Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Exhausted And Spent

Absolutely the worst dreams ever, including shades of poverty, homelessness, abandonment, the mother, molestation, the dead arising to betray, more betrayal, and inability to find cabbage for fish tacos.
Sure, why not throw that one in there?

As might be expected, my mood today is not the best and I don't know whether to go to a psychiatrist or an exorcist or just throw myself over a cliff.

Oh yeah. It's gonna be a good day.

At least these guys were ready to get their day started.

I'm guessing chickens don't dream.


  1. Mary, I don't know if you're on any medication but vivid and shitty dreams are a side effect of many meds. Sometime just knowing that helps.

  2. Sorry it's that kind of morning. I often think it takes just a passing thought to imbalance my mood, so I can only imagine the effect of those dreams. I hope you're able to shake them off like a mist, and that the sun will disappear the vapors. I hope the day gets better. I love you.

  3. 37paddington said it well. I hope that for you, too.

  4. Someone needs to come up with a dream banishing technique that works, cause we could all use that! I have to tell you, that new banner image makes me smile every time I see it, thanks for sharing it! My bad dreams always involve unimaginable dangers that must be escaped unendingly or torture of my kids...hellish shit is hellish.

  5. Your dreams are technicolor head trips! Clearly you have a lot on your mind when you go to bed.
    Try downloading a relaxation meditation for your phone and listen to it at bedtime. Maybe it will clear your thoughts and give you rest?

  6. I vote not the cliff!
    I hope your day gets better. x

  7. There's not enough room in those little chicken brains for dreams.

  8. I know it's a bit tough to put humor into this kind of a day - but you amazingly did ! You're wonderful. I know about that cliff thing, I was looking for one yesterday.

    Hope it gets better, love you.

  9. carol- I am very aware of that and know without a doubt that my antidepressant is at the root of this mess I go through every night. Another one I was on did the same thing.

    Angella- And I love you. Dearly.

    jenny_o- Thank you, kind woman.

    Big Mamabird- Hellish shit IS hellish.

    heartinhand- I suppose that might help.

    Mwa- I am still teetering on making a decision. Don't worry, pun was intended AND there are no cliffs around here.

    Stephanie- You are probably correct. But who knows? Dogs dream and some of them aren't any bigger than tiny dogs. If that big.

  10. Bad dreams are the worst, especially when you remember them and carry them with you throughout the day. They could be medication or anxiety related but they just are and they suck. I hope your day got better and it was filled with fluffy chicken cuddles.

  11. Since Florida is flat, you won't be taking a header from a cliff anytime soon...I hope the day and your dreams improve and that you can find a reason to laugh. That helps.

  12. If I were a chicken, I'd dream about Elvis.
    Wishing you fish tacos and sweeter dreams.

  13. Isn't it strange how the mind cranks out such bizarre stuff while we sleep? I am probably blessed that I can never remember my dreams. I hope yours get better. :)

  14. I'm so sorry. I send love and light.

  15. I'm sorry and hope that today, a day after and onward, you will feel better.


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