Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ramble, Ramble, Ramble And Yes, I Could Really Use An Editor Right About Now

Feedly is back and with it, a bit of equanimity for me. I am such a person of habit and routine and I know that. I was listening to an interview that Terry Gross did with John Waters yesterday and he spoke of how he sticks to a routine without fail. That he schedules his candy-eating days! He schedules his hangovers! I am not quite that strict but I do certainly understand and it throws me, should one of the tools of my life's basic practices be taken from me, whether Feedly or my washing machine or my wheelbarrow or my trowel or coffee maker.

I've used a lot of tools today in my work. Hoses and trimmers and that wheelbarrow and my KitchenAid and my car and my cutting board and my colander and my knives and my spoons and the most basic tools of all- my legs and arms, hands, mind, eyes.
I worked in the yard this morning and early afternoon, trimming the fierce sagos and Canary Island date palms and one branch of a Confederate Rose which broke almost entirely off a few months ago and which has been drooping, still leafed, for all that time, driving me crazy. I had to borrow one of Mr. Moon's tools for that- an extension saw. I guess that's what they call it. I truly have no idea.

Then I drove to town and took Hank shopping at Costco for his birthday. We picked up staples ("Pallet of toilet paper?" "Yes, thank you!") and for fun, a kid's rug from the Smithsonian with the solar system on it. While we were there, a woman looked at me and said, "Ms. Moon?" and damn if it wasn't a woman who recognized me from my blog and she said, "And this must be Hank!" and it was so sweet. I hugged her and we chatted for just a second and then we went on our various ways but before that she said, "Thanks for doing what you do," which made me feel, well...very, very good.

While we were in Cozumel the seventh anniversary of my blog passed unnoticed and unremarked and in those years, I have written 4938 posts and as we all know, very few of them are short. And I have been feeling like what's the point? and why am I doing this? and of course the answer can only be because I have to but come on- let's face it- I've said everything at least fifty times and basically, I'm a grandmother who discusses her grandchildren and her children and chickens. Okay, sometimes there's a little politics thrown in but mostly, that's it.
And it seems to me that if any new readers do come along, they get here and read one of my grandma/chicken posts and think I'm so sweet and southern and then, WHOOPS! here comes one of my religion rants or I throw in a few Fucks and Shits and Jesus Fucking Christs and they discover I'm a tree-hugging, Obama-lovin', hippie uber liberal who admits to having taken drugs and who doesn't regret it (mostly), who loves to use profanity like Popeye in an X-rated version and who is also a crazy-ass agnostic who is obsessed with Keith Richards and, well, Bye-Bye! They're gone.
Which of course, is extremely fine with me.
To tell you the truth, I am a sweet southern woman and I see absolutely no conflict in being all of these things at the same damn time. I don't curse around my grandchildren and I haven't (so far) told them that there IS no god (hey- I can't be sure of that) and I do love my chickens.

But anyway, blah-blah-blah and I was completely grateful to that woman for saying what she did. Thank you, Juicy! You made my day!

And tonight, Mr. Moon is at the sign-up dinner for the fishing tournament he's leaving for tomorrow and I'm making him a huge pot of chili and a giant batch of oatmeal/raisin/pecan/chocolate chip cookies to prevent him from starving over the course of three days so I have my wifey apron on (literally) and I've also had my working-outside overalls on today and my walking clothes on today and my going-to-town skirt and shirt on today and Lord- it's no wonder I do so much laundry.

What the HELL am I talking about?

I have no idea.

But I guess I'll go on with it all as long as I can whether that means weeding or chicken-caring or loving on my grandkids or cooking or loving on my husband or watching the weather change and the birds come and go or cursing like a sailor or having martinis on the front porch or despairing at things as huge as politics to as small as bugs on my tomatoes or reading all the books I can read. I'll keep writing about it all too because not only do I have to, but because it is my joy.

Ms. Vesuvius addressed some of these same issues today, or least the one about why we write. I highly recommend you go read what she had to say if you haven't.

And now the last batch of cookies is out of the oven and it's time to go feed the chickens some grapes and see if they've laid me any eggs today and no, I do not put on a different costume for that.

Ms. Moon


  1. Well. I thank my lucky stars you write this blog and that I can come here and visit with you, and hear what you're thinking and doing and feeling about all if it and also to follow the progress of those wonderful grand boys of yours who I think I would be lost without. So there. I'm happy Juicy crossed your path today and reminded you how much you mean to so many of us here. Lovelovelove.

  2. I enjoy the hell out of what you do. It's hard being blue in this sea of red we live in here in this beautiful Deep South and it pleases me daily to read something I can so relate to.

  3. We all go through these dry periods when it just seems like so much bullshit to write here once, twice a day -- but I'd just curl up and die if you didn't. I hope that's a good enough reason.

