Monday, June 9, 2014

Same As It Ever Was Only No, Not Really. Not Ever

It was foggy this morning when I got up and I hear that Lily and Jason are without power because a water oak threw its limb and disconnected the power line from the house and why anyone ever lets a water oak grow in their yard is beyond me and we have at least two that need to come out, come down. This one is going to take out not just our electricity when it falls but the electricity of half the people in the county as well, and we've talked to the power company and they say, "Well, let us know when it happens."

And we will.

But all the trees are standing this morning and all the chickens are alive and I found them all in the coop this morning, both flocks, instead of the younger ones being huddled up against the door, waiting for me to free them from the confines of sharing space with Elvis and his sister-wives. AND (do I know my chickens or what?) Drogo attempted a crow this morning. It was rather pathetic but very loud, only one note- a giant, air-splitting WHOOO! and then a shocked silence from all of the chickens and then one more WHOOO! and Maurice and I looked at each other and it was awesome. 

I need to get to the store before the boys get here as we are out of bananas and Celexa and my pharmacy is at Publix and we can live without bananas but I am not sure I can live without Celexa. 

Ah, Monday morning and time to get back into the groove of the week, not a rut, life changes too much and too constantly for there to be a rut, at least not when you view life on the micro-level which I most certainly do and the air smells of magnolia blossoms now and who knows? Perhaps Lily and Jason and Owen and Gibson will be moving in with us for a few days while repairs are being made and that could be fun and definitely out of the ordinary for us here in this little world we call Lloyd. 

The fog has cleared now, the young rooster has greeted the day, the big, feral one-eyed orange cat is in the yard, I need to buy bananas and Celexa and cat food because all of the cats in the world eat at my house and chickens eat cat food too and thirty-eight years ago right now I was already in labor with Hank whose birthday is tomorrow and how in hell can this be? Thirty-eight years? 

Well. It is and that is a fact, Jack.

Good morning. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Sounds like a good morning. A good morning here too even though we will be heading into the city later but it will be the last time we head into the city to work.

  2. Go Drago!

    I never knew there were so many different kinds of oak trees in the world until I started reading your blog. Live oaks, Water oaks. In MN we have oak trees (just plain ole Oak Trees). They are alive and they drink water :)

  3. Hank, 38? but he looks so young!

  4. Funny with the young rooster.

    The water oaks here don't last more than about 50 years. And then they get heart rot and die. Sad.

  5. So it doesn't get any better, then, this disbelief that my children can be the age they are? Don't tell me if it gets worse. I can't handle any of it.

  6. I can imagine the stunned look you and Maurice shared :)

  7. Lily and Jason and the boys moving in for a spell sounds like so much fun! I'm sure they're not feeling quite the same way however. How awful to have to uproot your life for a few days. Still, they'd be coming to MerMer so there are silver linings!

  8. My brother had big water oaks in his yard in Jacksonville. He was always worried about them! Now he's sold that house and moved to another one so they're no longer his responsibility. :)


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