Monday, January 23, 2012

Just...Oh. Just Watch It. You'll Be So Glad You Did

Jo posted a video today that I have now watched in its entirety.
I am humbled and I am stunned and I am grateful and I love women more than ever and I wish that everyone who has ever been pregnant or who loves someone who has ever been pregnant or anyone who has had issues with her body after pregnancy or who thinks that her belly is not beautiful, would watch this.
Every moment of it.
And if I could kiss my own belly, I would. My own wrinkled, bigger-than-I-wish-it-were, nest of a belly.
Thank-you, Jo.
This is beautiful.


  1. I LOVE this. I really do. I may just put my belly ring back in.

  2. That was beautiful.
    The last mother meant a lot to me.
    Sometimes it isn't all sweetness and light and I loved what she said about her loss and her love.
    Thank you.

  3. Sigh. I bet you know what I would say to this.

  4. I watched every minute. Thought it was stunning and comforting --

  5. And the end, of course, made me cry although it was the perfect ending and then put to shame any discomfort I have every felt, we have ever felt over our beautiful bodies --

  6. Fine work, Margaret Lazarus!

  7. Beautiful and true. Every woman and girl should. Havana a chance to see it. Men too. Lovely.
    Louvre, rebecca

  8. I was all stoic and strong... until I heard that last woman. And then the tears came.


  9. Wow; we really do cause most of the pain in each other. It's not intrinsic.
    Every new or old dad should see this; it would help us to understand birth is also about the birth of a new woman- a mother.
    Beauty is perceived and if it comes from within, others see the same, no matter what is on the outside.

    Me, I'm more of an ass man.

  10. Omgrrrl- Do it!

    liv- Yes. I understand.

    SJ- You have scars of life on your body too. They don't all have to come from having babies. You'll get yours. I mean that in the good way and you know it.

    Elizabeth- It helps, doesn't it?

    A- You said it!

    Madame King- Hey gorgeous. You are right.

    Agnes- It is a cleansing film and your tears made it more so.

    Magnum- Oh you just kill me. Hey! Pregnancy changes asses too. Love to you.

  11. "Badge of Courage". Wow. This is astoundingly beautiful. The nature shots interspersed with the bellies makes it all the more so.

  12. That was amazing. I don't think we women see enough of each other's bellies.

    I don't have a lot of stretch marks considering I had twins but now that I have aged, the skin is sagging more like a deflated balloon. I find it more interesting than shameful. I never considered that my husband might not find it attractive. That's too bad if he did - he caused it.

  13. phenomenal.
    and of course the ending slayed me.

    I've never really had a waist you know? And then five babies equals saggy and stretched and ruined muscle if there ever was any. And I admit to being terribly vain about it. And my husband finds me/it beautiful btw . It's a me issue. Stupid.

    This was very powerful. Thank you for sharing.

  14. The ending was hard for me to take, alright.

    Elizabeth, I love your comment.

    Heh, pregnancy certainly does change asses too. Sigh.

    I loved having a pregnant belly. Like one woman said, it was the only time I could feel proud of it, it was firm, I was fine with people touching it instead of feeling wracked with horror. I know that's not the point of the video, but, well... it's true.

    I have a question though - I agree completely about dads still loving your belly, as it housed their children, and it should be easy for them to look on it with affection and respect and desire etc. But what about when that's gone, and you have to let someone else see it. Are they expected to feel the same? When they don't have any connection to it? I don't quite know what to do with that one personally. Um. Perhaps that last thought should have been on my blog, not here.

  15. I will photo my belly and post it. I did that once before and some woman who is crazy wrote that she would not read me again because I showed my stomach. Oh well....

  16. Wow, this is powerful! Thanks so much for sharing Ms Moon and Jo.

    As a woman who has spent 25 years out of relationship with the father of my children, I have found my, albeit small, belly a source of worry when revealing myself to a new man. But it is a way to filter the goodies from the baddies, non?
    x0 N2

  17. We are wonderful goddesses, all of us, warriors in so many ways. What a profound film. Thank you so much for this. I will watch it again and again, and hold my battle scars in much more reverence.


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