Monday, December 2, 2019

The Joy Of Basic Needs Met

I have not walked White House Road in a very long time. To be honest, I've hardly walked at all lately and that's not good for me. But this morning was so lovely and chilly and I didn't even really think about it, I just put on my walking clothes and shoes and drove to where I park and got out and took off. It was so beautiful. I almost wanted to just keep on going when I got to the halfway point I had assigned myself. My damn MapMyWalk app is loony tunes right now and kept chiming in to tell me that I'd walked 2.4 miles when I knew damn well I'd only walked a mile or 3.8 miles when I'd not even walked 2 and finally I just turned it off. I walked what I walked. And I enjoyed it.
So much.

When I got home I did some chores and then made my lunch- a plate of the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers except for some of the soup I made. And I do believe they tasted better today than they did last Thursday. So, so good.
Bye, turkey! Adios, dressing. See you next year, delicious sweet potatoes, broccoli casserole, and green bean casserole.

After lunch I went out to the hen house to depoop it and what I found there made my heart soar.

I was shocked and thrilled. My hens have started laying again! Beautiful, lovely, perfect eggs. 
I am so grateful. 
I cleaned up the nesting boxes and took the old straw with the poop in it out to the garden where I spread it between rows and I stood for a moment, admiring my clean bed of greens which are all doing well. The salad we ate last night was so good that I have lost almost all of my desire to ever eat another type of salad in my life but of course, the luxury of having true, just-plucked-from-the-soil microgreens mixed with arugula and olive oil and vinegar and salt and pepper and topped with a little goat cheese is reserved for only a few weeks of the year and then sparingly because soon the greens and lettuces will be bigger but they will still be delicious. 

After I got my regular stuff done I set up the ironing board and plugged in my trusty iron and smoothed the wrinkles from shirts although before I was halfway through, my iron quit working. 
I have killed my iron! I thought. And truly, I suppose I have. Fortunately, I have a back-up iron. Jessie gave me one that she got as a wedding gift, I think and that's the one I killed. My old iron has a chunk out of the side where it fell once but it still works fairly well so I was able to finish what I had set out to do. 
I never thought I'd ever need an iron for anything but sewing but as with so much in life, things change, we change, our needs change and now I am a sixty-five year old woman who loves to iron her husband's shirts and watch TV. 
Who would have thought? 
Not me, baby. Not me. 

It's supposed to get cold tonight. It may even freeze. I should have moved my porch plants to the back of the porch and covered them up but I didn't. The forecast calls for it to get down to 34 which won't kill anything but why I think I should trust that I do not know. I talked to Lis and she said that Lon had brought in all of their plants. He's a good man, that Lon. And speaking of Lon and Lis, here's a picture that Jessie sent me last night. 

Those little boys were enchanted by the music and the musicians. 

And finally this. 

She said that the boys would just not stop dancing. This all makes my heart so happy. She also said that she got to see so many people she's known for half her life (longer than that, to be accurate) and we agreed that St. Augustine people are the best. While that was happening, our dear friend Lulumarie (nicest woman in the world) who lives in St. Augustine was texting me about how lovely it was seeing the little family. 

Perhaps all of that was the reason my morning angst when I woke up was at a minimum and didn't take too long to get over although I am quite certain that the walk also helped. And so it's been a beautiful day. I've made up another loaf's worth of sourdough and fed my starter which is already showing its appreciation by burping up lovely bubbles, not unlike an old grandpa who is enjoying his favorite meal of greens with salt pork. 
All of this and three eggs too. 
How lucky can one old girl get? 

Shall we meet here again tomorrow? Oh. I hope so. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Be still my heart; Levon has everyman's tool there in his hands. He needs a leather holster to carry it at his waist, where everyman reaches to solve every problem of the universe with that tool. He conjures up those endearing habits of my brothers; how my older brother spent hours sitting under the dining room table, at solitary play with whatever was in his hands. How my little brother told everyone he had a leprechaun in his pocket. I think Uncle Frank told him that. Levon is a boy's boy.

    1. Levon is SUCH a boy's boy. Even when he's wearing a dress. And that's his daddy's tool. Both boys are fascinated with it. I swear, Levon is getting so beautiful that I can barely stand to look at him sometimes. I'm so lucky.

  2. I love watching little kids get fascinated by something fun and good for them whether it is music, tools or dancing. You can begin to see what they might like in the future...See your post on Mr. Rogers for my reply to your question.

    1. Thanks, e. I found your response.
      I hope with all of my heart that both Levon and August are always fascinated by music and by tools. Such a good combination. Like their daddy. Like Lon, their fairy godfather.

  3. another blogger friend was also making sourdough bread today. lovely eggs, I know it's just the lighting but those two brown eggs look pink. we've had two cold nights down in the 30s but today will be warm with a clear blue sky.

    1. Those eggs do have a tinge of pink in them. Good artist eye! I wonder what sort of recipe your other blogger friend uses for her bread.
      Chilly here. It almost froze last night and going to get down in the thirties again tonight. I am sort of loving it.

  4. Yay, eggs! Is the rooster problem solved? Could that have contributed to the resumption of egg-laying?

    Glad you had a good walk and a good day. We're having temps near freezing too, but not quite there. I haven't brought anything inside and I'm wrestling with whether I even want to bother!

    1. The rooster problem is still with us. As in- the roosters are still with us. But their time here is short. I am hoping that it was just a temporary thing for the hens not to lay due to molting. We shall see.
      And it WAS a good day. And a good walk, too.
      I know I'm not bringing any plants in. Well, maybe the Norfolk Island Pine because I think that'll be my Christmas tree.

  5. If there was a road near me that looked like that...I would enjoy walking it too. It's beautiful and I can see why it quiets the anxiety. Dancing is also good for the soul, so it's good to see Levon and August out on the dance floor.

    1. It really does, Dee. For me, doing something that makes my body move really does help. Dancing used to do it but since I totally wrecked one of my hips, that's not happening much these days.
      Which does break my heart.

  6. I think I say this almost every time, but your grandsons are just adorable. I love my little guy but to see him sit still and watch the musicians would be a small miracle.

    Fingers crossed it doesn't freeze!

  7. Those boys have a rich and beautiful life.

  8. And oh! The delicate color of those eggs! Like jewels.


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