Sunday, May 3, 2015

Skinny Legs And All

My goodness but we are definitely taking our time around Lloyd today. One of us did not get up until 9:30 and one of us did not get up until 10:00. Guess who was which? Let me just say that by the time I got up, half the coffee was gone.
We must have needed the sleep. And oh my dreams! I do not intend to go into full report here but I will say that at one point, I looked at the person who was staying with me in Dreamland Lloyd and said, "You know how bizarre my life seems sometimes from my blog? Well. It has NEVER been this bizarre."
Whether I was bragging or apologizing, I am not sure but according to my dream, the dead come back and plant corn.
Which, I do not completely disbelieve.

So we let the baby chicks out of the chick box to walk around the coop with their mama this morning. I am not sure that they could not get OUT of the coop but I have full trust in Mama to completely control them and since she cannot get out, if they do, she will call them back and they will come. They are obedient little things. I am thinking about calling them "Precious" and "Pretty." I have had so many chick-heartbreaks that I am not willing to go all-in with my heart yet. But there they are, learning to be chickens under the instruction of their incredibly protective mother.

I've hung clothes out on the line, have more laundry going. It is still coolish and it is sunny and the humidity is low, for us. We have definitely gotten a bonus round of spring around here. Mr. Moon has cleaned the whiting that he caught yesterday and I shall probably do something with them tonight. I've talked to May on the phone and she is exhausted. This weekend was graduation at the local colleges and she declared that she will never work that weekend again. She is working two serving jobs and both were slammed for days.
This reminds me of a story I've probably told before but it still cracks me up. There used to be a restaurant/bar in Tallahassee near the FSU campus that had four-for-one drinks on Thursdays. As you can imagine, things got busy there on Thursday and frequently out of hand. I was there on a Friday night once, eating dinner, and I overheard a conversation between a male server and a bartender.
The server said to the bartender, "I would rather suck dick for crack by the trash receptacle behind the 7-11 than ever work another Thursday night."
This to me was about the most definitive statement concerning a job which had become unbearable that I had ever heard.
It still is.

I will leave you with that and go wash the dishes.

Oh. Here is a picture that Jessie sent of ME at the beach yesterday. Since all it shows is my skinny old age-spotty legs, I will post it.

I'm so vain, I probably think this blog is about me.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. We are moving slow here today too, since the men folk mostly dh decided he just had to see that hideous fight. I had one to many glasses of wine with my son's lovely girlfriend who hates the boxing as much as I do.

    It is all about you and your wonderful loving family and chickens, cats, flowers, gardens, cooking and so much more. Gail

  2. Nice hat. Re: working Thursday nights: that reminds me of a phrase my brother tossed off once: so-and-so was "blowing sailors for spare change and candy bars." :)

  3. I can feel the sun and smell the ocean from here, thanks to those photos ... how beautiful it must be to be able to go to the beach so much of the year, unlike us who are limited to two months out of twelve.

  4. That last line is perfect. So is the rest of it. xo

  5. You look great :)

    Love that job comment. I need to remember it when I'm bitching about my job. Not there yet!

  6. I would have been paddling in that water! it looks beautifully warm. Which you expect in Florida but it is far from warm in London right now!

  7. GREAT legs......they are NOT skinny! What a joy to be at the beach with your family, lucky woman! lucky family! love the color of the water
    Susan M

  8. You're so Vain is one of my favourite songs. ;-)

    I hope May at least ended up with lots of tips.

  9. I don't know. I think your legs look pretty good...

    XXX Beth

  10. Gail- My husband sort of tried to act like he wasn't interested in the fight and he truly WAS horrified by the amount of money those guys were getting but I know he really wished he could have watched it.

    Sarah- Hahahahahahahaha! Love it! I got that hat at the grocery store on St. George two years ago. It ties under the chin and thus, stays on.

    Jenny_o- We get days that are too dang HOT to go to the beach. I swear.

    Angella- It seemed fittin'.

    Jo- When you do get there, it is time to quit.

    Jenny Woolf- I was the only one who did not get in the water. I have to get hot before I get in the water and I did not get hot yesterday. The older I get, the less I tolerate cold water well. And it was still a bit chilly.

    Rebecca- Thank you! Genes. Plus walking.

    Susan M- I inherited those legs and keep them busy. We ARE a lucky family!

    Birdie- She told me this morning that she's going to let the young servers take over graduation weekend. The tips are nice but she said that she was better at saving than the young ones are and they can have it!

  11. It would not surprise me one little bit if it was fixed, just so they could get that huge payday...disgusting. Gail

  12. My father, who has three daughters and one wife, used to say all the time when we were young: "Great gams, girls!"

    You certainly still have 'em.

  13. The job comment was great. I don't have that kind of imagination. Nothing like the beach time.

  14. Gail- Whatever it is, it's a true burden on restaurants.

    Elizabeth- But honestly, the brown age spots I have on them are just hideous. Trust me.

    Syd- I know- right?

  15. Awesome final line. That is all : )


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