Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hey Y'all

Busy, busy, busy. Oh yeah. That's me.
I've gotten something boiling on every burner.
Really. I do. I'm cooking supper AND making preserves. It seemed like a good idea at the time...
And besides my real burners, my metaphorical ones are pretty heated up and cooking over too.

Anyway, my time right now is limited and I'm just saying I might not have enough of it to comment on your comments or even make it over to your place for a good read and that upsets me. I know, I know. My presence on the internet is not exactly keeping the earth spinning, is it? No. But you know me.

So just know I haven't deserted anyone, I'm not shirking or sick. I'm merely busy.

Things should settle down real soon and I'll be back. Me and Ahnold. We always come back.


  1. Hi there to Ms. Moon and Jessie and the O Man.

  2. That's okay. Get those burners burning.

  3. Well sure, your presence on the internet doesn't keep the world spinning, but please know that you are appreciated! No earth spinning required.

  4. Please, you can come back, but not Ahnold.

  5. Oh Mama. I feel like a terrible daughter but... can I have some of those lovely preserves that I did not pick nor did I wash nor did I sort nor did I clean a place for them nor did I stand and help boil nor did I strain nor did I stack? I want to eat them on a biscuit. Are you planning on making any biscuits?
    Also- your kitchen looks amazing. I really like the before and after shots.

  6. May- Yes, my little chicken. You certainly can have some. And yes, I will make biscuits. Love...Mama

  7. Hey now, May -I asked for biscuits and that jam just the other day. You have to share :)

  8. I wish Ahnold didn't come back.

    Love you.

  9. Ha, May. She said what I wanted to say.

  10. Oh those daughters! That May said exactly what one of mine would/will say! Heheheheh. And, Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese! some biscuits, too?
    Music to Mama's ears, I say: yeah! let's have biscuits and blackberry preserves and tea and milk.

    love love love love love love.


  11. this really has nothing to do with your post, beyond being inspired by the pic.

    your daughter just seems so sweet. shes the kind of lovely spirit i would like to be friends with.

    that is all.

  12. Your preserves are beautiful.

  13. Better warn Tanya about that mean Jessie.

    my tummy's rumbly at the thought of your angel biscuits with a thick layer of butter and a thicker layer of your preserves

    I can be a terrrible daughter too... and a terrible son while I'm at it. I'll be over in a few hours


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