Monday, June 30, 2014

My Babies And So Forth

Oh my god. It's barely noon and I've already been to town with Jessie and Vergil to look at the most charming house which is just down the street from where Jessie was born. Mr. Moon came too and even he was like, "Yep. This is a good one," and that's something in that Lily has recently given him the new title of The Dream Crusher because he can find ten thousand things wrong with any house you look at no matter how much you love it and how much you want it.
But this one?
Nope. No crushing of dreams here.
And we shall see. It's always so tricky- that falling in love with a house, that wanting it so bad you can feel it in your toes, the walking into a room and thinking, "Yes, I could have a baby here."
Oh wait. That's just me.
And, yeah, Jessie. Her someday babies shine through her eyes already. Hers and Vergil's. I can see them there, pure as the daylight shining through the windows of that house.

So, send up a good thought on that one for Jessie and Vergil because the house is darling and solid and filled with original hardware and a yard that chickens could live in and that children and Greta could play in and know.

So we came home and they loaded up their car and said, "Come on, Greta," and I said, "Let me take a picture," and here it is.

You know what? I just want all my children's dreams to come true. All of them. And I know that's not life but it's human nature. And I have dreams for my kids too and of course some of those dreams are for my daughter May who is the most amazing writer. Many of you know that from her old blog and most of you know her from my blog. Here she is, my little mini-me, my daughter whom I always say about, between the two of us, one of us is redundant. We are way too much alike.

And oh, golly. I have many dreams for May. She's one of those people so blessed in talents and joy and humor and intelligence and heart that it doesn't seem fair but it is fair because she's May. And her ability and talent in writing are just...well. I know I'm her mother but she blows me away.
And she's just started a new blog. 
You can find it here. 

She had told me she was doing it and I got an e-mail from her just a few minutes ago and I was already all weepy at telling Jessie and Vergil good-bye and then I read what May had written and I was crying and I was laughing because it's so lovely and well-done and funny and about love and cooking and okay, I'll shut up now. Just go read it.

And here I am, the luckiest woman in the world and knowing it. Not only do I get to live in my own dream house and not only did I already find three beautiful eggs this morning and not only do I have a husband who is the kindest, best man I've ever known but I have these four children, each so incredibly different from the others that they might as well be stars in different universes and maybe that's what they are, maybe that's what all of us are.
And I am so fucking proud of each and every one of them and I want all of the very best for each and every one of them and I am so grateful for the chance to write about them here, to cherish them out loud, and now, of course, those grandboys too. 

And so it goes. 

Go and get you some May Makes Meat. 

Love you kindly...Ms. Moon


  1. Yay!!!

    (Ummm the word verification thingy has no text to type...)

  2. Ah Mary, this is just the very best, this full hearted feeling. And don't be afraid to wish with all your might for that house for Jesse and Virgil. If you see them in it already, then maybe it's already theirs.

    I'm off to read May's blog. I do remember her old blog and yes, she is truly an astonishing writer, so gifted. The apple didnt fall far from the tree as they say.

    I love you.

  3. I am sooo envious that Jessie and Vergil can come back to Florida and family, and I'm glad for you (and them, of course!) that they will be close for when the grandbabies come. It's a charmed life you lead!

  4. It is like falling in love, you're absolutely right. You start out with this list of things you must have or must not have in a house, and then you walk in to one and it has a few things from each side of that list and you ignore the things you used to see as flaws or absolutely never nevers. You just fall in love and sink in, curling your toes.

    Here's hoping this is their safe haven.

    And can't wait to read May's writing again -- I remember her old one, too.

  5. Dear Luckiest Woman,

    You are very lucky.


  6. Ha--the Dream Crusher--I know that one. I am the one is positive and get the nay saying from others. But perhaps it's good to have some reality instead of just naked enthusiasm.

    And that photo of May is great.

  7. Hopefully that house will turn out to be the one! And yay for May joining the blogosphere.

  8. Stephanie- Haha! So what did you do?

    Angella- She is my girl, that one, for sure. And I think (hope!) that the house will be Jessie and Vergil's. Looking like it might happen.

    SJ- It is the truth!

    Chrissy- You know what I mean! You think you MUST have a large kitchen with this and with that and then, oh well. We can make it work because DID YOU SEE THOSE BATHROOMS? Etc.
    I'm so glad May is writing.

    Denise- It's a fact. For sure. And I know it.

    Syd- Yes. Glen knows what he's talking about when it comes to houses. He wants his kids to make the best decisions, always. Of course...he did buy me this house. So he doesn't crush all dreams.

    Steve- Rejoining!


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