Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Rebirth Of Sorts- A Different World And All My Own

After having not looked at my manuscript for literally years, I am surprised at how much I still like it.
Listen- I don't know if this book will ever be published but in a way, that's hardly the point.
I wrote a book. A complete book with a beginning, a middle, an end. With lots and lots of words which somehow magically came together to paint a story. It all started with one character and I saw her when I walked down the streets of Aplachicola. She was looking out of a kitchen window on a beautiful spring day and her entire life was crumbling around her while the azaleas bloomed and the birds sang and the children at the church preschool down the street played. Her name was Rose.
And then came other characters. A mother, children, friends, a no-good husband, neighbors, a brother, a sister-in-law. A wise old woman. There's always a wise old woman, right?
My main character is profane and she drinks too much and she smokes too much and her grammar is not good. She makes mistakes with her children. She has no self-confidence.
But she grows. She changes. She adapts. She tries. She always, always tries.
And of course she finds love. There's always love, right?
And that's what my book is about and I'm enjoying going blind, rereading it, revisiting it, remembering the decade it took me to write it.
In fact, it's a sort of heaven.
Because I did this. I created, out of my own mind, this entire small world of Rose's.
I had forgotten I did this. I mean, I knew I had, but I had forgotten how much I love Rose and her world.
So back to work. Although, to call this joy work is ridiculous. I feel guilty. That's how much I'm enjoying it.
Back to Rose.
Who is standing with her hands on her hips saying, "It's about time, you fucking so-called writer. Do you know how lucky you are I gave my story to you?"
I do.
I had forgotten but now I remember.
It was like giving birth and forgetting the baby. And now I'm holding that baby in my hands again, patting her here and nuzzling her there and realizing that miraculously, she's still alive.
For me anyway.
And for now, that's quite enough.


  1. As one who has stubbed his toe repeatedly on my way to (trying) to write something, I must applaud you. Getting a book written is no small feat. It's kick ass!
    Thank God one of us is wiriting.

  2. Fabulous! I personally cannot wait to read it when it's published, Ms. Moon. I selfishly hope you keep editing it and getting it exactly the way you want it. Glad that process is enjoyable for you.

    Love the photo.

  3. Well, Brother B- this is actually writing I did years ago. But still. I did it.

    Nicol- did you ever go to Apalachicola when you were here? It's a rather enchanting place.

  4. I think I do remember it. Is there a tall bridge right after the St. George island turn-off that you can take into Apalachicola? The bridge kind of veers left towards the end of it, heading west? If so, I remember it being lovely, with the little shops and cafes in the downtown area, close to the water. Seemed like a very peaceful vacation-type of place, where the stores open late. Is that Apalachicola or another town?

  5. Yep. That's it. The bridge ends up right in front of the Gibson Inn and to your right is what you see in the picture I posted. It's a very charming place and Mr. Moon and I have plans to build a house there some day. Some way. Hopefully.

  6. Am I old enough to read your book yet? I've been wanting to for quite a long time now, but I understand if you say, "No child, not yet."

  7. I suppose you are, my dear. I suppose you are.

  8. I have been stuck on page 42 of my book for years so I think you are inspiration to have completed your book. You did it and that is awesome. No matter what nobody can take that away from you. And if you do decide to get it published even better. Way to go Ms. Moon.

  9. "Oh, Sweethaven! God must love us!"

    So, any more word-based problems?

  10. Mr. Shife- the getting it published is not up to me unless I pay for it. Which I do not care to do.
    But thank-you. Now get writing on your book!

    Downtown Guy- Nope. I'm about to write a title page and so forth and send it the fuck on its way. Phew! Is it still daylight?
    Yes. Sweethaven. God MUST love us.

  11. That's wonderful, Ms. Moon. I'd imagine that it's a lovely book.

  12. I'm so proud of you, this is such an achievement. (There are days when I can barely write a sentence, let alone a book, and I have 40 pages of a memoir sitting on a shelf since about 2001.) Well, I can't wait to read your book.

  13. Aunt Becky- I'm not sure "lovely" is the word I'd use to describe it. But it does have some lovely parts.

    MOB- get that memoir off the shelf. If nothing else, it will be an exercise in self-discovery and there is nothing wrong with that.

  14. YES


    knowing that you created the story from the depths and crevices of your mind, and that you have the ability to dream a world into existence--priceless.

  15. Hi Ms.Moon, I stumbled into your blog when I clicked on "people" in my interest panel, and blogspot gave me links to bloggers who have the same interest.
    I love reading your blogs and decided to follow it and thought that maybe I can also share it with those who come to my page. Sorry that I didnt asked your permission.

  16. No, no, no! I am so delighted that you like my blog enough to follow it.
    Thank-you! Now I shall read yours, too.

  17. I think I've gushed enough. I can't express how proud/amazed/impressed/inspired I am- I'm not sure what the word is to describe it. You completely rock.

  18. Oh, Quiet Girl. If you only knew how much I do NOT rock.
    But thank you.
    I think you're the rocker.

  19. There's no way this book isn't good. You're a fabulous writer. Honestly. There's nothing contrived about your writing. It's like having a conversation with an old friend.

  20. Several local writers exist that haven't taken the first step. BabyMama has 3 stories in the works that she "doesn't have time to sit down and work on" and a friend of mine has multiple versions of his famed Florida novel "Dildo Numchucks" in his head, but he's busy now and can't throw down the ink.
    What's your advice to them?

  21. Nanny Goat- thank you so much. I really appreciate those words coming from such a good writer as yourself.

    Magnum- I have no advice. We either find the time or we don't. I think if something is overwhelmingly compelling for us to do, we will make time somehow and if it's not, we won't.
    Simple words from a simple mind.

  22. At least when you found your book-baby again, it wasn't shrunken down to the size of Thumblina. Then it would be too small to read.

    I guess that's how you know it's not a dream.

    Best of luck.


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