Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dreaming Faith Into Being

Here it is, already twelve-thirty on a Sunday and I've posted nothing and really done nothing but a few loads of laundry and made the bed and washed the dishes and fed the chickens and talked to about fifteen people on the phone.
Okay. I guess I've been a little busy.
One of the people I've talked to is Ms. Jessie Moon who is on her way back from Asheville, NC where she may have just had the most amazing week of her life playing music and meeting people, including one of her major idols, the musician Ben Sollee whom she now knows in a friendly way and has played music with him and baby-games with his two-year old son. She has also met a boy. Well, a man. Throw in all that fantastic music and the beauty of Asheville and it was some week. She was getting teary on the phone, talking about leaving and oh, the man, and it was all like a dream, only one she had never imagined even having but let me tell you something- she made that week happen and Lis helped her and I truly believe it was a week that will have changed her forever.

"It's like the world is getting smaller all the time," she told me when we were discussing the far-less-than-six-degrees of separation she's been experiencing.

"I think that's because you're exactly where you're supposed to be and doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing," I said. "It's like everything is very clearly in focus."

And I thought about that and I am amazed that she is achieving this place in her life at such a young age. Some of us never quite get there.

And I don't really have a point here. I just want to say that my daughter took a great leap of faith when she applied for a scholarship to go to that week for the Swannanoa Gathering and she asked for what she wanted and she asked for help in getting there and she got it and it was so much more than she even hoped or dreamed it would be and there's a lesson there.
One that her mama needs to learn.

My children have always been my most profound teachers. I've always said this. It remains true.

And that lizard? Ah, he's just a tiny holy icon of The Church of the Batshit Crazy, aka The Church of the Chickenshit Crazy on a Sunday morning where I guess I'm talking to you about faith which is another holy mystery not unlike the lizard, not unlike the hot, wet breath of this holy day.


  1. ahh..i like the lizzards a lot..its ritter anolis..i ha dthem in a huge glass tank with orchids when i was a teenager...sigh*

    congrats to jessie!!!

  2. Good for Jessie! So glad she grabbed her opportunity and had an amazing week!

  3. I think that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. Good for her.

  4. That is some lizard, and some week!

  5. Cute lizard! And Go Jessie!

  6. Ma. Anole, just hanging out on a leaf with his arms folded, soaking up some jungle heat.

  7. Jessie radiates the good stuff so much so that it's not hard to imagine that all her dreams coming true. Good for her!

    Nice lizzie.

  8. great photo. yay for Jessie.
    love your last line.
    trying to have lizard faith today.
    everything is changing.
    i need to just breathe into it.
    out to weed the garden.
    i loved your fly shop vac story.
    i'm sorry i'm not commenting all the time. i'm having a hard time but am so happy you're there.

  9. Danielle- Yes, the little anoles. I wish I could have seen your pet ones in their orchid jungle.

    Lora- Me too!

    Syd- I agree. But sometimes it is just so clear.

    Sarah- No kidding on the week. Dang.

    Jo- Yes and yes.

    DTG- It seems like some of them just love to pose. The closer the camera, the happier they are, unlike the skink who is incredibly camera-shy.

    Ms. Fleur- She's pretty radiant.

    Bethany- It's so hard for those of us who hate change when everything changes, no matter how much we hate it. Yes. I am here.

  10. I love the new format! I love this for your baby daughter! And for you, her mama. I agree with you on the "kid's are the most profound teachers" statement. Mine teach me something new everyday and they're only 4 and 5 years old!

    I sure do like the looks of that lizard. Plump.

  11. Ms. Trouble- That IS a plump little anole. I was thinking that maybe she was pregnant.

  12. Very cool photo --

    and it's wonderful to hear that Jessie's trip went so well -- I especially noted this: "and she asked for help in getting there and she got it" -- there's something so sensible about that --

  13. Great lookin lizard, just like one I saw slinkin off the other day in my front yard. When I found him again under the day lilies, he just sat and looked up at me like he was taking my measure and sayin hello.

    So glad to hear that Jessie had such a good and growing time at the Gathering.

    Love to You All. x0 N2

  14. Ahhh... Beautiful! The faith of the lizard, Jessie meeting her idol, you saying your children are your greatest teachers... All of it. Lovely.

  15. My Sunday was not nearly as exciting as yours...I did nothing and it was glorious!

    What an exciting experience for Jessie. Yes, I see why you would be very proud. She must have learned to take those leaps-of-faith from someone. :)

  16. Elizabeth- Jessie has always been so very sensible.

    N2- It is impossible not to project feelings onto these little creatures.

    Angie- I'm mighty lucky.

    Mel's Way- Her daddy. Believe me.

  17. I am so happy for Jessie. What a great thing to experience. She is a sweetness.

    Love to all,



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