Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cold And Dreamy Morning

Freezing cold, up and at 'em which means clean up the pees and poops and feed the cat(s) and throw the peels and kitchen waste to the chickens and open up their roost door and then out to get the paper and hello, hello, it's so cold here today!

I think I had good dreams. I can't remember.
Speaking of dreams, they are going to ask me if I ever had soft contact lenses and I am not sure whether I did or whether I dreamed I did. I have dreams sometimes where I go to check my contacts in their little case and there are layers of contacts, sort of like Saran Wrap and I don't know which goes in which eye and so forth and I haven't worn contacts in so many years!
So did I ever wear soft contacts or not?
Lord, Lord. Getting old is a bitch and as Phyllis and I agreed the other day- what are the damn trade-offs? Wisdom? Haha! Who wants your damn wisdom and who says your wisdom is any damn good at all? Or wise for that matter?

Well, it's cold as I said and I was thinking this morning that after the baby comes in March and Lily will mostly be home with her or him and Owen and I won't be involved in a play, I can spend some time working in this yard which sorely needs attention. Mr. Moon got all the branches cleared and so it's a bare palette again and won't that be good? To dig and plant again?

Oh. I just remembered a dream. We were swimming underwater but it looked just like regular above-water and there were places you could stop and breathe and there was a baby and there were musicians and Bill Clinton was gettin' high with some of them and he was wearing a pink polo shirt and faded blue jeans and he looked perfect with that white hair of his and I pretended not to see that he was gettin' high, but I was glad he was.
Inhale, Bill. Inhale.
(I love that man.)

And there you go, good morning, it's cold. It's winter and it's supposed to be cold and I'm going to see some of my babies today and soon we'll be meeting this new baby and oh my.

Here we go, here we go, here we go, the bare branches of the trees look strong against the blue sky of winter and the moss drapes down and here we go. I am going.


  1. I guess the tradeoff is we're not dead. We get to wake up and do stuff. Meet our grandchildren. Plan a garden.

  2. You deserve a poop-free morning; them dogs need a nice, comfy kennel in the yard.

  3. You go, Mrs. Moon. Go, go. Take it all in and write about it so we can read it.
    I dreamed last night that I accidentally drank some dish soap. Then tried to figure out in a half-muddled state the rest of the night if I really drank the dish soap or if I dreamed I did. I decided that I really drank the dish soap and absolutely HAD TO GET UP and do something about it, but I was toooo tired. So, whew. I'm glad that was all just a dream. It would have been far more relaxing to hang around with Bill.

  4. the baby Olive is coming in March already?? So fast! Lily doesn't look so pregnant yet!

  5. I love your wisdom, I do. All the older woman in my family are gone and I miss their wisdom. It feels like there is a space that is always empty now. Please don't think your wisdom is not very, very valuable.

  6. I had a day of going to gym, a meeting, and then lunch with a bunch of people. Now, I'm home and glad to be here. It is cold here as well. Bill Clinton would have made a great third term President if it would have been allowed.

  7. Baby in March...oh that is just around the corner if you think about it. Two grandkids to love!!

  8. Kristin- Of course! But what about when you can't do those things? That's what Phyllis was facing. And what most of us will face at some point.

    Magnum- I am totally getting those dogs in kennels. Maybe IN the house, but still- I'm doing it. At night.

    Denise- Yikes! There's a dream I never had. Thank god.

    Jo- In real life, she's got a pretty good belly going. I know, though! So soon!

    Birdie- Well, I'll do until a real wise woman walks down the street. Thanks for saying that.

    Syd- Amen, brother. Amen.

    Ellen- I KNOW! I can't wait.


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