Thursday, January 12, 2012

As Hank Said, "Tarnation!"

AC repair guys are here redoing a valve and Owen is coming and Waylon is coming and Billy is coming and Lon and Lis and Lulumarie and two other people are coming and I HAVE REHEARSAL tonight and my eyes are still not right and I should be freaking out and I am, a little, but here I am. Just being. Dog fur everywhere in my untidy, dusty, mildewed house.

And Lulumarie's house is so beautiful and always so clean that Lis and I have determined that she must repaint it every other week. There is no other explanation. Blue bottles gleam on her porch, the light coming through them, even nook and cranny in her house is a place of perfect serene beauty. I am NOT KIDDING YOU!
Oh well.
She isn't the sort of woman to judge and I love her for that. Also for the blue bottles. Love, love, love her.

If I don't answer comments- well- please forgive. I don't have much time right now. I intended to make focaccia bread and I might.

Elvis is crowing, "Let US OUT!" and my washing machine and dryer are not in their proper places and I don't know my lines and the sun is shining and it is going to get cold like in the twenties and you know what? It's all okay. I swear to you. It is all okay.

I say that now.

Click on the picture above to go to the original source. I stole it from Hank. Thanks, Hank!

We'll talk later.



  1. Couldn't pass it up, I loved their faces.

  2. Lots of lives in your today, all good.

    Love the full moon picture!

  3. tipping in to say hey. i'm having some really busy days too, but wanted you to know i'm here, reading and loving.

    that full moon pic is astonishing.

  4. Tarnation, woman! Sounds like friendly chaos. Enjoy!

  5. I do not have a love of cleaning. I like the place to actually BE clean - I just don't like doing it.

    I am very VERY grateful that I am not a housewife of the 60's. Remember all the "white glove tests" and shit? Oh man. All the moms were like dirt nazis.

    Enjoy your company. They are there to see you, it they are friends, they won't care about any lapse in keeping up with the cleaning.

  6. Tarnation. And fantastic. I'm crossing my fingers that you get it all done. It's a lot, but I'm willing to bet that you do.

  7. Tarnation indeedy!

    Have fun youz guyz.

  8. Busy week here or the days are too short. I'm barely getting the stuff I'm suppose to get done as well.

    I have to go back and read your posts for the week. Hope a bit of your vacation time is there within your thoughts.

    Focaccia bread sounds so good right now with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar with herbs.

  9. What is that thing around her neck? It looks like a truss or something weird like that. I bet she wasn't much fun to be around. More like saying, Lawsie me, git this youngun offa me 'fore I beat you with my truss.


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