Sunday, May 31, 2015

Jessie Came Out And Made Cookies

Oh, little pregnant Mama and why do I say "little" when she's six feet tall but yes, she is, she is my little girl and although she is now 24 weeks along, why I am still a bit shocked when I see her with her growing belly? I'll tell you why- because about five minutes ago she weighed 24 pounds and rode around on my hip in a sling everywhere I went and that's why and damn, how can this be?
How can this be and how can any of it be and here I am, my skin turning into a nightmare before my eyes and my face dropping off its framework and my bosoms falling lower and lower and we shall not discuss my neck. 
No. We shall NOT!
Ah, lah, children. Love yourself. Love yourself at the age of twenty and love yourself at the age of thirty and love yourself more when you hit forty- you are still so young and strong and beautiful! Love the way the skin still clings to the muscles, the bones, love the way your face has finally settled into who you are. And when you are fifty, love yourself fully and without restraint because you are truly at your most powerful, enough knowledge and wisdom accrued to let so much shit go that you do not need nor ever did and you are still strong and you are lovely. 
And oh, hell, let us love ourselves when we are sixty too, older and crankier and age-spotted and wrinkling because we are still strong enough to carry a baby on our hips, strong enough to do the work that needs to be done, capable of so much, still, and we can accept the title "crone" and cackle with the best of them and we are soft to touch in our tender parts and we still love being touched and touching. 

Oh gosh. I'm sleepy as an old cat. I yawn again and blink and wonder what I will dream of tonight. 

Being seventy? 

We shall see. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Mary, I love this post so much. I think this so often - we never knew how beautiful we were when we were young. Nor when we were a little older. Nor when we were older still. And when we are ten years older than we are now ... we will look back and realize we were still pretty fine. So let's be happy no matter what age we are ... and if we know how to love, it doesn't matter how dang old we get ...

  2. We shall not discuss MY neck, either! But I read a quote by Diane Von Furstenburg which I find quite apt: "If you don't like how you look in a photograph, wait ten years. You'll love it!"

  3. This IS a great post. We should all love ourselves (and each other) no matter the age!

  4. Agh, no, I'm getting all the grey hairs. I'm extremely conflicted. It's not so much the ageing as the not having lived.

    I just read that apple cider vinegar fades age spots. But, dilute it first. Applied topically not taken internally.

  5. A fairly new reader, here! I have not commented previously, as I never know quite what to say to the beautifully articulated posts you write so much from the heart., but today I can, since I am the same age as you are, and have the same thoughts and feelings. You have, however, given me a different perspective. I shall embrace my older self now, before I am even older, and even more droopy and flabby...or, I shall try to do so!

    I also wish to say how endearing I find you. So honest and forthright, so compassionate and loving, and so appreciative of all the good things in your life. You inspire all of us to view our lives more conscientiously. Thank you.

  6. Jenny_o- You speak the truth. Thank you.

    lulumarie- That is the damn truth of it. She's right. Sigh...
    But still- it takes ten years to appreciate it.

    Elizabeth- You are welcome, gorgeous.

    Mwa- I'm glad.

    Steve Reed- I wonder if we wouldn't have an easier time of it without all the media bullshit.

    Jo- There's not enough apple cider vinegar in the world. Maybe taken internally it would help the slowing of gray hair? I doubt that too.

    Ms. Vesuvius- I love you too.

    Desiree- Welcome, honey. Glad you're here. Join us whenever you want to. We are glad to have you.

  7. Mary, this is the whole truth. Some days I don't even look in the mirror but this is who we are and we have to love ourselves. I wish you could see how beautiful you are. And that Jessie, what a bright light she is. Such a beauty.

  8. Angella- I do anything to avoid looking in the mirror. Anything.

  9. if you think seeing your adult daughter pregnant is rough, wait til those boys get to be adults. my grandson is 18 now.


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