Thursday, June 24, 2010

Owen Day

Owen came around one thirty this afternoon and it's been a busy day. From the moment I take him into my arms until he goes to his mama or daddy, my life revolves around him. That's just all there is to it. Lily and I discussed the fact today that it may be time to stop jumping to get whatever he wants the second he wants it now. That we should try to encourage him to ask for things instead of just pointing and hoo-hoo'ing like a chimp.
Yeah. We should do that.
I don't know. Something comes over me when I see him. It's like a physical reaction and all I want to do is make him happy. Is that wrong? I hope not. It's probably natural but it's one thing when a grandparent acts like this around grandchildren once or twice a month, something else entirely when it's three or four times a week.
Well. He's still a baby although when I look at him, I realize he's growing to be more boy than baby and that's all there is to that.

I keep calling him my "little man" and I don't think that if he were a girl I'd be calling him my "little woman" although I could be wrong about that too. He's just SUCH a boy. But he's a sweet one. He lets me give him tiny kisses on his neck and when I'm done and after we smile at each other, he turns his head so I can do it again. He holds so still when I'm kissing him. But then he grows weary of that game and wants to get up and DO SOMETHING.

We took endless trips down the hallway with his little walky thing. As he pushes it, it plays music which is sort of annoying. I can turn it off if I want but I leave it on. He seems to like it. We go down the hallway from one end to the other, turn around, go back. He loves it.

Today his Pop-Pop brought him a pool home and blew it up with the compressor and we put a few inches of water in it and got in it with him. It's a long pool so that Pop-Pop can stretch out with his long legs at one end, Grandmother with her shorter ones in the other and Owen in the middle. He feels compelled to share his duckies with us and wants us to chew on them too, so of course we do. He loved the pool and at one point there he was in the water with his grandparents while his beloved chickens and his own beloved rooster were all standing there watching him and I had to get out and take a picture. Chicken spa? Ah, the glamor. Lily called while we were outside and when I called her back I said, "We were in the pool," as airily as one of the ladies in a 1940's movie would have said. Joan Crawford, perhaps, or Bette Davis. "Oh, dahling, sorry I missed your call. We were in the pool."

Mr. Moon told Owen that he wasn't allowed to swim unless one of us was with him and I told him firmly that there would be no running on the cement. I'm sure he'll follow the rules.

We sat him up in the high chair for dinner and he ate potatoes and field peas, cucumbers and tomatoes and corn bread. He wanted deer sausage desperately. I did not give him any. Then he got down and played peek-a-boo from behind the high chair with his grandfather and me and in between laughing and peek-a-booing, he pooped.

I cleaned him up and now he's in the tub with his Pop-Pop. The two most beautiful boys I've ever seen. It's something, this grandparent thing. I didn't expect my heart to be so taken over. I really didn't. But there you have it. It's happened.

Lily and Jason are spending the night tonight because they both close and will get off late and so that boy will be here in the morning, too. I can't believe I'm saying this but I am looking forward to that. There will be more endless trips down the hallway, more playing in the pool, perhaps, more chicken-feeding and rooster imitating, more diapers and snacks and holding him close while I give him his bottle.
I'm in love. I'm just flat-out in love.
With this boy. This little man. My grandson.


  1. Ahhhhh ze baby pool. More luxurious than one of those fancy loungers on some exotic beach.

    We've been spending nearly all of our days in ours. Except I have four kids and I have to perch on the very outside just to sit 'in it'. Elijah is kind enough to continuously dump water on me though. He's a kind soul.

  2. i love the refreshing waters...
    with the hens just near enough to remind us exactly where we are.
    mrs. moon's peaceful kingdom.

    will you haiku?
    i can just imagine the wisdom you could cram into
    17 syllables!

  3. He's cuter than cute and sweeter that sweet!

    Tweet tweet!

  4. It looks like the pool is a good idea to beat the heat.

  5. Erin- It is such luxury! Especially with only one small boy.

    Rebecca- I have signed up! Can't wait.

    Ms. Fleur- He is.

    Syd- It sure can't hurt.

  6. I love reading all about Owen. He is adorable and that picture of him in the pool is awesome. If I must say so myself little men are pretty awesome and the coolest.

  7. tear to my eye. wishing my mother could spend more time with my babies.

    darling blog you have here, lady!

  8. I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't be, but I am so jealous of this relationship you are having with this adorable boy. I'm 55 and had not given much thought to being a grandmother since neither of my children are in a place in their lives to be responsible parents. But your writing and photos and just letting us witness this blossoming relationship between you two has made my heart ache and long for this kind of love. I have several people in my life who are always harping on this 2012 crap and all I know is if the world ends and I don't get to experience this, I'm going to be very pissed off!

  9. ahh chicken spa!!!i love that idea..and you actually make very good bette davis..:-))))

  10. I want to get in the pool with Owen so bad!! Oh Mama, I need to come out and visit with you guys soon. I love you.

  11. May! Grab up Owen and mama and Lily and dad and y'all come and enjoy the pool I'll be pool-sitting next week. Any time at all, I'm on strict orders to invite y'all out to play.

  12. Mr. Shife- And you know about adorable boys.

    Stephanie Meade Gresham- Thank-you so much for stopping by and commenting. And I know how lucky I am to have this time with Owen. I know it to my bones.

    Angie D- Well, if the world ends (and I seriously doubt it will in two years) then you actually won't care that you missed having grandbabies! Or, at least that's what I think. And I think there is plenty of time for you to experience this amazing heart-journey.

    Danielle- My eyes aren't as big as hers though.

    May- Yes! You do! We miss you. Come visit, please my love.

    DTG- Name the time and place.

  13. Naked hot tub boys:
    Empty the pool when you're not
    all soaking in it.

  14. I dig the pool. Way to go Mr. M.! Tres glam.

    Love y'all.

  15. just love this.
    we should all be so loved.

  16. Owen's tiny hand
    touching Mr. Moon's with duck
    marvelous image

  17. I love it when you talk about Owen because you put into words exactly the way I feel about my grandkids. I've always called my grandson "my little man" and lately I've been calling my granddaughter "little mama". I don't know why--it just popped out one day. I have been trying real hard not to give them everything they want when they are with me because I do see them so much, but it sure is hard sometimes!

  18. Lucy- Lovely haiku! Thank-you.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Yes. So glam. I'm just glad chickens don't swim.

    deb- It would be a better world.

    lulumarie- Another great haiku!

    Lois- Little mama. Perfect. When I get a grand daughter (are you listening, god?) I will call her that.

  19. Now THAT sounds like a hell of a day.

  20. Oh, this just sounds like a perfect day! My kind of day. Actually, it sounds just like my actual day only on the mama side instead of the grandmama side. My mom was here too though, swimming with us, so it was a grandmama day here too. Thanks for sharing, those small details are what make life so magical.

  21. How can you not be?
    And yay for the pool! My grandmother used to get in with us, and it's a favourite memory with all the children.

  22. Oh yes. You can be sure he'll follow the pool rules.


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