Saturday, July 17, 2010

Aunt Brenda Is Here!

Mr. Moon's sister Brenda is visiting which is a rare treat and so we all went out tonight. Aunt Brenda had never met Owen and since Lily is like Brenda, Jr. in so many ways, I was excited to see the grand meeting between Brenda and Lily's son.

It was fun! We went to a local restaurant called Kitcho's where Mean Aunt Jessie works and everyone was there except May who had to work tonight. We missed her wicked bad.

But here are some pictures:

Daddy Jason and Uncle Hank.

Mean Aunt Jessie and Prince Owen, Ruler of the Universe.

Lily and her son, PO,ROTU.

Owen on Pop-Pop's shoulders which makes him the tallest thing in the world.

Owen kissing his grandmother with all his heart and soul.

Aunt Brenda, Owen, Jessie and Lily. See the family resemblance?

Owen checking out the presents Aunt Brenda brought him. He was duly impressed. Wait until he realizes there are things IN the boxes!

Charmed by his Great Aunt Brenda.

Now let me tell you something about Great Aunt Brenda. Back in the day, back before the WNBA, back when women were not supposed to be athletes, she was a member of the All American Redheads.

They were a pre-professional women's basketball team which toured around the country as an exhibition team, playing against men and beating the hell out of them. Now, I knew this and have always been mighty impressed but tonight, I found out there's a video on YouTube which Brenda's in.
She's the first person to pop up in it so go check it out and see what a woman could do with a basketball back in the day.

She's one of my heros, Brenda is. Not just because she was a woman athlete when that was unheard of, but for many other reasons as well. She's something, that woman. And she's proof to me that yes, I married and mated well.
Good genes in that family. I am glad I did my part to ensure their continuation.
I'm glad Brenda's here. And I'm glad that Owen got to meet her. She gave him his first basketball hoop which was just the cherry on top of the cowgirl of a real, real good night.
And who knows? Maybe he'll grow up to play basketball like his Pop-Pop and his Great Aunt Brenda.
It could happen. If I know one thing it's that darn near anything can happen.

And tonight as I looked around at my family I was reminded of that quite clearly.

Night, y'all. Sweet dreams.
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That's a totally impressive video.

    And yes, I see a very strong family resemblance. Same smiley eyes, same smiley smiles.

    Sleep tight Ms Moon

  2. can't wait to watch the video.
    way cool.
    and not just because I'm a redhead.

    your family just oozes love .
    what you write here... you live.
    have lived , it shows.

    good night Ms. Moon.
    keep living it. and if you so choose, keep writing it.

  3. I can't wait to show my family this.
    a family of sports nuts ( not me so much)

    thanks for sharing this, it's incredible !!

  4. I have the coolest aunt! Can't wait for pancakes, love you.

  5. Oh my Gosh, Aunt Brenda ROCKS in so many ways, but this video is incredible!!!!!!
    How fun!!!

  6. Wow, Brenda is so cool! There are good genes indeed in Mr. Moon's family, and in yours too, Ms. Moon. That little Owen is cuter than any Gerber baby I have ever seen.

  7. Holy crap the Redheads are the genuine article. I had no idea that kind of thing was going on. The WNBA needs to recognize.

  8. Man! I'm so glad you found that video because it's truly awesome. I want Aunt Brenda to tell me more those Red Heads in the morning. I'm with Lily on this one... can't wait for the pancakes!

    Thank you so much for bringing the family to my restaurant tonight. It was so fun to have you all there, even thought Owen did leave a mess for me to clean up. Hehhe. I swear, as soon as that boy gets good with his motor skills, he's coming to Mean Aunt Jessie's to clean my toilet. Heheehe.
    love you, Ma!

  9. Wow! That is a wonderful video, how lovely to see!

    And to meet Aunt Breda, she IS so like Lily.

    That little ruler of the universe gets cuter every day.

  10. haha..the kiss (forgive me for saying that) looks more like he is biting/eating his lovely grandmas face!! but..who could resist from having a bite?:-P

    that video is awsome indeed!

  11. Neat and interesting. Good genes are really important.

  12. Love it! She looks like Mr. Moon too. And, that picture with Brenda and Owen is so great. With your caption and the smile on his face, I chuckled.

  13. What a cool video! I'm sending my brother the link so he can watch it ~ he was a fan of Moon-man at Auburn and he's gonna be so impressed!!!

    What beautiful, loving, happy photos:)

  14. Michelle- Brenda didn't even know it existed until a little while ago. Isn't it cool?

    deb- I'm glad you liked it!
    You are always SO sweet. Thank-you.

    Lily- Owen's first pancake breakfast at the grandparents'! It was awesome!

    Bethany- I know.

    Angie M- Thanks for seconding my opinion on Mr. O's cuteness.

    Juancho- They are starting to be recognized. How cool is that video?

    HoneyLuna- I'll train him to clean bathrooms here. He has three to practice on. We had so much fun last night! Love you, darling.

    Jo- If Lily, Brenda and I were in a room together and a hundred people were asked who was the mother of Lily, a hundred people would guess Brenda. Those Moon genes are STRONG!

    Danielle- He IS eating my face! That's how he kisses!

    Syd- Ain't it the truth?

    Nicol- He's a flirt, that boy.

    Stephanie- Quite literally.

    lulumarie- If Brenda had been a man...
    Well. I'm glad she wasn't. I think your brother will like that vid.

  15. Oh my, Aunt Brenda. You are a goddess.
    (Looks like that whole goddess thing runs in the family.)

  16. That was so fantastic that I posted the video to my Facebook page -- I'm a Carolina basketball fan among many, so I know it will be enjoyed!

  17. Lisa- Yep. Another Goddess.

    Elizabeth- Awesome!

  18. That video is very very cool! What awesome women. Lovely photos of your lovely family.

  19. The photos are precious as hell. Loved them.

  20. Lora- Doesn't that video just sort of make you really proud to be a woman?
    It does me.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Glad you liked them, honey-bunny.


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