn't going anywhere, I think. You are right. I love how she knows when I am getting ready for bed and follows me into my bathroom to look for bugs and whatever while I brush my teeth and shower. Although she also seems to want to play tag in the back yard when it's time to go to bed. Sigh...
    But she has Mr. Moon and I both wrapped around her little claw.
    That's the truth.

  9. Maybe if I am far off out to sea, I will send you a ship to shore text message. I hope that Drogo will live and be a good rooster. No chicken and dumplings but a happy part of the chicken flock.

  10. Syd- That would be awesome! I think Drogo will figure it out. Maybe. I sure hope so.


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