Thursday, June 26, 2014

If You Ain't Kissing, Something's Missing

Think someone's glad to be home? Think someone's glad to have her home?

Oh my.

And since they've been here, they've been on the computer and phone, lining up appointments to go see houses in Tallahassee tomorrow.
"Maybe one of them is OUR house," Jessie said.

Oh, how I hope so.

Owen called. "Have you seen Jessie?" he asked.
"Yes, would you like to speak with her?"
And he did. He had no desire to talk to me whatsoever. I understand.

They brought their lovely dog, Greta. Greta was actually here when Maurice first showed up and she had no apparent opinion of Greta at that time. She simply ignored her. This time, however, was different. It is now, according to Maurice, her house and her territory. She hissed at Greta and then followed her outside, stalking her as if she was a tiger and Greta an antelope. And then, suddenly, she ran and pounced on Greta. Poor Greta. Thank goodness she is so well trained because the second Vergil yelled, "No!" she stopped in her tracks and did not retaliate and Maurice ran off across the yard.
They'll work it out. Every time Greta walks by her, Maurice gets a mohawk. She's sitting in a chair in the kitchen, keeping a wary eye out.

I asked Jessie what she thought about the Buster/Dolly situation.
"Let's take them in tomorrow." she said.
So. There is that.

And so it goes.
Making the broth for the chicken and dumplings. I don't make traditional chicken and dumplings but I don't feel like going into it right now. Let's just say that there are a lot of vegetables involved that would cause traditional cooks to make faces, if not downright cry.
Too bad.

There's carrots in there too.

All right. That's all I care to discuss right now. I have to go cook some green beans and visit with my husband and my daughter and her husband.

The Adventure has begun.


  1. Lovely photos.
    Be easy on yourself tomorrow....

  2. I really love when Jessie comes in town. I'll be thinking about ya'll tomorrow.

  3. Vegetables! Love! Home! All good things.
    And I hope it goes smoothly with the dogs.

  4. Love that photo of Jessie and her dad! Such love and safety and joy.

  5. I'm glad Jessie and Vergil are house-hunting in your area, and that she is there to lend counsel re. Buster and Dolly. Keeping you in my thoughts, if it comes to that.

  6. sometimes it's best to leave the decision making to the younger set. hope they find a home nearby. I loved living close to my children (and grandchildren). now though both adjacent houses are being sold in the city, we are permanently out here in the country. but, daughter and son-in-law have just signed a contract for almost 4 acres just 17 miles from here. no house yet, but the land is a start.

  7. You have such a level headed daughter.

  8. I feel sad about the dogs. Anyway, we just had one into the vet for a cyst on the elbow. $1000 later and he is home on antibiotics and doing well. They are like kids.


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