Wednesday, June 16, 2010

King Kong's Dongs

This is what happens when you don't pick cucumbers for ONE day. That is my largest bowl. The bowl I use to make salad for the masses in. And believe me- I left a lot on the vine.



  1. I never tire of cucumber sandwiches.

  2. A- There is not enough bread in the COUNTY for all the cucumber sandwiches we could make.

  3. Yummy, cucumber salad with vinegar.

  4. RiotGrrl- Every night, honey. Every night.

  5. OMG -am I the ONLY one who gets the title?? Surely not.

    I'll hop in the car -should be there by noon tomorrow to take them off your hands.

    OH -but I'll be staying for biscuits.

  6. :-) It was the thought of GREEN dongs.

    Looks like you're wealthy in cucumbers. I'll look for the cold pickle recipe from my CSA farmer if you'd like. Much easier than the hot kind.

    Otherwise, what? Cuke soup for the town?

    Please tell me you don't have zuchini too.

  7. Mmmm, cucumbers dipped in hummus, that's what I'm thinking of. But yes, there are way too many very phallic cucumbers there.

  8. holy shit.
    those things are huge and delicious looking! send some to oregon. we haven't had any sun in weeks so nothing in our gardens is growing...

  9. SJ- Can you make that Sunday? The buttermilk may have thawed by then.

    Kathleen Scott- Maybe the soup.
    No. Thank god, no zucchini.

    Lora- Thanks. I'll get hummus tomorrow.

    notjustafemme- We're getting the obviously correct balance of rain and sun. For cucumbers, anyway.

  10. oh yikes. give a basket to your local librarians and postal workers?
    you can do a simple canning session for the refridgerator kind and give them away as little gifties?

  11. oh there's this really yummy greek cuke salad with greek yogurt, mint,and garlic. really simple and super tasty and refreshing.
    it looks kind of gross but it's delicious.

  12. OK, I'll trade you 2 King-Kong Dongs for 1 smelly penis....
    Have you seen what is coming up in my garden?!?

  13. Tsatziki?
    Cucumber soup?
    That number of cucumbers actually makes me nervous.

  14. More like the Jolly Green Giants'! Hardeeharhar.

  15. Those cucumbers look delicious.

    Cold cucumber soup

  16. Maybe Mr. Moon will pull a cucumber joke on you. Lots of good stuff to do with those cukes.

  17. Bethany- No. I don't even want to do refrigerator pickles. I don't have the energy. I am going to give them all away. Maybe I'll take a basket of them to the post office with a sign- Take Some. Please.

    Kate- That's okay. No smelly fungi peni for me. Thank-you, though.

    Elizabeth- I am going to start having nightmares.

    DTG- I know but King Kong Dong just sounded so much better.

    Michelle- I am going to make the soup.

    Syd- Yes. I am sure it will be vastly amusing.


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