Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Okay. So I live in Florida. And I sweat like a beast. Seriously. A menopausal hotflashing beast. And I can't find Tussy deodorant any more. Tussy deodorant works for me and has worked for me since the first day I ever used deodorant.
So what?
This is a public service announcement.
I've tried the Tom's. I've tried the Arm and Hammer. I've tried others. None of them work. At the island last weekend I found an old Tussy roll-on with a few drops of moisture in it. I used it. It worked.
I looked up Tussy online. I found it through Amazon. I ordered a three- pack. The shipping and handling cost more than the deodorant. So what? I'm excited.


Here's another cool thing- I went to town today to find Jason a birthday present. Since he's going to be fishing with Mr. Moon this weekend for the Big Bend Classic Tournament (and this may well be the last one ever- who knows?) I decided to get him one of those nice Columbia fishing shirts with all the vents and pockets. Sort of like this dude is wearing:

I know Bealls carries them so I raced over there. I found the shirt I wanted. It was 30% off and then there's that lovely senior discount- another 15%. Hurray! I took it to the gift wrap lady who checked me out and then, while I used the fine bathroom next door to the gift wrap window, wrapped that shirt FOR FREE! By the time I'd peed, the shirt was wrapped.
Now is that cool or what?
I felt like I'd accomplished something BIG!

Hurray! Again!

Isn't it nice when things like that happen? And everyone was so nice. I guess because I'm elderly and shit.

Then I went and got Owen and we played and played. This was fun but I did discover, while on the floor with my grandson, that my house is dirtier than I even dreamed. Oh my god! It's filthy! And I have company coming. Maybe tomorrow! What to do? Clean like a crazy woman or just ignore the whole issue and try to make do with clean sheets and fried cobia, fresh tomatoes and martinis?
Tough choice, wouldn't you say? And Owen will be back tomorrow so it's not like I really have much time...
That's a good excuse, right?

Okay. I suppose I better go at least strip that bed and pick up Owen's toys from today's play. I wish you could see how big he's getting, how strong.
Well, since you asked:

He is taking steps but he doesn't know he's doing it yet. But his balance is amazing. So is his sense of direction. He crawled all the way through the house from the kitchen to my bedroom looking for me while Lily was here. She followed behind him. This doesn't sound that impressive but believe me- adults get lost getting from the kitchen to my bedroom. It's a long and winding road. And he found me! He found his grandmother.

He also found his toy xylophone which Harley from next door had given him. It was on a shelf in his granddaddy's den and he played and played it and sang like an opera singer, stopping now and then to turn around and look at Lily and me to get our approval. We clapped and cheered ("Hurray!") until about the oh, fifteenth time at which point we were like, "Yeah. Good job, Owen. Now go find your balloon."
Which he did. And popped. He'd never popped a balloon before and was delighted with the results before I snatched them away so we wouldn't suck them down his windpipe.
I swear, I think I had more fun with that boy in three hours than I had all weekend on Dog Island. Is that wrong? I hope not.

Well. Off to start cleaning! Seriously. I am. It's been a good day. I ordered deodorant, I got my son-in-law a present and had it wrapped as easy as pie and I played with my grandson.
At my age- that's about as good as it gets.



  1. He didn't lose his shit when the balloon popped? My Owen STILL does, and he is nearly grown up at four!

    fuck the cleaning; wash the sheets, yeah yeah, than make lots of martinis.

  2. clean houses are so overrated. love is all you need. and you got plenty of that!

    Unrelated: my word verification is bibleake. like bible ache. i used to have bible aches and pains. not any more though, now im thinking more independantly. ha. silly word verification.

  3. Very successful day! Owen is way more fun than that old island.

  4. But Ms. Moon, here's the VERY BEST thing about having a bunch of OLD friends, which you and I do: they are as blind as WE ARE, for which, O Be Joyful, because they don't have any damn idea how dirty your house is. The only people tall enough to see on top of the fridge are Lon and Mr. Moon, and they can be glared into silence. ;)
    Love you!

  5. Just keep the lights on low and no one will notice with the good food and company.
    I swear, is that boy 16 months old? I think he will be super talented in sports. So happy and stinkin cute!
    I think we should all find Tussy deodorant in our parts of the country (prob not in Europe) and send it to you for your b-day next month. Although I might like it myself and not send it to you.
    Loved your post!

  6. Jeremiah and I had the strangest argument over deodorant the other day.

    He was saying it was 'dangerous' some how (anti perspirant) and was saying he was going to stop wearing it altogether and just wearing a bit of cologne instead. I was saying that it would be worse to wear cologne over pit smell than just to have the pit smell in the first place.


    Hope you're having a nice tuesday!

  7. Astounding! Owen's command of the Trike is awesome!

    And Tussy? Also awesome.

  8. You are NOT ELDERLY!!! Elderly is like 95 or so.

    Clean sheets, cobia, fresh tomatoes and martinis sounds perfect...have a great time!

  9. the internet provides the most amazing array of satisfactions.

    love youuuu

  10. Kori- It was a pretty old balloon which had lost a lot of its air so it didn't make a very loud sound.

    Tanya- Bible Ache! Ach!

    Stephanie- For me. I'm just weird.

    Angie C- But Lon is one of the guests! Hopefully I'll be getting that new refrigerator soon so the top will be clean, at least.

    Michele R- Nope. I thank you but I believe I will have enough deodorant to carry me through the next two years, at least. And I know- I think Owen will be going to college soon although today when Kathleen mentioned that, I said I might have to home-college him.

    DTG- He is! He desperately wants to hold Elvis.

    Erin- Yes. There is that school of thought which is that anti-perspirant causes everything from breast cancer to Alzheimers. Whatever.

    Ms. Trouble- We southern girls know about Tussy.

    Lulumarie- Well, that may be it. And elderly? If I can get a discount, I'll be happy to call myself so.

    Maggie May- I am SO excited for you, you mama of 2boys, 2girls! Yay! Love you too.

  11. I use that Arm and Hammer Active Sport and it keeps me dry and my wife says that my arm pits are sexy clean smelling.

    Regarding the fishing shirt, I have one in white and really like it. It is cool and light.

  12. I've never liked the roll-on stuff; makes me feel sticky. But those around you are sure to appreciate you rolling it on.

    Wash the sheets and keep 'um drunk. What business do they have crawling on the floor to check how clean they are anyway! :)

  13. Elderly. Snrk. Would you stop it :)

  14. The internet is amazing for finding things. Either Amazon or ebay usually does the trick for me.

    Absolutely love that picture of Owen on his bike.

  15. Amazon is my favorite site. A bitch can find anything in the world on there. Love it!

    I like Mitchum solid deoderant-- that shit goes on smooth and really works.

    I think the martinis will work as a diversion. Nobody will give two shits how clean your house is after a few of those. Believe me.

  16. That sounds like a great kind of day. Man! O-Boy keeps looking more and more like a little man every day. I can't believe he crawled all through the house to find you. That's crazy awesome.
    I love you, Mama.

  17. What a great day. And that Owen is BIG! He's a very fast one, that one.


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