Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No. I Am Not On Facebook

Okay. I have a lot to talk about. Okay. Not really. But you know me. I can blab for days about anything.
But I need to clean up the areas which Hurricane Owen trashed and wash the breakfast dishes and finish the laundry and make the bed and get to rehearsal.
I will say that I have had two people ask me if I was on Facebook today. One was a woman I have known for thirty-six years and she delivered two of my babies and I ran into her at the New Leaf which used to be the Food Coop. We used to do home births together back in the olden days and she played music in a band with my first husband and well, as you can tell, we go back a ways. She's gone through some hard times but she looks terrific and is taking care of her own grandchildren now. It was mighty fine to see her beautiful face.
But anyway, she asked me if I had a Facebook page and I told her that I did but now I don't.

The second person who asked me was Freddie who communicates via FB and I don't know what-all social media. Me he has to call. He could e-mail me, of course, but I don't think he likes e-mail. When he asked if I had a Facebook page I said that no, I did not because when I did, people whom I hated wanted to be my "friend," so I got off of it. I didn't even tell him I can't text. I suppose theoretically I could, but in reality, no I can't. Not on my phone, anyway.
"Well," he said, "I guess I'll just have to make a note to communicate with you some other way. You're special." He said that with a slightly ironic tone to his voice.

I wanted to say, "You have no idea," but I did not. Besides, we are all special in our own little special ways.

Okay, okay. Blah, blah, blah. I had a great time with Owen today. Can you tell?

Elvis, his rooster, always tries to go home with him. He literally gets in the car.
Then he gets under it.

I know how Elvis feels. I sort of want to do the same thing.


  1. Who wouldn't want to go home with that beautiful boy?

  2. Facebook is a big fat time waster and it sounds like your days and nights are too full for it!

  3. I HATE people who say "you're special" with irony in their voices. They are all of them complete fuckers.

    You ARE special.

  4. RiotGrrl- I know.

    Lucy- Hell, I waste way too much time right here in blogworld.

    Mwa- Nah. He didn't mean it in a mean way. Just like a "you're a Luddite" way. I think.

  5. I'm with you in this one. I rarely use FB. It seems to me too cryptic. There's no room for a real conversation, not such as blogging provides.

  6. I am still avoiding facebook.
    There are many people I have no desire to reconnect with.
    or the stress of choosing not to.

  7. That boy gets more handsome by the day.

    What do you mean you can't text? You just ... text! Come on!

    Mostly I hate facebook. But in the last week I got to see the progress of a pregnant women I only know from my blog - her ups and downs at gettign labour started - and her birth announcement, and her arrival back home, and today - baby photos!

    So for the first time, I find myself saying ,I love facebook!

    Someone I'd rather not friend tried to friend me though, I know you cna't escape that.

  8. Well I do facebook...it hasn't been an issue for me and I get to keep up with family I don't always get to be with. They post photos and I feel just a bit more in the loop. My husband's side of the family is huge compared to my side. Still do have to manage myself as I can get caught up in it for too long so yes I could be wasting precious time spent doing more important things...like blogging!

    Little Owen and you and the last photo gave me a big ole' grin for the day!

  9. Love the giggly smiles!! :)
    And I have a love hate relationship with all things social media. I think the world was just fine without it...

  10. I would so be your facebook friend and you would like my status updates. Just saying ...

    (Of course, I changed my name and moved to the other side of the world before joining, so nobody I didn't like could find me. Maybe Natasha wants to join?)

  11. I'm on Facebook, and I am the cooooolest ;)

    I will settle for being your email buddy, because that -is better than anything.

  12. Elisabeth- It all is very much Jr. High School to me but perhaps I viewed it incorrectly.

    deb- Well, exactly! Mostly we are not in touch with certain people for a damn good reason!

    Jo- I am sure that it does serve some great purposes but that whole "friending" thing just gives me the willies.

    Ellen- I'm just glad you come HERE!

    NOLA- Now there's an idea....
    I'd love to see her profile.

    SJ- Yes!

  13. I am on Facebook, but it bores me silly. I do love seeing photos of my friends' families, though. But that's about it. Anyway, I have no time for it. Can't remember the last time I went on.

  14. I refuse to FB. But I do Tweet occasionally, when I remember. It just isn't a priority either.

  15. Angie M- It bored the crap out of me too.

    Syd- I would maybe Tweet. Once in awhile. Maybe.

  16. Lovin' that last picture. Grandma and Owen - just so cute!

    I cracks me up when you tell how Elvis wants to go home with Owen - I love that. It just paints a picture of a happy place.

  17. I detest the Facebook. I've got enough damn friends. I don't need more. I can't keep up with the ones I see face-to-face. Fuck that shit.

  18. but you should say, "facebook, pshaw, I've got a BLOG babeeeeeeeeeee"

  19. That Owen is a rooster charmer, huh?

    I finally submitted to FB a few months ago to keep in better contact with my brother and his family. I see pictures of my nephews and I kind of feel like I'm still part of their lives. Otherwise I don't communicate much with any of my FB "friends".


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