Thursday, June 21, 2018

Another Day

First things first, here's a picture of the Body Glide which I use to prevent chafing while walking. 

It works quite well if you remember to use it. 

Secondly, is anyone getting email notifications of comments from your Blogger blog? Because I'm sure not and it's annoying. 

Third- this is me:

I almost feel as if I should make that my permanent header. 

So. Another day, another opportunity for Donald Trump and/or his minions to do something which none of us can believe. And when I say "us," I mean people who think as opposed to people who gave that shit up a long time ago.

Today was his wife's day to do something that absolutely no one either understands or can believe. 
I almost Snoped it when I first saw it. 
I'm sure y'all have all seen this but here you go.

That's Melania on the left wearing the jacket you see on the right. She was on her way to visit a detention center in Texas. 
Fuck me, Jesus. I really don't even know the questions to ask about that. 

We haven't discussed the Space Force Trump wants to build. Create? Whatever. We can't afford to deal with Flint's water or Puerto Rico or provide universal health care or decent public education but goddammit! We gon' be the most powerful Space Force in the whole world! 

Beam me up, Scotty. I can't deal with this shit.

The bottom line here is that obviously, Trump has lost his fucking mind if he ever had one. I'm pretty sure he never had soul but he may have had a defective sliver of a mind at one point. 
That's gone. 
 I feel like I've asked this question a billion times but WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE? 

Hey. I think it might be raining. Yes. Yes it is. Not much. But it's something. 

I've spent the entire day in Lloyd. Didn't even go for a walk. I've been working on a dress for Magnolia June and you know I love doing that. 

I got a very short but sweet visit from Jason and the kids today. Maggie was wearing a dress I made her last summer and it was so cute although she's about to grow out of it. Gibson walked into the kitchen and said, "Mer, can I have some pickled okra?" and I made the mistake of leaving the jar out on the counter and he ate all but one. I believe Owen helped him.
It wasn't a big jar but it was the last jar. 
Owen wanted to go see what was growing in the garden and so we did and as usual, the first thing Maggie did when she got here was to go and wake up one of her dollies. 
Owen's going to camp in a week or so and tomorrow we're going to go camp shopping. It's a camp for kids with epilepsy and I'm thrilled he'll get to go. They do all the usual camp stuff but he'll finally get an opportunity to talk to kids his own age who have seizures too. Not that he's had any in a long time but we know that if he stops taking his medicine, he will, and he's aware that he's had them and could have them again and they must seem so mysterious and weird to him. 
I love that boy so much. 
He's going to be as tall as I am before next year. I swear he is. 

That's been my day. Fretting and sewing and feeding chickens and also I made a chess pie. I had some pastry dough leftover from when I made the coconut cream pie and it was use-it-or-lose-it day. That's such a stupid excuse for making a pie. 
Do you know what a chess pie is? It's a pie made with eggs, butter, sugar, a tiny bit of cornmeal, vinegar, and vanilla. 
Period. The end. 
And it's just a little bit of heaven. 

Koko died today. I'm sad about that. She was forty-six and I take it that that's a ripe old age for a gorilla. She was definitely a celebrity and she stole all of our hearts at one time or another and taught us a lot we did not know about gorilla intelligence and ability and emotions. She also met a lot of celebrities but still, her life made me sad because she never got to live in the wild and no matter how much she was loved and well-tended, she did not live the life she was truly born to lead. And she was never able to have babies although she appeared to have an abundance of maternal instinct. 
Bless her heart. As a human being I feel so incredibly honored to be related to the great apes. I'm pretty sure that they don't feel that great about being related to us as we do everything we can to completely wipe out their natural habitats and indeed, their complete various species with our human greed and unconcern for anyone and any thing not of our tribe. 

One last thing- I got to talk to one of my oldest friends today on the phone. Actually, I guess she IS my oldest friend. We met in the sixth grade so, yeah. 
We spent most of the time talking about how much we hate Trump and how we cannot believe that anyone could be so purely evil and how anyone could possibly support him. 

It smells of rain and wet dirt, and thunder is rolling across the sky and shaking the very earth. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That you, I couldn't believe it at first and thought "That couldn't be true"...but here we are.

