Wednesday, June 25, 2014

And today the mood has passed and of course there were dreams of houses, always, always houses and also a dream of Maurice where she followed me everywhere, even to the dentist and I do have to go to the dentist this morning, the regular one to get my teeth cleaned and I need so badly to call the other dentist and make an appointment to start the process of getting an implant and I thought I could do fine with just that hole in my head but no, it bugs me to no end and I'm stalling, stalling, stalling.
For what?
I do this.

The dentist today and a few errands, boys coming this afternoon, and then Jessie and Vergil are coming tomorrow and then Friday a big celebration for Mr. Moon's birthday and who knows for the weekend and for someone who has no life, I am busy.

Maurice. That cat. She lost her mind a little while ago and batted a plastic ball the boys left outside that has a rattle in it and then she turned and ran through the backyard as if the hounds from hell were on her tiny feet and she raced to the ends of the earth and back and she'll probably sleep half the day away in between hunting squirrels and observing chickens and eating food and no wonder people call their cats familiars. That is how I do it too- frantic movement overtaken by lassitude and hunger.

Life is so simple, so complex, we have to run to keep up but with what? Everything.
And then we realize that the earth turns without us if we let it and oh, how I do not want anyone's hands in my mouth today but that, too, is life, and now I must hurry or be late.


  1. My daughter has a space in the back where there was no adult tooth to come in. We let the dentist convince us that the baby tooth had to come out and be replaced with an implant. He explained why at the time but I haven't retained it because I think it was a mistake. Why couldn't the baby tooth have just stayed? Now it's been years and we still haven't called the dentist to place the post. There's something about placing a post in bone. And it's expensive as hell. I totally get it. We joke that my niece in dental school will do the Implant when she qualifies. In three years.

  2. My girlfriend is a dental implant coordinator. Ask your dentist what his failure rate is, because sometimes they fail. I opted for permanent bridges. More invasive to the adjoining teeth but less invasive to the bone. And it's old school.
    It's cloudy, rainy, and grey here. Oh yay.

  3. Cat love, there's nothing like it. I am glad you have got some.


  4. The bit about Maurice...there is the reason she chose you and your house. No mystery.

  5. The whole dentist and teeth thing is one of the big hassles of being human -- at least in the first world. I hope as I type this, you're back and comfortable in Lloyd.

  6. One of the cats, Evil Seed, runs like that after taking a poop. It is hysterical. But then cats are pretty interesting creatures.

  7. I, too, had a dentist appointment this morning....for what he said was a 'routine cleaning.' An hour later, my teeth are clean, the gum disease I've spent THOUSANDS on in the last year is all gone, and I need a tooth pulled, two crowns, and a splint for my teeth replaced. Since I'm terrified of dentists, the estimate of $3100 is just icing on the shit cake.

  8. Angella- That sounds like a very sensible plan to me! I love it.
    And I love you.

    heartinhand- I hear you. I am taking what you say into serious consideration.

    invisigal- Me too. Seriously.

    Ellen Abbott- She is a spiritual being. Or maybe not. Whatever. She has me forever.

    Elizabeth- I was. Thank you, sugar.

    Syd- They are so odd, cats. And that is probably why we adore them so.

    catrina- All I can say is, demand drugs. And lots of them. Jesus. I am so sorry. I completely understand.

  9. I laughed at "frantic movement overtaken by lassitude." My college roommate and I used to get a kick out of our napping cat's tendency to suddenly leap up and run away. Like, "I HAVE TO BE IN THE OTHER ROOM!!!!"


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