Friday, June 25, 2010

For Rebecca

Ixchel pours water
Crone-goddess balm for my heart
Parched, I long for her.

Rebecca, over at the beautiful Recuerda mi Corazon, is inspiring us to do a Haiku My Heart Fridays. I don't usually participate in things like this but
1. Rebecca
2. Haiku
3. Love everything about it.

Here's my first sleepy Friday morning attempt. I have been thinking (dreaming) of Cozumel, the island sacred to the Mayan goddess of the moon and the sea and childbirth and all the things I honor the most, feeling her pull me back to the home of my heart and so this is what came out of that heart this morning.


  1. A beautiful haiku for a most lovely Goddess!

    (PS - the link to your site doesn't work on Rebecca's site...there some strange character before the dot net.)

  2. dear mrs. moon,
    how fitting you would pour a moon goddess from your languid heart.
    you, who offers nectar like healing balm to all,
    in shadow and in light.

    you have filled me.

  3. Good job. I dig it. Have a great weekend.



  4. That is a very striking image and your haiku expresses your longing.

  5. Delphyne- I love your name. When I was signing up over at Rebecca's, it kept prompting me that my site needed weird stuff in the address. I have no idea what's going on.

    Rebecca- Thank-you. And thank-you for the invitation, the prompt, the love you always give.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- You too, dear. You are loved.

    jabblog- It's a fountain in Cozumel. I love it.
    Thank-you for visiting.

    Ms. Fleur- Thanks, sweet neighbor!

  6. O.K. I'm going to take the plunge and do it.

    And yours is lovely -- I'm impressed and intimidated.

  7. I love your haiku and the statue and what the place means to you.
    BTW, do your chickens eat worms? Huge green ones? Ever have those in your garden? I am horrified as to what I saw on one of my pepper plants last night.

  8. I dig it, too! My friend Roger turned me on to and I love it! I can't navigate the site very well but he send me links & I enjoy reading what everyone else writes.

    I'm kind of bedbound for a little while. I had the tiniest accident with the biggest repercussions and now I have a feeling I'll be reading & writing quite a bit.


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