Thursday, January 5, 2012


In the midst of Owen-tending, floor cleaning, garbage-taking, laundry-doing, lines-studying, bean-cooking, salad-picking, chicken-watering-and-feeding this is what I am thinking of.

Let's see- what don't I miss about being in Mexico?
Uh. The coffee pot in the room which was too small. It only made two cups at a time.
Yeah. That would be about it.

All of those pictures were taken on Tuesday. Some of them from the back of the moped.

But- here's a good thing. I just mopped the kitchen with Fabuloso which IS the national smell of Mexico, as far as I can tell.
And Owen and I took a very, very sweet nap. His vocabulary has grown a lot since I've been gone. My new favorite thing that he says is, "I DO!" when you ask him if he wants something or wants to do something which he does, indeed want. He sounds like a little groom all day.
(Miss Mexico. Oh yes. I DO!)


  1. So sweet. And it's nice to know that Mexico is bottled. I might go out right now and pick up one to get a fix.

    And I have to tell you that while I'm happy to hear tales of Owen, I feel a little depressed today to not be in Mexico with you.

  2. I DO want to go back to Mexico/Belize soon...

  3. like a groom all day.

    I love that.
    Happy re-entry dear MM.

  4. Funny it's the smell of 'Fabuloso' that most captures my imagination in these images of Mexico, it and the sound and touch are the two senses that can't be satisfied looking at these wonderful photos. We don't use that product here but I suspect we have its equivalent.

  5. We have Fabuloso in Kentucky, and I use it in my kitchen all the time. This really gave me a portal into your trip.

  6. More great photos. I DO want to go someplace special where there are not a throng of people very soon. Maybe a long boat trip in the spring.

  7. Is Mr. Moon drinking his beer with a straw???

    Bittersweet, leaving Cozumel but coming home to your beautiful family, home, friends, trees, chickens...Cozumel awaits your next sojourn.

    Great photos, but need to see one of Owen with his haircut!

  8. Beautiful photos.
    It's always good to find the good in coming back home.

  9. I have enjoyed the photos from your trip...just keep looking at them to get through the rest of winter before Spring pops in....

  10. lulumarie- That is Crystal grapefruit soda. We LOVE it! Toronja.


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