Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Today's The Day The Adventure Will Begin

There's the tiger cat in the morning light as she accompanies me to let the chickens out. She is fascinated by the chickens but never seems to threaten them in any way and they ignore her as they go about their business. There's mostly peace here among the creatures in my little world.

I dreamed I had a fine chat with Woody Harrelson in the early morning. We discussed a movie he'd just wrapped that I had had something to do with at the very beginning. I wasn't in it, but he was such a nice guy, sitting on the floor. He grabbed my hand and held it for the longest time while he was telling me a story.
We laughed and laughed.

Today's the day. I am going to go take Lily and Jason to the bus stop at noon and then bring the boys home with me. Lily and Jason got some sort of incredible promotional deal for a round trip to New Orleans on Megabus. They're paying a dollar apiece, I believe. Wifi on every seat. Lean back, take a snooze, leave the driving to someone else.
Meanwhile, Owen believes they will be gone for either three weeks or three months. He is not sure but is packing all of his stuffed animals for all possible timeframes.
I hope I have enough Ramen.
Not to mention patience, fortitude, strength and humor.
Oh, it's going to be an adventure. And Lily and Jason deserve and need this break. Ideally, at the heart of it all in every family, it is the bond between the parents which holds the whole thing together. And there's nothing like a good three nights in New Orleans without the kids to strengthen a bond, to remind the parents that they're more than parents and even to forget they're parents for a short while.
I speak from experience.

And so it goes. I'll report in on the boys' doin's. Maybe I'll actually TAKE them somewhere. If Boppy can take a day off to go with us, I'd love to take them to Panacea to the Gulf Marine Specimens Lab.
My kids used to love that place. Lots of touch tanks for them to hold all sorts of slimy sea creatures and they can learn about the difference between rays and skates, see the turtles who are in the process of being rescued, brought back to health, and reintroduced to the sea. And then we can pop into the Coastal Restaurant and eat some delicious sea creatures.

I'd like that.

Lots of options. There will be lots of playing.

Meanwhile, it is still quiet and peaceful in Lloyd. I think I'll go make the bed and revel in the calm before the storm.

Maurice is being especially loving this morning, suffering this old fool gladly.
I am grateful for her company. We are easy with each other, old friends already. She likes to be with me although she often pretends otherwise.
"Oh, are you going outside? What a coincidence. I was too."

Love from Lloyd.

Ms. Moon


  1. I've always loved this for being a philosophizing blog, a grandson blog, a chicken blog, a revel-in-nature's-beauty blog ... but this whole Mauriceness just takes it to a whole higher level. That cat's got such charm to win my heart from thousands miles away and I rarely like cats.

  2. It sounds as if it'll be a fun but exhausting few days with your munchkins!

  3. NOLA- Well, you can only imagine how shocked I am to find myself in this position of having my own heart stolen by a cat. And yet, it's true. It's happened.

    Elizabeth- You speak truth, oh Mother of two boys! (And one beautiful girl, of course.)

  4. Owen's timeframes had me laughing so hard! And Maurice, wow Mary, she's like a serene healing spirit that just showed up for you, peace incarnate. You conjured her, I swear. You're powerful like that. Have fun with the grandbabies and take lots of pics for this fond auntie out here!

  5. You and Maurice understand one another. Why does this not surprise me? Mary Moon: Tuned In. That's my unofficial title for your blog.

  6. My play-by-play with this post was 1) realize I am falling in love with "that cat", 2) think of how cute Owen is with his packing and timeframes, 3) be happy for Lily and Jason, and 4) almost choke on a peanut when you voiced Maurice's thoughts on going outside when you happen to also be heading that way.

  7. I have to remind myself that a break from the children is good for the children, because it makes me happier. You have a busy three months ahead! I am quite relieved to hear I'm not the only one serving up ramen. I think our cat Whiskey is Maurice's twin, but he has g-d fleas, g-d-it.

  8. Your instant relationship with Maurice is so calming to read about, and reminds me of a similar experience of my own, long ago,
    with the most gorgeous cat I ever met. A quiet bit of magic.

  9. That first picture is just wonderful. Very storybook looking.

    Heh, a busy three months ahead :)

  10. Angella- Owen cracks me up so much. Especially when we're talking in the car. You know how that can be.
    I don't know if I conjured this cat up but I swear to you, I had warning that a being was coming. I was wondering which daughter was pregnant.
    It is odd.

    Andrea- Turned on? Ha! Love you, sweetie!

    Jill- Thanks. That made me happy to read.
    You're so sweet.

    Ms. Vesuvius- I was taking no chances with Maurice. When she got spayed, I got some Comfortis which is the only thing that currently works on my animals in Lloyd for fleas.
    It ain't cheap but not having fleas is priceless.

    A- That is it exactly. A quiet bit of magic.

    Jo- The dappled light on the pretty cat.

    Mrs. A- Oh, I am. Thanks!

  11. Catching up on posts. Loving all of it, laughing, tears welling, etc... I keep stopping to comment on something or other and then I just say, one more, one more... I can't find the one where this beautiful cat came into your life. She surprised me. You did/do. I didn't take you for making friends like this with a kitty right now. But it's so sweet. It just really makes me happy. And of course I am so glad she got fixed! So I have an old wagon too that I like to put plants in but it gets so gross and rusty inside and fills with water and constantly has to be dumped. I just wondered if there was some other solution? Does yours drain? I'm looking forward to the voodoo lily, I DID google it! WOW!!!

  12. Awww, I love the way that cat has insinuated herself into your life. Have fun with the boys! It's hilarious that Owen brought all his stuffed animals just in case. I remember wanting to bring a carful of stuff on every family trip to visit relatives -- my mom always had to put her foot down.

  13. I have been to that marine lab. Had a small conference there. It is a good place to have the boys visit for sure.

    Maurice is a love cat. I have Raggs who is definitely a love cat, and he is a soft male--not an alpha.

    Cute about not knowing how long the parents will be gone and packing the stuffed animals for every time contingency. Smart boy.


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