Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Category: Things Which Are In Other Things

House in the morning.

Rooster in bananas.

Hen in begonia plant.

Phlox in bloom.

Eggs in nest.

Baby in bathtub.

And thirty-four years ago today I was in labor and my first child was still in ME.

I've written about that before. Here, here and here. (Which are links IN a post.)

Here's hoping you are having a fine day and are IN a good mood and a decent outfit.


  1. I am IN a good mood, IN part because of your post, IN my bathrobe!

  2. Well, you've gone and done it again ~ tears, sweet, happy tears, streaming down my face. I've just been HERE and HERE. I know and love only one of your children, but I love all of them through your blog. Happy birthing-day, Ms. Moon.


  3. Well, I am IN love with your writing, and I enjoyed reading your links very much. I am IN a chair right now, and I'd rather be IN my yard.
    Happy Birthday to your son!

  4. Beautiful as usual. Happy day to Hank! I miss yall so damn much.

  5. I went into your heart ....
    or you into mine I should say.

    and I don't know what to say.
    You said things that I feel. I am honoured that you shared this with us. With me. With the moments of my life to come.

    love you.

    and happy birthday to your son.

  6. love the poetry of, things which are in other things...
    glad you are in mine...

  7. Am in a good mood now! Love the pictures Ms. Moon!

  8. That made me laugh. Was that wrong? What with everyone else being so touched and all. I have new shoes. So yes, I am IN a good mood.

  9. Love the rooster in bananas and Owen!

    I am in a pretty good mood today. The outfit is fine, I guess, but since I recently cut so much of my uneven hair off and made it worse, I had to have it professionally cut again. Second time in four days. What I did to it was starting to look like I was running from the law, and cut it in a stained, dark Phillips 66 bathroom at night , in the middle of nowhere, without a mirror.

    I will never touch my hair with scissors again.

  10. Your house is so pretty. I can just smell the lushness of that landscape around it.

  11. Love this category post, a great theme to come back to from time to time. So glad to have you IN my morning! I am moving INto writing mode IN my gardening clothes: writing first, gardening next. Kisses...N2

  12. Nothing better than a baby in a tub. Nothing.

  13. I was reading the other birthday letters, and noticed the name Steve Gaskins on a quote. I'm a little slow on the draw and I'm new here, but I put together your "hippie" references with Ina Mae and Steve, and wondered have you ever lived at the Farm in Summertown? If so, would love to read about it! Was just looking at their website the other day - when the world collapses they'll do just fine......

  14. What a cool post! It's always good to remember and be thankful.

    And I giggled to see decent outfit linked to good mood.

  15. You are a marvel. I like your naturalness.

  16. Happy BIRTH day to you and of course a very happy birthday to your son as well! Wonderful pictures as always especially the sweet little baby in the tub.

  17. Love the bath tub!...well, the baby in the cute!

  18. Happy Birthing Day Ms Moon, hope its truly wonderful and full of happy reminiscing...

    You are IN my computer, and I'm glad you are :))

  19. Fun post. We are having a fine time. I do not want to come back!

  20. I actually DID have on a decent outfit today --shocker!! I have to wear a suit everyday, but today I had a cute shirt on. It had these little polka dots on it (which sounds worse than it was) and its something i could wear with black AND brown which is exciting for me.

    That could the most useless comment I have ever written to you :)

  21. lulumarie- And I'm glad! And I know you would love all of my kids. And they would love you.

    Michele R- Wouldn't we always rather be in our yard? Ha!

    ZenGato- Honey, you need to just come visit.

    deb- Love you, too. Thank-you.

    rebecca- And glad you are in mine.

    Becky- I'm thinking of you.

    Mwa- Laughing is always the ultimate compliment. New shoes? Lovely.

    nicol- That was entire short story right there. I could just see it. And then you pull the bottle of black hair dye out of your bag...

    Elizabeth- All this green does have a smell of its own.

    N2- I hope you had a beautiful day with all of it.

    Nancy C- Amen.

    Laynie- No. I've never even been to the Farm but Ina May is my goddess-hero.

    Kathleen Scott- One can follow the other.

    Syd- Not a WHOLE lot of artifice here.

    Cristal- Isn't he darling?

    Rebecca- It was hard to take a picture. All he wants to do is stand up and turn on the water.

    Donna- I'm IN your computer. That is cool.

    Ms. Fleur- Awesome! Keep having fun!

    SJ- THERE ARE NO USELESS COMMENTS! Not here at blessourhearts. I love polka dots.

  22. Note to self: steal that line!

    ...hoping you are having a fine day and are IN a good mood and a decent outfit.

    Thank you.


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