Monday, April 19, 2021

We're All Good

This has to be quick because I have to make supper for those two wild boys again as the buying of the camper has taken much longer than expected although to be honest, I sort of expected it. They had to do a complete inspection, fix what needed to be fixed, replace the tires, etc., etc. 

I think the boys have now spent enough time with us to be comfortable with showing us their little hineys. As in, being just the teeniest bit sassy when they feel the occasion calls for it. 
Me: "Levon, you listen to me."
Levon: "You listen to ME."
Boppy: "Levon, I am not kidding."
Levon: "I am not kidding."

Ooh boy. But we've survived and all is well and everyone is still relatively cheerful. 

There were pancakes this morning, of course. 

And mulberry picking and mulberry tree climbing. 

The mulberry tree is multifunctional. It is good for fun and nourishment both. 

Boppy took the boys on a drive out to the woods where he hunts to put some corn in his feeder and pick up a battery that I think was operating a camera. 
You know me well enough to know that I actually don't have a clue about that but the boys said they had fun and I think they enjoyed the peanut butter crackers I made for them to take. 

There was TV. Oh yes there was. 
And there was bike riding, and boat and tractor pretending. 

Sometimes these activities become blurred. 

There was also hamburger bun shaping and floor drawing. 

So it's been a good day and I've thought about Chloe all day as I've done things with my grandchildren. She worked for years at a local school, teaching art and dance. In fact, she only retired in December. She had a way with children based on a deep respect for them and where they were in the world with their minds and hearts and she met them there. I love thinking about all the kids whose lives she touched. 
I've had this picture on my sideboard in the dining room ever since we moved here and it has always, since it was taken, been in some place of prominence wherever we have lived. 

Mona Rose (Chloe's first daughter), Michael, Hank, and May. Little hippie babies. If I am remembering properly, May had just experimented with cutting her own hair.
I wouldn't have missed those days for anything. 

For some reason I am now unable to readjust the text to align on the left. 

Better go make a supper. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That last picture is priceless. I love first self applied haircut pictures.

  2. What a picture! Darling kids.

  3. I guess all kids do that, cut their own hair. I wonder what it is that compels them to do so. that is a great picture of four hippie children. we would get ALL four of our grandkids on holiday weekends from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon. I loved the dickens out of those kids but by Sunday I was glad to turn them back over to their parents.

  4. Loved seeing that old photo, and the news ones too of your handsome little wild men. Enjoy!

  5. I love that last picture too - Little Rascals springs to mind!

  6. I had 2 of my grandkids over on Sunday morning for a visit and it was busy fun! I am always wiped out after they head home! Glad to see them but then glad for the peace and quiet after! :)

  7. OK, I just typed a comment and it vanished. Let me try again.

    Looks like a lively time with the boys! Of COURSE the camper is taking longer to buy than expected. That's a rule, isn't it? :)

    I missed your post about Chloe so I'm going to read that now. I love the old photo of the kids!

    1. It IS a rule. It is THE rule.
      I'm so glad I still have that picture.


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