Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Clown Make-Up

I can't even stand to read the paper right now or read the articles on the internet about politics. It's just all a bunch of disgusting mess. I have been alive for fifty-seven years and I don't think I've ever seen such a craptastic slate of Republican candidates although why I am surprised, I do not know- I mean, GW Bush not only got nominated, he got elected twice.
Well. Not really.

What lit my fuse this morning was a quote from the paper from a woman commenting on Obama's State of the Union address last night which I did not watch as I was at rehearsal. Anyway, this woman said, "It's nice to see the president in full campaign mode. What we heard tonight was a series of empty platitudes and false dichotomies as the president gave lip service to issues like controlling our debt and getting our economy moving again. He was right about one thing, though. The American Dream is under attack. What the president fails to understand is that it's under attack by his own policies."

What. The. Fuck.

This sort of sums it all up for me right now. The hypocritical bullshit and yes, empty platitudes and false dichotomies. Yep. Right there.
But not Obama's.

Maybe I'm just having an old-hippie moment here but what the fuck is going on with all those old Republican White Men with their freaky sprayed hair and their mouths going, "Blah, blah, blah," and their lives saying, "Nah, nah, nah."

Right now the two biggest dicks in the barrel seem to be Newt and Mitt.
Newt with his three marriages, his "I'm not a Washington Insider" and his "I've never been a lobbyist."

I mean- come the fuck on. The truth is no farther away than yesterday's newspaper. Dude spent untold sums of money and wanked out the government to impeach Bill Clinton for letting an intern smoke his cigar WHILE HE WAS CHEATING ON HIS OWN DAMN WIFE! Listen- I'm a big believer in what you do with your private parts are your own private business but when you start moralizing and demonizing another person for doing the same exact thing you're up to, then I have to say that we need to take your soapbox away.
Plus. He was Speaker of The House. I loved what Jon Stewart said which was something along the lines of "Newt, when Washington gets a prostate exam, you're the one who gets tickled."
If being Speaker of the Damn House isn't being a Washington insider then it's being a Washington Vital Organ, at least.
And can you say, "Fannie Mae?"
But nah, go on, just keep opening your mouth and vomiting up the lies and eventually, someone will believe you.
Doesn't say much for American voters, does it?

Mitt? Who knows what the hell he really believes? He changes his own deeply held beliefs faster than he changes his Mormon underwear.
And speaking of Mormons- no, we do not have to accept the fact that Mormonism is just as regular a religion as being a Methodist. Methodists do not have secret rites and rituals in a TEMPLE, y'all, which you participate in and are sworn to secrecy under threat of...what? Death? I don't know.
I'm not saying that Mormonism as a belief is any crazier than any other religion but even within the definition of weirdness which to me encapsulates most religious belief, Mormonism sort of stands out.

Okay, okay. Whatever. What I'm saying here is that it's all a bunch of just completely bizzaro-world bullshit and I'm done with reading about it. Mostly. My biggest fear is that after the people-with-dicks bite each other's asses to oblivion, Sarah Palin is going to step back into the ring. Hey- it could happen. That Freaky Ass Big Tent those Republicans are always going on about has red and white stripes on it and it's always the scariest clown that steps out of the car last.

And the people always cheer and the lions roar and the elephants stand on their hind legs and balance a ball on their trunks and the ring master dashes around cracking his whip and the children cry because goddam- the circus is SCARY- but it's so much more entertaining than a lecture at the library and we all just buy another beer and a bag of peanuts and settle back and enjoy the show until we realize it's not a show, not at all, and the clowns are running the circus and no matter where we look, it's all crazy and confused and even when it's over and we step out into the light of day, the smell of the shit and sawdust is still in our nostrils and we can only imagine the clowns taking off their wigs and sitting back, their giant-shod feet propped on the coffee table, swigging whiskey and counting the till and laughing their asses off at how there's a sucker born every minute.


