Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Solstice

When I let the chickens out this morning, Miss Lucille was on the nest. She jumped out and left this behind. A lovely brown egg, not quite egg-shaped yet, but she is so very young.
I was surprised. I was delighted. I felt as if I had been given a gift and indeed, I had.

Oh my.

My yard is a veritable chicken run this morning. All fourteen of mine, both Elvis and Drogo crowing, as well as several of the neighbors' chickens, one of them a glossy black banty rooster with the prettiest tail feathers you ever did see, and he is crowing too.

I love it.

Buster and Dolly are winding down. Both blind, getting very deaf. I do not think they are enjoying their lives much at all anymore. Buster can hardly get down the steps to pee and frequently does not bother. His main delight in life appears to be eating Maurice's food. I do not think this is enough reason to live, quite frankly.
Dolly hasn't shown much interest in anything in quite awhile. She can still get around but barely.
I would be the world's biggest hypocrite if I pretended that any of this is making me sad but to be honest, it is becoming painful to watch. And how does one decide when it's time to take them for their final visit to the vet to be delivered of all pains and aches?
When that last bag of food is almost out? Oh my. That seems just completely unreasonable but there is a certain logic to it.
Jessie and Vergil are coming down next week to help Mr. Moon celebrate his birthday. I will let Jessie give me her council on the matter. The dogs have always loved her best and she, in turn, has loved them better than the rest of us.
I just checked the dog food supply. There's enough for at least several more months. Especially if Buster keeps eating Maurice's food.
I am most concerned with the issue of how to discuss this with Owen. I can understand why people tell their children that myth about Sparky going to a farm to live. So much better than, "Sorry, kid, those dogs were OLD and so we killed them."
I mean, on the face of it, it does sound so cruel.
When the opposite is the intention.

Ah well, all will be revealed. It is the solstice, summer begins today. I need to start moving, get the laundry going, hang things on the line.

My bosom itches. Such a delicate place to scratch.

The chickens are doing their own scratching, Maurice is stalking in the ferns. I dreamed again of two houses, one of which I needed to clean out. In my most recent dream, I did not despair about doing all this cleaning. I merely looked for giant black garbage bags to start throwing things in.
There was a huge amount of jewelry, none of which I was interested in. Someone made a display of it and it was nice and women were looking at it to buy. I didn't want a thing.

That's me today. I have work to do and I do not despair because I have hours and hours of a book to listen to and I can be as slow about it all as I want to and Mr. Moon just took the trash and the recycle and I love him for that.

Happy Solstice. Move slowly, drink lots of water. Stop frequently to look at the green and listen to the buzzing. Let your mind wander where it will. Delight in all of it that you can. See the gifts given as such. Marvel at them all and take note of shape, color, and texture. Do not despair.

All love...Ms. Moon


  1. Happy solstice, dear Mary. Life in Lloyd sounds mainly peaceful. Divesting things always makes me feel freer. I think that was a good dream

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  3. Someone's busy this morning, Mary, and for once it's not you.

  4. I cannot give you any advice about the dogs. I did that once and it was the most horrible thing I ever did to a dog who was the best dog and so loved. I know different from your experience. I wish we had just let her die at home.

  5. Lol!
    Cat food is bad for dogs, it causes damage to their kidneys. When you're an old dog, I don't think it matters much, much like a 96 year old eating pie for breakfast. You can donate the food to a shelter. Just saying.
    I love that you're such a chicken lady and a cat lady and even though you claim to hate them, I think you're a bit of a dog lady too.

  6. Angella- I just got rid of about half the refrigerator's contents. It feels wonderful!

    Anonymous- In the slim chance this is not spam, may I say that if I did all those readings and meditations, I would not have time to marvel at the world I am living in?

    Elizabeth- So very true.

    Ellen Abbott- For our old dog Pearl the vet came here and it was SO obvious it was time for her to go that it was a beautiful blessing when she slipped away so painlessly in our arms.

    heartinhand- All of the things which are bad for dogs are things they have been doing their entire lives. But perhaps I should be feeding them MORE cat food? And some chocolate on the side?
    Sure. I love dogs. Other people's dogs.

  7. I would just say that they've got so old and blind and sore that they're not enjoying their lives anymore, so the kindest thing to do is take them to the vet and let her put them to sleep. Keep it simple.

    I had to take the dog to the vet hospital last week and there was an older man with his adult family congregating around a very, very old grey, slow dog. It was very clear they were all coming to say goodbye - on the phone talking to others in sad voices, taking photos - it still makes me cry to think about it. It wasn't so much like that when I had my dog put down, though - sad, but not an event.

  8. mary moon i am so jealous. i have never been krsna porn spammed on my blog!!!

    you can always donate unused dog food to a shelter.

    maybe start talking to the boys about the dogs and having them say goodbye because they are going to the rainbow bridge? there's never an easy way to explain something adults don't comprehend to a child....


  9. Solstice. Thank you for reminding me. It is a lovely day.
    As for the dogs, here is the wisdom that saw me through. Better a week too soon than a day too late. My dear Layla was barely able to get around and beginning to suffer. I called the head of the shelter where I'd gotten her for council and that is what she told me.
    Good luck.
    As for the chickens, I love your chicken news. I wouldn't mind seeing more pictures of them.....

  10. If you start to talk to Owen about the dogs being old now, he will get it and go through it along with everyone else. I have no doubt his wise old soul along with all of you around him that help him learn about the world, will get him through it.

  11. I think the dogs will tell you when it is time. And perhaps listening to Jessie is good too. Mine have let me know.

  12. Jo- When we got Pearl euthanized, Lily brought Owen out and we all gave her our last respects and had a beautiful burial with Hank and May too for her. We did our best.
    We shall see how these goes. It will happen soon, I think.

    Mrs. A- Exactly. How do you explain something to children which we ourselves are not really sure about? Or comfortable with.
    Well, I shall try. It is an important life lesson.

    Denise- Better a week too soon than a day too early. Thank you for that. Thank you.
    I keep thinking I post too many pictures of the chickens but if you say so...

    Jill- I think you are right. He is way wiser than we give him credit for.

    Syd- I am feeling that they ARE telling me. But yes, I will wait for Jessie to give me her opinion.

  13. Awwww, look how cute that egg is!

    I think getting counsel from the kids on the future of the dogs is a wise move. You're wrestling with the hardest part of pet ownership.

  14. Oh my gosh Ms. Moon your replay to Anonymous cracked me up!

    Poor puppies. Such a hard call

    love you tons

  15. Steve Reed- It would be somehow easier if I loved these dogs more. I have to make sure that I am not hastening their deaths for my convenience. Jessie will tell me the truth.

    Michelle- And I love you!


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