Thursday, April 8, 2021

Big Stuff (Relatively)

Despite the fact that Magnolia June told her teacher that she wasn't coming back after her first day, she has now gone to school three times and I think she's doing great! This is the picture Lily sent this morning of what the little rock star looked like. Mr. Moon and I have issued a formal invitation to her to spend the night with us tomorrow. She has been begging for a sleepover for over a year now and I think it is time. When we discussed this on Sunday, she informed me once again that she will be scared at night when she stays over. This is just the fact, Jack. I told her that she'll be fine and can sleep on the cozy floor bed right beside our bed where August and Levon sleep so that she will not be scared. 
"I think I need to sleep with you," she said. "In your bed." In case I didn't understand. 
"But there's not room in our bed," I said. 
"That's okay. I can sleep between you."
I reported this conversation to my husband who said, "I'll be sleeping in my chair." 
Ooh boy. 

We shall see how this goes. I am planning to fix hamburgers and french fries for our supper tomorrow night and I got raspberry sherbet to make purple cows with for her dessert. Traditions must be upheld. 

Today was my shopping day but absolutely nothing like last week. I only went to three places today. Costco, Publix, and The Bad Girls Get Saved By Jesus Thrift Store which I have not been in for over a year. I took a picture.

As you can see, the true name of the place is not The Bad Girls Get Saved By Jesus Thrift Store. It is actually The Lighthouse Children's Home Thrift Store, "A Place of Second Chances". 
I like my name better and I think it is more descriptive and honest. By the time that most of those girls get to the Light House they are probably on their fifth or seven-hundredth chances but whatever- Jesus is involved and you can trust me on that one. 
Remarkably, I've never heard a whiff of a rumor about any sort of abuse there and I do hope that everyone involved in running the place is on the up-and-up but one cannot help but be suspicious. There is a Brother Billy involved who helped get the place started and helps run it. He was originally a police officer which does absolutely nothing to allay my fears. There used to be an Aunt Bob, too, who ran the thrift store but I think she has either died or is incapable now of working. She was mighty old twenty years ago. 
What all of that has to do with my visit there today is...nothing. The furniture section had a few interesting things today including a beautiful grandmother-reading-to-a-child chair but I didn't buy it. They also had a darling little child's rocking chair nicely upholstered in llama fabric but I left that there too. I think that Levon is the only one of my grands who would fit comfortably in it and that won't last for long. The main store had four nesting vintage Corning Ware (I think) bowls but they were asking $59 for them and I'm not a fan of their particular style anyway. I ended up buying two plates that will become part of my mismatched mutt eclectic collections of plates. They were a buck each but were on sale, 50% off and so that was a dollar, and I got a ziplock with about four spools of beautiful blue satin ribbon for two dollars. And that was plenty. It satisfied my need to buy something, to find tiny treasures to bring home. 

I have never in my life wanted matching china. That's always just seemed so boring. But I do love vintage plates and bowls with all of my heart and I have gotten most of mine at TBGGSBJ Thrift Store over the years. 

And so it's been another good day. I'll be going back to town tomorrow to pick up Lily from a dental appointment which will involve anesthesia so she needs a ride. We're hoping that she'll feel up to maybe going to a nursery or a thrift store for a little outing. Maybe she'll be in that sweet spot of pre-procedure meds having worn off just enough to allow her to function freely but haven't worn off enough to just make her feel tired. 

And then- The Great Magnolia Sleepover! 

Gonna be a big day. I better get some good sleep tonight. 

Oh- one more picture!

Vergil got his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine AND a lightsaber bandaid. 
We are moving along here, folks! 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Brother Billy, ex cop, and
    Aunt Bob singing Praises of the lord and saving naughty girls from being "entitled"...Hmmm, I do have questions.
    A Maggie stay over!! BLISS! and about friggin time! Get out the dollies and the dresses!!

  2. Magnolia June just bursts with confidence and joy! Nice finds at the thrift store! Billy and Bob?? Questions indeed. Yay for light saber bandaids and the vaccine!!

  3. Those two plates would fit in well with my own mix and not match collection. I too never wanted a matching set. I find myself drawn to roses and golden glimmers along edges. I also like siverware with flowers, any kind of flowers.

  4. I burst out laughing at Miz Magnolia announcing she wouldn't be back at school the next day, remembering a little kid of my acquaintance whose mom asked him how his first day went, and said something about the next day. He was horrified: I have to go back AGAIN?

    Or the kid who was deeply angry because her mom told her she would learn to read at school, who came home after day one, and said, we DIDNT learn to read at all!

    I guess we have to be careful how we present school to little starters.

  5. Love the purple plate.
    My brother turned school down. He said he wasn't going back again. Mom said "But they send you home in just two hours!" He decided he could stand that.

  6. I love to have pretty dishes that I can send off with cookies or whatever, and they are pretty and you don't worry about getting them back. I call them my pass around plates.

  7. Of course Magnolia would never be saved by The Bad Girls Get Saved By Jesus Thrift Store. She could only be saved by The Good Girls Get Saved By Jesus Thrift Store. I hope there's a little room left at the edges of your bed for Mr and Mrs Moon as Magnolia sleeps like a starfish in the middle.

  8. Mr Moon is probably not wrong in his pre-determination to sleep in the chair tonight. When my 6 yr old GS stays over, he starts out in his sleeping bag on a double padded foam on the floor beside my bed (in the guest room). But frequently ends up climbing in bed during the night. I really should wear a helmet on these occasions given the number of times I've been coshed in the head by flinging arms and legs. Did I mention GS talks in his sleep? Sigh. Mr Moon has the right idea.

  9. Those are lovely plates, reminds me of my mum. I hope the sleepover went well.

    We have an outbreak at work of one of the variants so we're finally all getting vaccinated. About fucking time.

  10. Oh, man! I am jealous of the light-saber Band-aid! Mine was so boring by comparison.

    Hope Maggie's sleepover went well. I'm laughing at her declaring she wasn't coming back to school. She's a pistol.

    Did we ever solve the mystery of why the BBGSBJ thrift store has so much furniture? Love the new plates. That second one looks like Noritake, maybe?

  11. Good luck with having Magnolia in your bed. I would get NO sleep whatsoever but I guess snuggling makes up for it right?

  12. You may need a nap on the day AFTER the sleepover!
    But it will be worth it for all of the fun you will have with Magnolia.

  13. both those plate were absolutely worth buying. I had matching china and one year I got the idea to trade or talk a setting out of members of mine and Marc's family and so each place setting is different and I even mix matched them as well so sitting at the table every piece would be different. of course, I don't entertain now and haven't for years and rarely did when I did so it all just sits in the china cabinet.

  14. Those plates are beautiful. Of course you bought them! I decorate my house the way you acquire plates. I have random oil paintings with the only "theme" being random. It does make it easy to do and anything is acceptable as long as I love it .

  15. Okay, so between Miss Magnolia's comments to clarify where she'd be Sleeping... and Brother Ex-Cop Billy and Uncle Bob... I almost spilled my drink all over the keyboard... hilarious! Questions, I got loads of 'em! You are Right, matching everything is Boring, Scoring some more Interesting China for your eclectic Table settings is more Fun.


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