Thursday, July 29, 2010

Albany, Georgia

We're in Albany, Georgia. It's nice here. At least at the Hilton Gardens.
There's a Ray Charles park right across from the hotel and I hope to take a picture of that before we go. Mr. Charles was born in Albany. I did not know that. I know he grew up in Greenville, FL, right down the road from Lloyd.
We still don't know where we're going and we're still not bothered by that at all. We're not getting on the big highways, though.
Last night at a convenience store we asked a man for directions. "Where you going?" he asked.
"We don't know!" we said.
He asked for spare change. I gave him some money and he thanked me and said, "Really? You don't know where you're going?"
We assured him we did not. He seem quite amazed that two people were riding around the state with no destination. He blessed us. We blessed him back.
Same thing happened when we got here to the hotel. The sweet, sweet lady at the desk asked where we were headed and again, we told her we did not know.
She too, acted as if she had never heard of such foolishness in her life.
But she sort of looked like maybe she'd like to come with us.


  1. Yay! Y'all look so sweet. Eat some ice cream and enjoy those back roads. Love y'all!

  2. Mr. Moon has the smilingest eyes! Does he ever get fired up and fighting mad?

    DTG is right. It's the sweetest picture. Have a lovely time getting somewhere! But do not tarry in Atlanta, Georgia because it's hotter than hell. Why, you ask? Hell hath no water but the ATL does and it's so steamy, you can't breathe!

  3. I really like Mr. Moon's Yeungling shirt!

  4. What a gorgeous, loving photo of two very special people!

    Wow, the Hilton Gardens??? Woo-hoo, I bet there's no banana spiders hanging out around there!

    Hope you continue to have a fabulous time on your spontaneous journey to who-knows-where ~ love to you both:)

  5. Safe travels to nowhere and everywhere.

  6. I would LOVE to do that someday, just get in the car and drive until we don't want to drive anymore and then check into a hotel and check out the place we ended up.

  7. In the words of George Harrison's song "Any Road".....

    "But if you don't know where you're going...any road will take you there"

    Have a wonderful time...meandering....

  8. I love this. What a sweet picture of you lovebirds, too.

  9. I love travelling with no destination. Actually, isn't that a good metaphor for life?

    Have a great trip! And birthday!

  10. Isn't the journey, not the destination the WHOLE POINT of this life?

    Also a big fan of Yuengling.

  11. I think that you have already arrived.

  12. Oh Mama! Y'all look so sweet! I am so glad you are taking this birthday trip! Give each other kisses for me.

  13. this looks like the best place to be .

  14. whateveryoneelsesaid.

    safe travel to you two darlings.
    we miss you already.

  15. Oh that magic feeling--nowhere to go.


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