Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Woke up this morning feeling like shit and I didn't sleep well last night and I guess now that things have settled down somewhat my body is clamoring for the attention I have not given it while I've had this cold. I have to say my brain wasn't too happy either, overwhelmed by all that it seems I should be doing, we should be doing, my husband and I.
One thing we should definitely be doing is going over to Dog Island because the power was out there for days and as I recall, we once had to throw an entire refrigerator away due to the stench of the rotten food after a storm. There was no way to rid the thing of the smell. And we need to see how the house stands, what the storm did to our ever-receding beach line.
And so forth.
Our partner in the house has to be over in St. Augustine so he can't go and I tell you what- I'd just as soon cut off a toe as go do that chore.

I'm just feeling overwhelmed.
I did go for a very slow walk and I didn't see much damage. Ran into the Sheik and he told me that his power came back on after a day and that he'd been drunk the whole time so he was fine. When we parted, he said, "Take care, baby," which he always does, and which never ceases to touch my heart.

I'm washing the sheets from the guest room today, having invited people over to stay if their power doesn't come back on today. Least I can do.
It's another beautiful damn day and I think I'm going to make some chicken soup with about five heads of garlic in it to see if I can kick this thing. I hear that Magnolia's fever is better and I am glad for that.

Here we are, life on earth, and I think I'm going to let the parts of it that I can't control just have its way with itself.
As if I could do anything else.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Sometimes the only thing to do is relinquish control. Life will unfold as it does. Take it slow dear one. You've been holding the whole endeavor together since the storm. Now it's time to be good to you.

  2. Drinking seems like a reasonable response to a hurricane. I mean, what else is there to do?


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