Saturday, June 28, 2014

It Was A Slumber Party Too

As you can see, it was a fine birthday party. And Lily and the boys spent the night and and Jessie and Lily are in the kitchen right now tending to the bacon and pancakes and Vergil and Greta are having fun with Owen and Gibson and I am not sure where Boppy is but a little while ago when Gibson got up he marched right down the porch past me and into his grandfather's arms.

I AM chopped liver when it comes to Gibson these days. He'll love on me if I'm the only one around. Otherwise, nah.

It really was fun last night. Chaos and crazy and the best pizzas ever and Mr. Moon blowing out his candles and I kept forgetting to take pictures but you get what you get. 

When it was bedtime, Owen wanted The Little Red Hen Makes A Pizza read to him. Bethany sent that book to Owen and it is so charming. Owen does the voices of the dog, the cat, and the duck and he does them perfectly and after we finished he said, "That is the best book in the world!" and then he demanded what he calls "The Lullaby" which is the Mr. Peep story and he helps me tell that one too and then he fell asleep and Gibson was still jumping on his aunts and uncle who were all laying on Glen's and my bed and making us all crack up and finally, his mama got him to sleep too.

My heart is pretty full.
The pancakes and bacon smell delicious.

Good morning.


  1. Ah, that all sounds wonderful.

  2. I can't wait for Jessie and Dirgil to buy a house here.

  3. Happy birthday Mr Moon! It sounds lovely.

  4. Happy birthday Boppy. Such precious pictures and those pizzas sure look good. I feel like I have eaten well and gotten some love just from visiting here! Sweet Jo

  5. Ah you do throw a sweet party!

  6. sleepover parties are always the best.
    so nice to wake up to family

    and bacon


  7. Glad the celebration went well, despite the whole "sixty" thing. I think you summed up the ambivalence most of us feel with every passing year! (In your previous post, I mean.)

  8. Looks like a great party to me. I know that you are glad to have Jessie and Vergil home.


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