Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chicken Report

Yes. I still have chickens. Here's Elvis, my rooster on the front porch today. While I was gone my dear hen Dolly lost her life to what must have been a hawk because it happened during the daytime over by the bamboo. I found an explosion of feathers and can only imagine that a large bird took her as a four-footed critter wouldn't have been able to get to her at night and the four-footed critters come out at night time when the chickens are locked up in their house.

Although I am sad about Dolly's demise, if there had to be a chicken to go, I guess it is a good thing that it was the one hen who never laid an egg in her life. I swear- I never once saw her on the nest. Never once. Nor did I ever see Elvis top her.
But she was the softest chicken. With the biggest breast. I've always said that in a real chicken keeper's flock, she would have been what we might call a "meat-chicken" and in fact, that's what she turned out to be.
I hope her ending was swift and painless.

I keep feeling like I can't catch up here. I still haven't hung my 2012 calender. This is because I always take last year's calender and transfer all the birthdays and anniversaries on it and I just haven't had time yet. Maybe tonight. I NEED a calender, as do we all, although I suppose I could do it on the iPhone but come on. I did order and receive my traditional Virgin of Guadalupe calender. It's just waiting there on the piano for me to put in the dates.
I will.
I will.

I started seriously learning lines today and then people started coming over. Oh fuck. I am freaking the fuck out. We are supposed to be off book tomorrow. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!
Freaking out.
Freaking out.
I have so much dialogue to learn.

The people who came over are an old friend of ours and also a couple. The man part of this couple is someone my husband was friends with back in the early eighties and I met him then too. We haven't seen him for years and years and since then, he has remarried and he brought his wife over and I liked her very much. She is reading Anna Karenina, which I have never read. We discussed books and she admired the chickens and I convinced her that she could have some of her own, that it was far easier than she could imagine. Hell, if you can read Anna Karenina, you can keep chickens.
She and I talked some and it was one of those situations where in an hour you learn so much about another woman's life and heart, even if the details are not filled in. Details are just that- and the devil may be in them but you don't really need them.

I've got a venison roast in the crock pot and green beans and potatoes on the stove. Everyone is gone now and the moon is rising, almost full. Two weeks ago today when we were having our first night in Cozumel, it was a sickle grin, sharp and silver.
I would bet the ranch that the moon sure is beautiful over the water in Cozumel and it's not too shabby right here in Lloyd either.

The chickens are shut up safely in their house and they gave me three beautiful eggs today.

I will learn my lines.

The moon shines over us all.

Let us be glad.


  1. RIP Dolly

    I have just begun to re-read Anna Karenina after writing about my recent reading agonies/boredom. Do you remember the first sentence? I think you would love it. I wrote it down on my blog, I think, while you were away. Anyway, I can't think of it now, but it's one of the best first sentences of a novel that you can imagine.

  2. Shame on me! I never even noticed the moon on the way home from dinner out.

  3. What a life you lead and all those lines to learn t take on the life of another character. It all sounds too much. No wonder you're behind. With one foot still in Mexico. Great post, Ms Moon. The way you describe the moon, here and there, and your hens, wonderful. RIP Dolly.

  4. Well shit, sorry to hear Dolly passed while you were gone. Reminds me of Guinness and the relatives I've lost this year-life is short, live it and enjoy it while you have it.

    Mr.Mischief & Mrs. A

  5. I love Anna Karenina! I should reread it.

    RIP Dolly.

  6. I took several photos of the gorgeous full-moon tonight.

    Sorry about Dolly. :-(

  7. Maybe Dolly just couldn't take the lack of love any longer. Sorry to see her go.

    Actually Anna Karenina is easy to read. That is if you like love stories.

  8. Damn, it had to be Dolly. I am really sorry.

    I live by the moon and sun and what they are doing. Time and tide....

    I can only come here to write things like mindfuck and curse by the way.

  9. Elizabeth- I think War And Peace wore me out for the Russians. Really? I should try again.

    Jeannie- It's not really full until the 9th.
    You got time.

    Elisabeth- Oh god. These lines. And there are so many! I'm never doing a play again! Haha.

    Mr. M and Mrs. A- Thank-you, sweet ones. Thank-you so.

    NOLA- Okay. You reread it. I'll think about reading it. And we shall miss poor Dolly.

    Nicol- Maybe I'll get my camera out tomorrow. Are you going to post pictures?

    Rubye Jack- I do like love stories. Maybe Dolly DID die from lack of love. Or maybe Elvis wasn't watching her the way he should have because she wasn't one of his favorites. Or maybe it was just the luck of the draw.

    Syd- I know that. You can really just be yourself here without worrying about it. That's what we love about you the most.

  10. The moon is beautiful. I was admiring it and I saw a shooting star! Why does that always excite me? It just does.

    Your zuppa or stew sounds divine.

    cya soon,

  11. Elvis is truly the cock of the walk! I also hope Miss Dolly's passing was quick and painless.

  12. so glad you had a great many books so little time, I have never read Dickens and have made it a new year resolution to have a go this year!!

  13. Sorry about Dolly. :-(

    Memorizing lines is such a scary proposition to me! My hat is off to you and your ability to do it. You will.

    The moon is very bright tonight, I could see the curve of Sylvia's cheek as I sat with her to sleep tonight. Nice change from the pitch black.


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