Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Before Yoga


  1. LOVE the spider web photo! Your home and yard are just beautiful. Every morning when I see the pictures I wish I were there, gardening, doing yoga and playing with babies, instead of under the florescent lights of an office.

  2. That web is so thick, it looks like rope.

  3. Perfect images to have in your head before a yoga class. It's crazy how beautiful these tiny creations are.


  4. I would not like to meet the spider who can build such a giant web...
    Flowers and a garden are as good as Yoga I think... ;o))))

  5. Nice photos. I see the golden orb weaver has been at work.

  6. Wow! Amazing photos, I love the dragonfly, or is it a damsel? And the spiderweb gives me goosebumps two ways! Hope yoga was good..

  7. Beautiful pictures, especially the spider web!

  8. This was as good for the mind and heart as yoga. What beauty in your world! So glad you shared it.

  9. My comment from yesterday got eaten...maybe by this humongous spider?! Beautiful pictures. Nice to be in your garden this morning.

    Have a happy day in spite of the Gore sadness. It is sad, somehow. x0 N2

  10. You need to get some gnats or something to throw into the spider web so that we can see the spider!

  11. ZenGato- I know I am one of the luckiest people alive.

    Nicol- That is merely dew and light making the web appear thicker than it is.

    Michelle- The yard was much more of a spiritual nature than was yoga but my body enjoyed that too.

    Photocat- It wasn't that big of a web and certainly not a huge spider. A trick of the eye and perspective.

    Syd- Is that it? I don't know.

    Mel- I think a damsel.

    Lois- Thank-you!

    Kathleen- You and I share this compulsion.

    Aunt Becky- I think it is beautiful.

    N2- Isn't it? But now our sadness.

    Rebecca- I took a picture of it but really, her web was part which was the most beautiful to me.

  12. That spiderweb is sooo cool. Very nice picture.

  13. um. WHO is that spider?

    do NOT wear your wings outside.



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