Thursday, July 1, 2010


It's a day to make the frogs happy, drizzling steadily and I think it rained all night, too.
No walk for me today but when I went yesterday I gathered what you see there. All except the wild gladiola. That came from my yard where they grow in such profusion I spend a good amount of time every year pulling them up and tossing them into the woods where they now bloom too.

I took the eight bags of trash I culled from the kitchen last night to the trash depot. Plastic, glass, garbage. When will I learn to stop keeping containers that I think I might need some day? I will never need them and they are merely clutter. My cabinets are so much bigger today. So much bigger.

I'm going to town to run errands with Lily and the boy and I need to call her and tell her I'm on my way. I need to put on a bra. Brush out my wet hair. Wet from taking the trash.

Mr. Moon is home today, trying to get his infected toe to heal. He's on antibiotics and he's sitting with his foot up. Staying home is unheard of for him but I think he's enjoying it, just sitting and reading the paper on a rainy morning. Buster the dog is sitting with him, cuddled up and happy to have his Man at home to sleep by.

It's a rainy day in Lloyd. The frogs are happy.
My kitchen is tidy.
All is well.


  1. It is hot and sunny here, no frogs to be found. No walk this morning for me (though in my defense I walked three miles last night!), no Mr. Moon sitting with his foot up, no errands to run or babies to see. You read my blog-so you know where I am-but you know what? I am still pretty damn happy. It is enough today.

  2. Kori- And that makes ME happy. Good morning, dear.

  3. give my best to Mr. Moon,
    and it struck me that you don't have recycling there do you?
    It would feel so strange to throw glass and most plastics in the trash after we've been recycling for years now.

    have a great day, it's a holiday here, so I don't feel as guilty for still being in lazy mode. s

  4. My kitchen is untidy and grimey.

  5. I need to get on that too with the cupboards. It's the last thing I ever want to do.

  6. My gladiolas are about to bloom too, that same color. Enjoy your rainy morning, we are having a sunny afternoon here, and both are nice.

  7. Rainy days are good days, life falling from the sky. Your life sounds in order and happy too. I'm glad.

    Hope Mr. M's toe heals quickly.

  8. Oh damn, now I feel guilty about the state of my kitchen cabinets. Pretty sure the feeling will pass if I actually start cleaning and realize I'd rather be reading a novel though.
    Tell Mr. Moon to take care of that toe, those things can turn nasty.
    I love frogs, they're such efficient little bug-eaters.

  9. EVerything is shiny and clean, but I love how you still have things all on your countertops. Kitchens with empty countertops alarm me, though I know mine would alarm most normal people. WEll, ok, they alarm me too. It's just, when I clear them... it never ever lasts!

    But ok, I should stop using that excuse.

  10. Ms Moon, is that sort of a edible arrangement hi-bird with the corn-dogs in the bouquet?

    ((Just kidding, I know they are NOT corn dogs, but something like cattails or something, right?))

  11. This is hilarious, except for the infected toe, but I didn't come to the computer yesterday because I was cleaning out the kitchen! I tackled the cookbook shelf and spiders and dust and dirty windows. Well it looks like heaven in there now. I keep those dumb containers too, we call them tupperware ;-) I use them for painting, especially if I can find the matching lids. Hahaha, I love the corndog comment! One time I brought a whole armload of cattails into the house where they warmed up, dried up and blew up!

  12. It is a rainy day here too. I'm happy to be home. I went to the noon meeting and then had a sponsee meeting. Life is good.

  13. I need to go to the recycling place too - my laundry room is full of cardboard. Damn birthday season.

    I want some of your rain. I'm sitting in my underwear next to a fan in a shuttered room. It's nearly ten o'clock but still hotter outside than inside.

  14. I hope Mr. Moon's toe heals up quickly. Poor fella.

    Love you,


  15. Sounds like a lovely day to me. I found a snail in my garden today and that made me very, very happy.

  16. You did inspire me to clear out my closet and drawers and drop bags off at Goodwill.

    You also inspired me to tend to my wild and overgrown front yard.

    You are always an inspiration, Ms. Moon


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