Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Few More Pictures From Last Night

Both of the men I have been married to! I have good taste.

So do those men. Lucia is a jewel and gorgeous to boot.

Okay. I was posing.

Me, my two oldest children's other-mother, the beautiful Lucia, my before-husband and a Tallahassee famous fella named Mike Ferrara and his sweetie. I wish I knew her name. I do not.


Me and Liz.

I totally stole all of these from Ted Tollett's Facebook page. No, you do not know who Teddy Tollett is. Doesn't matter. He took some lovely pictures. And he looks like this.

Also- from what he posted, it would appear that we left WAY too early.

I got history with these people, y'all. I mean, REAL history.

These are the ones who are still married.

Louis and Janet.

Mike, Julie (who got this whole thing together) and one of Tallahassee's most beloveds, Jiggs Walker:

And another picture of him with John Babbit. Another incredible Tallahassee musician.

Honestly, I do not know these woman. But my god, aren't they beautiful? Yes. Yes they are.

The famous Diane Roberts. I FINALLY got to meet her. She is a writer whose work I have been admiring since the eighties. I am not kidding you.

Cam. The chef.

And a man who was practically my brother-husband at one point and who is one of the finest guitar players in the world, Missippy James.

Lon and Liz of the West.

Darling Kati Schardl.

Yeah. I totally whispered secrets in her ear.

All right. Thanks for indulging me. This is part of the reason I do this blog- to record the life.

And these are some of the people in it. I am so grateful to Teddy for taking these pictures and putting them up where I could steal them.


  1. ah..seems like you had a great time..lovely pics!

  2. Your people are wonderful :)

  3. I do not know them, Ms Moon, but you have offered us such a portrait of your life through these wonderful friends and family members, that they will sit in my memory. Thanks.

  4. Glad that you had a good time and record these events of your life.

  5. I love your night life as much as your daytime.

  6. I love this! What a damn fine reunion, and you looked glowy.


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