Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'm In Trouble

I have been in the bathtub, trying to learn lines.
I don't think I can do this. My mind is like a sieve. The kind with big fat holes in it, not the kind with tiny little wire mesh holes in it either.

Oh god. Oh god. Oh god.

Jon- we need to polish up our improvisational skills and FAST! I don't know how you're doing it- you've got one million and two lines to learn. I only have ten thousand and four.

My brain hurts. The parts without the huge holes in them.
I think maybe the holes hurt too. In a brain kind of way. I meant no double entendre there.


Any memory tips, anyone? Anything?



  1. The only thing that ever works for me is speaking them out loud--over and over and over while pacing the floor.
    You can do it! Although panic is good to get the adrenalin going.

  2. I have the worst memory when it comes to what you are doing. I can do songs without a hitch. I guess the clear mind that a bath would bring on...Best of luck Mary on getting all those lines down!

  3. Could you and Jon work on it together? I think the natural back and forth might make the lines stick.

  4. What works for me is something along the lines of what Rubye Jack said: I work in the garden or walk while I am learning the lines, repeating each one at least ten times, then moving on to the next one.

    There is research that proves that movement enhances memory. Here's an interesting blog post on the subject: Inspiring Teachers

    Maybe walk through your blocking while memorizing ? In theory that should tie your lines to the movements.

    You will succeed, Ms Moon. x0 N2

  5. Rubye Jack- That's how I do it too! Pacing. Why does it help? I pace in labor too. Well, I used to.

    Ellen- I need all the luck I can get.

    Stephanie- But there are four of us and the dialogue spits back and forth between all of us. Not in every scene, but many.

  6. I used to record my lines and then I'd play them back over and fact you could do this on your iphone.

  7. Oh I wish I knew. What I've been doing is drilling the lines one page at a time as fast as I can, with a piece of paper blocking what my line is, and then building it a page at a time. Of course, I have been pretty much ignoring my actual job for a few days. With a few stumbles here and there, I'm up through page 74. But I have to have the book to prompt me the opposite person's line. I promise, we will work out a time when we can do this outside of rehearsal.

  8. N2- Yes. Pacing. Or rocking when I get tired. I have a lovely rocking chair.

    Blue Gal- I know. I should do that.

    Jon- The part that's giving me fits is the whole conversation where I keep saying "I need to speak to Lubabelle Latifa. Or "I need to TALK to Lulabelle Latifa." And sometimes I say, "Is that possible?" and sometimes I ask where she is, and, and, and...
    It's driving me nuts!
    Let's not even discuss that fucking phone call thing at the end. JESUS!

  9. Other-Mama Moon, you always panic when learning your lines. And it is always something you manage to do. I have faith in you!

  10. I have no idea but I wish you luck. It sounds good to me to say them out loud over and over.

  11. Some people claim that practicing what you want to memorize right before going to bed helps settle it in...

    I'm tired of oatmeal too. But putting a bit of maple syrup on it is good.
    Or marmalade.

  12. Put it on its feet. Speak outloud. Speak it to the chickens. Speak it to Owen. Speak it to the dishwasher. Carry that scipt around you like Linus's blanket and read and speak it every chance you get.


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