Monday, June 23, 2014

I'm Feeling Old

The boys just left, dirty, tired, happy and full of corn chips. Their sweet daddy picked them up and I hope they're good boys and go to bed early tonight because he has to be at work at 5 a.m. tomorrow. He is such a hard worker.

Mr. Moon came home early and tag-teamed me. Owen and Gibson both rushed into his arms and Owen was so overcome with joy he turned around and hugged me. I do not inspire such greetings. When they get here Owen gets out of the van and walks up to the house and says, "Mer!"
I practically have to hold him down to get a kiss before he starts to tell me what we're going to be doing.
Gibson will kiss me but it's hard for him to let go of his mama when he first gets here. After about five seconds he's cool but he is a mama's boy. Her little cub. After she leaves though, he is perfectly happy with grandmother bear. He is the sweetest child. He thanks me for doing things for him. Washing his hands with a washcloth, putting his shoe on (only one needed these days), changing his diaper, lifting him into the stroller. I mean seriously. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Owen did find a tiny egg today. He wasn't as thrilled as I thought he'd be but he DID say it was "adorable."
Is there anything more adorable than a four-year-old calling something adorable? You'd be hard-pressed to beat that.

We got a lovely, long, gentle rain this afternoon. I had to rush to get my sheets off the line and finished them up in the dryer. And gave thanks for having a dryer.

The air is cool now, the brutal humidity doesn't feel as bad. The birds are singing, the chickens are finally off the kitchen porch where they stayed throughout the rain. One of them is a true lazy-ass and laid an egg right there on the porch. Not even in a flower pot. Oh well. As I said yesterday, most convenient.

I almost left a very ungodly comment on a FB thing today but restrained myself. Am I becoming soft in my old age or just wiser about what a waste of time things like that are?
I do not know.
I do not know so very, very much.

What I do know is that it's time for me to make supper and so I shall.

Here's a picture that my brother White sent me today.

I showed it to Owen and he said, "You used to be a boy?"
"No," I said. "I'm the girl in the picture."
"Oh," he said.

White sure was cute. I wasn't. I remember those curtains. They were made of fiberglass. I can still remember how they felt in my fingers. Sort of slippery and somehow slimy, too. But they were a cool print.
I realize I was rocking the gap-tooth, high-forehead thing even then.

Bless my heart.

Bless y'alls' too.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You were "adorable" then! Owen's comment is so funny!=

  2. I showed it to Owen and he said, "You used to be a boy?"


  3. You were a darling, sweet, little girl. And your brother was adorable as well. I love that your chicken left an egg on the porch. That is kinda cute. You lead a charming life in many ways and as a belated comment, please leave your hair long and don't get layers as your hair is perfect. Just my opinion. Sweet Jo

  4. You ARE cute in that pic. Really cute. Owen's comment about thinking you were the boy in the pic is awesome!

  5. So cute :) I love seeing your old pictures! Send more, White.

    Great day.

  6. You used to be a boy? LOL!!!

    XXX Beth

  7. Mary how cute you are and how much the same. I would have known that was you with no context at all. If someone had shown me that picture randomly I would have said, "That's my dear friend Mary Moon and she was and is beautiful and her eyes dance." And she is not a boy. Though I too love Owen's question.

  8. Those fiberglass curtains were quite stylish! I wonder why we don't make fiberglass household products much anymore? I guess plastic and polyester are cheaper.

  9. LOL with Owen. I remember an aunt had curtains like that. Wonder about how we survived so many of the things that would go up in flames and the lead paint too. I also sniffed airplane glue when I was putting together models as a kid. Maybe that explains the state of things today for me.

  10. Sylvia- I look at that picture and remember how I truly felt in those days and the two images do not go together. It's odd.

    A- He's so funny.

    Sweet Jo- I am grateful for you. I really am.

    Jill- Not sure where that came from. Maybe I look more like an old man now than an old woman.

    SJ- He has a ton of good pictures.

    Denise- And yours too, dear woman.

    Beth Coyote- Maybe?

    Angella- You are so sweet. Thank you. But I was pretty goofy looking. After I got really fat and got glasses, it only got worse.

    Elizabeth- And painful.

    Steve Reed- Those suckers were crazy. I have such a tactile memory of them.

    Syd- It's true. So true.

  11. You're totally cute in that picture, what are you talking about??

    I know there's been some inflation on cuteness these days, with the advent of Owen and Gibson, but come on!

  12. We got some torrential rain yesterday and supposed to get more today which makes it hard to move stuff. I restrain myself quite a bit on FB. I often write a comment and then delete it before posting. Like you say, what's the point. Won't change anyone's mind.

  13. Jo- I was a very cute little, little girl. I grew out of it.
    But thank you.

    Ellen Abbott- You are right. People's minds are generally set in stone and I have to admit mine is probably one of them.


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