Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Early Bird May Take A Pre-Lunch Nap

So I got up this morning BEFORE SEVEN A.M. because I wanted to walk before yoga. Yeah, I know. I deserve a medal. I do!
And I walked before eight for once and still, my hair is soaking wet but at least I'm not the color of George Bush's scarlet soul. Or is his soul black? Whatever. I'm just a bit ruddy.
And then I called the yoga teacher to make sure we're having class because our class consists of two people and I know that one of them is out of town. I got her answering machine and I'm not driving down the road unless I hear back from her and she has two minutes and then I'm going to get on with my day.
I should have called her last night but I got busy with blackberries and snapper and trying to watch The D-List which hey! Is not on Wednesday nights but on Tuesdays and so I missed the redheaded bitch's show but since it's on Bravo they'll be rerunning it constantly anyway.

Time's up! No yoga today. This means I should get to the myriad of things which I should get done before Owen gets here at one-thirty. I mean MYRIAD! I won't bore you with the details but suffice it to say that some of them require PHONE CALLS. And some of them are easy, like taking the trash and doing laundry.
I just went out to find something lovely to take a picture of but I have taken a picture of everything in this yard about a thousand times so all you get is that picture of the phlox. My yard is pretty much taken up in phlox right now which is not a bad thing. I wish I'd had my camera on my walk because all the spiders' webs in the grass had spangly dew on them which shone in the morning light like diamond necklaces. Big webs and small. It was a marvel. You'll have to take my word for that.

I could take a picture of the two mama banana spiders which have built webs on my side porch but I think I'll save that for another day.

And I could talk about the fact that oil is washing up on the sweet sugar sands of Pensacola Beach but I just can't do that. It's happening. It's real. There is nothing in this world I can do about it except hang my head in shame at being part of the human race.

And on that cheerful note, I believe I'll go take the trash. And recycle. And feel as if I am on a futile and stupid errand when I throw the paper and cardboard and aluminum and glass and plastic in their proper containers. The new guy who works at the trash depot is very good at his job and keeps the place tidy and is polite as hell. He does have a sticker on his truck that says, "Marriage equals One Man, One Woman," but he doesn't discuss politics with me and I respect him for doing a hot, stinky, poorly paid job in a way which demonstrates that he takes his work seriously and goes above and beyond what is required and let it go at that.

And there you have it- another day in Lloyd, Florida. It's hot, it's hip, it's happenin'.


  1. It's so hot. It's hot as homemade sin. Anna comes back today, and she's going to melt. I'm picking her up at the airport at 8, and I told her we should go to her place, turn on the ac, and then go out for a beer because it will need a chance to cool down before she'll be able to stand it. HOT!

  2. Good advice. Yep. Anna's gonna die. Bless her heart.

  3. Damn, that's a stupid bumper sticker.

  4. Jo- Yeah. But I've seen stupider. We're in the stupid bumper sticker capital of the universe.

    Juancho- God. Tell me I used it correctly.

  5. I am glad to not see spiderpics as they freak me out... Lovely light in the morning on your flowers. Looks like paradise!

  6. Yes, hurray for the spiderescape for another post!

    Gah, why have you changed your wv system? I HATE this one. Hate it. grumblegrumblemalcontentgrumble

  7. Pensacola is my home (in my heart anyway). It saddens me deeply that the oil has reached land, the oil saddens me deeply.

    Aren't banana spiders poisonous? Just checking...Don't know much about spiders

  8. Jo- There should be NO word verification. None. I took it off and will leave it off until the spambots find me again. I'm sorry. What's it doing for you?

    Rebecca- It's so tragic I can't even begin to say. And banana spiders, like all spiders, do have toxins but most of them don't come close to biting unless you grab one. And I've never seen anyone grab a banana spider.

  9. Fuck that bumpersticker. Damn pinhead. I don't care how good of a job the motherfucker does. He's still a damn pinhead.

  10. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I know. But hell- who but a pinhead would work at such a job? Comes with the territory. This morning when I was down there, we were discussing how hot it was (the default topic of conversation) and I told him I was thinking about getting my hair cut as short as his, which is almost shaved. He said, "No. Women aren't supposed to have short hair." I had no idea how to respond but said, "Unless they want to." And he said, "I guess so." But I could tell he did not agree with that.
    Yeah. He's a pinhead.

  11. You got up BEFORE SEVEN when you didn't have to??? I am in awe of your sensible-ness. Sensibility? Sense! Of course. Sense. I'm sure that's the cleverest thing to do if it gets as hot as it does over there.
    I got back home from taking Marie to the creche today and fell asleep for 4 1/2 hours! It's heating up here, too. I ramble. I wish I could come and sit on your porch and just talk to you for half an hour.

  12. You are doing a myriad of things as I am. It is hot and I am very sweaty.

  13. I'm from AZ and I'm dying in this MD heat. This flower is a-wilting and it's making it impossible for me to do anything productive. Beating myself up about it a bit, actually.

  14. Oh, hipper than hip!

    And I kind of like WV. Sometimes they're so apropos. Or mysterious. Like playing with alphabet blocks.

  15. Mwa- Hopefully your baby will be a good sleeper to. Sleep is just the best. Ever.

    Syd- Owen gives me an excuse to stay in the AC. Besides the heat, there are mosquitoes which bite his tender legs.

    Nancy C- Submit. It's the only thing to do.

    A- This is true. And why is the verification word never "fuck" or "shit"?


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