Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sweet Jesus

Dear God but we have a lot of chickens. They were all together in the coop this morning and all I could think of was, "Jesus. That's a freaking flock."
Well, Drogo wasn't in the coop. Dude DID NOT COME HOME LAST NIGHT! But he strolled up this morning as if to say, "No shame in MY game, baby! What's for breakfast?"
I have got to just quit worrying about these chickens so much. I really do not need to be outside in the dark with my flashlight looking for some wayward bird.

Well, anyway, good morning. Nothing new in Lloyd today that I'm aware of. Maurice is out in the yard, stalking whatever it is she's stalking and pretending to be in the jungle, just as Owen does, and the dogs are sleeping because that's all they do and the laundry is going and I can hear children playing somewhere and whoops! now Maurice is back in the house, pleading for more food and all that cat does is eat, eat, eat and when I won't feed her any more cat food, she eats dog food and I think I need to go to town today to find something, anything, for Mr. Moon for Father's Day and for Jason, too, whose birthday it is tomorrow. Cards at least.

One more thing. A friend of mine from high school works continuously on an Encyclopedia of sorts about music and he sends it around and my friend L7 pointed out to me yesterday that the latest edition (which shamefully, I have not read) contained a link to a worlds-colliding, mind-blowing, did-this-really-happen? clip from the Lawrence Welk show.
And so I pass it on to you. My very favorite part is the end where Lawrence himself says something like, "A beautiful modern gospel song!"

If you ever wonder why my generation was so fucking insane, I give you this as evidence.

Sorta makes me want to get stoned.

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. Laurence Welk! Every Sunday, I believe it was, around 6:00?!

    I enjoyed reading this. My sister has chickens as well, and she swears that some of them are a little cockier than others, sometimes having mysterious "over nights" somewhere else.

    Ya never know with chickens. :-)

    Greetings from Minneapolis!


  2. one toke over the line.

    i will be contemplating that all day.

  3. Makes you wonder what it is they think 'toke' means. and yah, that dress.

  4. Pearl- Hey sugar! Nice to see you here. And no, you never do know with chickens.

    Elizabeth- I am thinking it may have been in the Hee-Haw era. God help us.

    Angella- Right? Been there. Done that. Not ashamed to admit it.

    Ellen Abbott- Is it possible they had no idea? Not only the dress but the hairstyle as well. Jesus.

  5. Ah one anna two anna three...
    Frigging Lawrence Welk! Lol!!!!

  6. LOL -- I remember seeing that clip somewhere before. Poor Lawrence. He had no clue.

  7. Heartinhand- I know. It's mind-boggling.

    Steve Reed- He really didn't. I'm sure some of his musicians must have though.

  8. Lawrence Welk epitomized the generation of mid-Westerners that were conservative in so many ways. I agree with Steve. He was clueless.


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