    I swear I just don't know what to think anymore. You couldn't make this shit up.

    On a brighter note, I love that fabric you're using for Maggie's dress. So cheerful and summery! She's a lucky little girl. All of your grandkids are lucky.

    1. I didn't realize how much polyester there is in that material until after I'd bought it. I swear, Joanne's just makes me crazy in the head. But it's bright and cheerful and yellow is her favorite color. It'll be okay.
      And no. You can't make this shit up. At least I couldn't.

  2. chess pie is delicious. now about that jacket- where the fuck in the contiguous US of A is it cold enough right now you need a jacket?????? she was going to TEXAS and a sweater would suffice on the damn plane.


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I thought the same damn thing. A jacket? For Texas? All I could come up with is that they must keep the thermostat set low on that tax-payer funded plane. And how is it that none of her staff took a look at the jacket and said, "Uh, no. You can't wear that." ?

  3. Now that you mention it, I checked and I am not getting email notifications about comments. Why Melania would wear that jacket is just beyond me. Why did she even own a $39 Zara jacket from last season in the first place? The whole entire family is just evil.

  4. I didn't believe it at first either. I've completely lost any scrap of pity for her.
    The dress fabrics are perfect! Can't wait to see Maggie in it! Wishing I had some pickled okra.

    1. I have to pickle more okra this year. That's all there is to it.
      And no, I don't have any pity for Melania either.

  5. Remember when we'd see some crazy dictator in another country do crazy things? We'd say something about the craziness, then say something along the lines of 'those poor people in that country who have to live with that shit'! We are now those poor people. I think there needs to be an uprising, but I spend my days still in shock that this is our world now.

    1. So what do we do? All take to the streets? Which streets? I feel completely useless and powerless. Which is what they are trying to do to us.
      I have to believe that there are powers behind Trump who are orchestrating this all very, very carefully and with more intent and purpose than any of us could imagine.

    2. That's the $64,000 question. I think impeachment is the only way, but then I think of Pence as President, and I'm scared all over again.

  6. Do you realize how much your blog and the world you've created here are sustaining to many of us? Sustenance.

  7. That jacket... I tried to look on snipes this morning but nothing was there - yet. I’ve been out all day so I’m not sure wat the verdict is but it does seem to be real. I’m in awe that she would wear such a thing and that no one stopped her. And see is a tame word. I love the dress you are making for Maggie. I had such a dress once and I love it! Such a nice Met. And that is great for Owen! I hope he makes some good friends at the camp. I actually had chess pie like 3 weeks ago! A friend from the South brought it to me! I’m not a person that is really into sweets but when I like something, I like it and I loved it! And if Gibson and Owen polished off the pickled okra, it must be good. I like okra but have not had it pickled.

  8. The dress is going to be darling. I like to think of you sitting there with the sound of rain sewing a swirly dress for that adorable girl. As for Melania’s jacket, the theory I heard is that their tactic is to make Melania the target so the left comes for her when someone crosses the line and calls her a whore the WH can say look the left is sexist and then the story will be about Melania being bullied. Usual diversionary attempt. It didn’t really work though. Those 2300 babies are still scattered to the winds.

  9. email notifications are gone with the new privacy bullshit as is accepting Open ID for comments. I check my dashboard several times a day. it shows if you have new comments but you have to refresh it. as for Melania, she may not be inherently evil like her husband but she is definitely clueless and thoughtless. good for Owen. I heard that there is now a synthetic marijuana drug about to be approved for epilepsy in children because, god forbid, we treat them with the natural substance. nobody's gonna get rich off that shit.

  10. Holy cow! What is Melania thinking? That CANNOT be an accident. Does she really not care about all those children, or is she saying she doesn't care about the media, or she doesn't care about this governmental circus her husband has gotten her into?

    I haven't heard about the space force thing, but it doesn't matter. He'll be on to something else tomorrow. Whatever seizes his imagination at 3 a.m., when he decides to start tweeting.

    1. Oh, and I'm with you about Koko. She was fascinating and I loved those National Geographic stories about her, but she was a tragic figure, too.

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