Friday, June 4, 2010


Lawd a mercy! As we say around here. This grandma is tired. But in a good way. I'm about to go make my daily shot of espresso to pour over ice and that will revive me.
Waylon just left with his mama, Mean Aunt Jessie just left with herself which leaves me and Owen all alone. We're happy.
The house looks like a hurricane hit it. Hurricane Hoot'n'Holler. Jessie and I decided that this is what we're going to start calling Waylon and Owen. Waylon is Hoot and Owen is Holler.
They're a good team and can clear out the cabinets in a jumpin' jack flash. That came to mind because Jess and I have been watching one of those Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concerts on and off all day. We've seen everyone from Simon and Garfunkle to Metallica. I don't know how to spell Metallica and I'm too lazy to google it. It's been fun. We also walked down Main Street with the boys, went to the post office, visited the chickens and sang to our little guys. They think that's funny.
Now Owen is playing on the porch with me. He's got a new push toy that my ex-husband and his wife brought over. They've got grandchildren now too and well, this is how our family is. When they're done with toys or books or equipment, they bring it over to us.
I am so grateful for that. They've saved us literally hundreds of dollars in walkers and pack'n-plays and toys and books and a stroller.

And tonight Lily and Jason and Owen and Hank are spending the night and tomorrow we're all going out on the St. Mark's river to celebrate Hank's birthday. It'll be Owen's first boat ride and he has a brand new life preserver, just for him. I'm thinking he's going to like the river.
No. I'm thinking he's going to love it.

And tonight will be fun too. A mini-fest here at Grandmother and Grandfather's house. May and Jessie and Tay-Tay all have to work tonight but they'll be joining us in the morning.
It's going to be grand.
I suppose Owen and I should move to the kitchen so I can make the sauce for tonight's casserole.
After I change his diaper. The boy can pee. And smile. And crawl. And stand by himself although whenever he catches himself doing it he falls down. He'll figure it out. He'll learn to stand on his own two feet. He'll learn to trust his own balance, his own strength.
But for now, he doesn't have to. He has the arms of so many people to hold him.

Happy Friday, ya'll. Have a good weekend. I'll be checking in, I'm sure.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Happy Birthday Hank!

    Love your happy baby post, Mary. I didn't know your ex was so close and friendly, that's lovely.

  2. You are just going to have such a great, great time. All of you. Have a wonderful party tonight and an equally wonderful day tomorrow.

  3. Hoot n Holler, hell yeah! I'll see y'all tonight.

  4. love the little dip in Owen's smile.

    and I love One, by Metallica btw, my son went to see them in concert twice, the things we learn through our kids.

    have a good day tomorrow, Happy Birthday to your Hank.

  5. It's so nice when you have many arms to catch you. I am one of the lucky one's.

  6. Little Owen is a hoot. I am on the boat so the attitude has been adjusted.

  7. Jo- Hey- around here- once you're family, YOU'RE FAMILY!

    Stephanie- Yep. I think so.

    Kori- Mr. Moon wants to leave at 8 a.m. I'm like...uh. Okay?

    DTG- You're here!

    deb- Metallica didn't annoy me as much as Billy Joel.

    Karen- Me too, honey. Me too.

    Syd- Damn. I wish I was. Tomorrow.

  8. I am playing catch-up again. I weep for the gulf and those poor greasy pelicans. I smile because of birthdays and babies with soft places to fall.

  9. Happy Birthday Hank!!

    Cute pic of the boy. Waylon and Billy too!
    xo pf

  10. aww his smile is seriously heart melting!

  11. Oh my, the Double Trouble Boys! Sounds like this weekend will be serious fun all around. Happy B'day to Hank and Y'all have a real good time out there on the water. x0 N2


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