Monday, July 5, 2010

I Never Dreamed

Look. Anything I could say about the way a sleepy grandson kept laying over on his grandfather for neck kisses until he finally just fell asleep would be too much.
This is what it's all about.

Playing with the big boy blocks before the nap.

Swinging on the porch swing with his grandmother after his nap when he was still half-asleep. It was raining and the frogs hopped from puddle to puddle in the yard and the afternoon was cool.


There is such sweetness in this life.


  1. Oh, that chubby, pouting bottom lip. It is a dangerous thing. It is damn near impossible to say no to it.

  2. There is indeed. I am experiencing that today as well.

  3. What a wonderful keepsake photo of Owen and Mr. Moon. Deserves to go in a frame.

    I see Pearl is still up and moving...and never far from Owen it appears.

  4. I can't get past that first picture... its so adorable! The comfort and love between
    But the last one too. Holding a little one while watching raindrops is all sorts of magical.

  5. aw! he is looking like such a big boy. that napping picture is too sweet. i can't handle it.
    and look at you in your short overalls. love love love

  6. Sweetness and contentment personified.
    Lovely to behold. That classic baby grin of fun with blocks is a pretty happy sight too.

  7. Mary, that sweet photo of yin-yang Mr. Moon & Owen is quite possibly the most incredible photo I have ever seen ~ that needs to be in Life magazine (is there still such a thing as Life magazine???)

  8. That picture is absolutely perfection! What a sweet place to fall asleep, right on your grandpa's face!

  9. That is one incredible photo ~ the yin-yang of Mr. Moon and Owen~ it's a prize-winner!

  10. Nothing sweeter...nothing....

  11. Oh my lord. That first shot with grandpa Moon is too too much. I can't take the sweetness.


  12. perfect in every way imaginable.

  13. So sweet! I love the pictures of Owen when he is with you while I am at work. It's like a daily progress report of all the fun things he does. Your new blog set-up is pretty by the way. I love you and will see you Wednesday.

  14. Blogger is goofy again and not posting my comments. Sorry if you get double.

    That is a perfect keepsake photo of Owen and Mr. Moon. Definitely one to be framed.

    I see Pearl is still hanging around, dementia and all. It seems that she sticks close to Owen.

  15. OK, now that I have had my O-boy fix, I can sleep soundly tonight. My Grand boy is in Tahoe on his first vacation =o[. Good thing I got to hold him most of Saturday! x0 N2

  16. All three photos are divine. Is Owen getting blonder and blonder?

  17. Rachel- I certainly can't say no to it.

    Syd- Lovely.

    rebecca- I thought so too.

    Lily- I love that you can see that he's a happy, sweet boy at Grandmother's house. And how much he is loved.

  18. That first picture is just so perfect!

  19. I came back here three times last night just to look at your pictures. I so love you guys.

  20. What sweet photos. Thank you for sharing them, and grandma looks about 12 years old in the porch swing photo.

  21. Thank-all of you so much. The comments finally flew in and I am grateful.
    Mel's Way- Yes, Pearl does follow him around. All day.

    notjustafemme- It is too hot for long overalls.

    Corinne- When Owen lets us hold him now, it is special. He's so busy.

    A- He's trying out new grins. He's so funny.

    lulumarie- I don't think Life still exists, sadly.

    Ellen- I know.

    Michelle- Isn't it?

    rebecca- Yes.

    N2- And by the time you see him next, he will be so changed.

    Elizabeth- I think he is. And he was sporting a sort of Flock-of-Seagulls hairdo yesterday.

    Lois- Isn't it?

    May- We love you, too!

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Well, it was taken through a screen in very low light.

    Lisa- Yep.

  22. That first picture is just so unbelievable that it must be real and cannot be posed. So absolutely what life is about, like you said.

  23. Mwa- Entirely real. Precious boy fell over on his granddaddy's head. And fell...asleep.


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