  4. What the others said and I wish I would see you in Costco.

    My feral chicken is laying again, now who else but you and I would appreciate that? Gail

  5. If you had a thumbs up on your blog for "like" I would be putting my thumbs up to this post.

  6. well, happy 7th anniversary of your blog, Ms. Moon! I think I've been following you for 3 years.....and look forward every day to your insights on life and all it has to offer. Joys and sorrows and everything in between. Keep writing and sharing, I sure look forward to your musings and thoughts every single day and never take your honesty for granted. My hubby follows your friend Juancho.....and the 6th degrees of separation becomes 4 degrees? or something like that. All one big happy family
    Hugs to you
    Susan M

  7. Angella- And same back to you, dear sister-friend. You open so many windows to me. I am ever grateful and love you.

    vfh159- We are here, aren't we? And there are lots of us. We just have to find each other, watch each others' backs. Thanks for stopping and commenting. I really appreciate that.

    Elizabeth- Only the BEST reason. But I doubt you really would. It's nice to think I'd be missed, though.

    Gail- What color are her eggs? I forget. How nice to get eggs from a feral chicken!

    Lynn- Aw. Thank you. It sure was scattered.

    Susan- I hope you read Juancho too. He is one hell of a writer and he is one hell of a fine human being. Thank you for those very, very kind words. I mean it.

  8. I'm still in the cleaning process, getting ready to lay out that rug.

  9. The eggs have a very slight green tint, the size is at least large maybe extra large. Gail

  10. I must confess a secret - I drove past the Lloyd exit on the interstate in February. (I normally drive to FL from MN via Atlanta, but there was an ice storm so a detour was required.) I longed to pull off and stop for a visit. Instead I looked your way and thought "that is just creepy" so I blew you a kiss. But my point is that I am so glad that lady in Costco got to remind you that your blog makes a difference to us.

  11. Well, a prerequisite of me reading your blog isn't that you be a Christian and agreeing with everything I say. It's your blog. You are allowed your reality. I will state my reality on my blog. It's my blog. So if you don't mind, I'm sticking around and will read from time to time.

  12. That's awesome, that someone crossed paths with you and recognized you AND had the courage to say hello!

    I think successful bloggers are able to connect with readers in a way that helps them see their own lives reflected back when they read that blogger's posts. You're great because you write about the good and the bad and you have a funny, individual voice, and readers can identify with you -- your love for Owen and Gibson and your kids, Mr. Moon and your yard and house, as well as your periodic struggles with anxiety and depression. Your essential humanness.

    As for why we write -- for me, it helps organize my memories and my days. It makes things "official." I did it before I blogged in paper journals that no one ever read, so readers are icing on the cake for me!

  13. I heart you AND your blog! I relate to so much of what you write about, it scares me what I'd do if I ever met you in a Costco! (I'm thinking cry and carry on too much, not hump your leg or club you or anything...haha!!)
    You're like a constant in a sea of change.

  14. I don't comment as much as I'd like to, but I am better for reading your blog. You have wisdom and grace tied up in your musings of chickens and grandbabies! Happy anniversary!

  15. Let me chime in and say how happy I am to have found your blog – and because of you, so many other fine voices. How did you all "find" each other originally?

  16. And we love you. And your rambles.

  17. You better not run into me at the Costco or else I'd try to hide in your car, and make you take me home and cook me things!

  18. Mr. Downtown- Great! I want to see a picture!

    Gail- Beautiful!

    Jill- You could have called me. I'm in the book. I love that you were so close.

    Lisa- Thank-you! I'm glad of that.

    Steve Reed- We all have very different blogging styles, don't we? And we all blog for different reasons and yet one essentially the same reason, I think, is that human need to communicate.

    Heartinhand- It would be AWESOME if you humped my leg! So, if we ever meet, go ahead.
    Clubbing me? Not so much.

    Ashley- Aw, thank-you.

    Sylvia- That is a very interesting question- how did we meet each other? I can trace one or two connections directly but others are just grace and mystery. And of course, we find each other through each other. Still, I'm pondering that.

    Ellen Abbott- Good! Thank you, sweet artist woman!

  19. White- Hey Brother! It thrills me when you comment! Thanks!

    SJ- Oh hell. I'd just give you the keys to the car and pick up another case of beer for us.

  20. My day is not started without you to go with my first coffee. I love you and all your many hats. off topic: Please tell Billy Hello and that he is missed..Your blue fan in a red state also..Have a lovely day from Alabama....

  21. PS Because of some silly law here in T-Town, I cannot have chickens so I have adopted yours in my heart. I so love me some chickens and you are feeding that part of me,Thank You :)

  22. mary i- I will tell Billy what you said. I need to talk to that boy. I miss him too. And I am so happy to share my chickens. I hope they are a hundredth as interesting to anyone else as they are to me.

  23. Well, I like the things you write about--and the politics and fucks and liberal ass shit is okay with me.


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