  1. Tell you what, I can't sit through another Goddamn second of it. I actually drive in silence because my only options on the radio are politics or car commercials. This shit has me rung out to dry. I have to wonder- where the fuck did we go wrong?? And, is it *really* better in Canada/Denmark/Sweden or do we just tell ourselves that so we don't suffocate under a population of 7 billion people reproducing so quickly that we can't set up effective, balanced systems to provide truly representative leadership to the masses?

    I don't know anything, just that it makes me feel like I can't quite take a full breath.

  2. OMG you are beautiful when you're angry! Your usual razor sharp wit honed to sparkling-steely eloquence. *shivers*

    Have you seen what Canada is cooking up?


  3. scary clowns is right. and the scariest thing is they actually believe the shit that is coming out of their mouths. put them on a lie detector and they'll pass. good ole white boys can't possibly be responsible for this mess. racist at their cores. if either one of those yahoos get elected then America truly is dead.

  4. I don't think I could take our country seriously anymore if it elects a man named Newt. I guess it fits, though...he's pretty slimy and gross-looking.

  5. You need to move to Canada where nobody gives a shit and 60% of our population doesn't even vote. (sarcasm intended)

  6. OMG, Invisigal! Yes! How perfect.

    (God, I hate Stephen Harper.)

  7. Bread and Circuses, minus the bread.

  8. Brilliant....I've posted a link.

  9. Well darling Mrs Moon, that told em, and straight from the heart.!!!!!.. doesn't matter that you're an old hippy, we had the right ideas back then... truth and love eh... well it all fell by the wayside and this is what the world is left with.... its all such a crock of shit, the only thing is to clear the table and start right back in the beginning, but of course they cannot do so... result, we get the politicians we deserve because of our own diffidence, not those we really need or want.. its just the loudest voice, the most money and the honeyest tongue telling lies and making out its the truth... same this side of the pond, nothing at all changes.. c'est la vie mes amis!!!!

  10. Oh, is worse than awful......I have been trying to avoid all of it for over a year now, but even though I have cotton in my ears and horse-blinders on my eyes it doesn't seem to creeps thru the cracks and all the equipment just makes me fall down a lot.

    Everything is so insane and upside down I will surely go mad before another lie or foolishness is uttered........and believed.

    Where to hide until election day, that is the problem....and perhaps after it. Sob.

  11. See Kate Run- Honest to god, sometimes I just think we're a nation of congenital idiots. What the hell else would explain it? Maybe not the only nation. It's freaking scary and depressing.

    Invisigal- That cracked me up so much! Thanks! Nice to see you here.

    ellen abbott- See- I don't think they do believe that shit. And if they do- well, that's even scarier. Which maybe I can't accept. I'd rather have them liars than such...I can't even find the word.

    MurrBeth- And Mitt sounds like something you should use in the kitchen to get your hot pans out of the oven with.

    Jo- Y'all must just look at us and shake your heads in complete bafflement.

    Birdie- I doubt 60% of American voters vote. Seriously.

    Angella- Okay. I will.

    Magnum- I was thinking the same damn thing. Exactly. Here's your circus but we're out of bread for you poor people. Go out and earn a living and buy your own.

    DTG- High praise from my boy. Thanks, baby. I had a great time at lunch. Love you.

    Yolie- And I appreciate that. Thanks, honey.

    Janzi- Great comment. What the hell has happened to the truth? It's so far down in the compost heap that we wouldn't even know it if we saw it.

    Lo- I think we might have to just start laughing at it all. Yeah. Maybe that would be the best thing to do. Just pointing our fingers at the clowns and laughing, laughing, laughing.

  12. Ah, come on Mary. You know Newt can't even get it up so what the hay?
    The whole entire thing, Democrats and Republicans is all one big charade hiding the money that rules all. We, the people, have no lobbyist. That's all.

  13. Rubye Jack- You think? But he's a Bishop in The Church!
    You're right- we the people- we have no lobbyist. Why IS that?

  14. This is your best post ever, Ms. Moon. The best.

  15. Denise- I ain't holding my breath.

    Angie- I'm just glad you like it. I was filled with fire when I wrote it.


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