Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Hanging Out With My Littlest

Well, there you go. Ho-ho-ho. That's my Christmas decoration. I made that wreath before Jesus was circumcised. I do like the cardinal although it's obviously going through a molting season.
I'd bring in the Norfolk Island Pine and decorate that but it and the pot it's in weigh upwards of fifty pounds and I'm not up for that. My husband, being out of town, can't help me and there you go. He called today to ask my permission to make an unexpected trip to Arkansas to duck hunt which means he'll be gone longer than expected.
I just laughed.
"Sure, baby. Go. Have fun."
He didn't really call to ask my permission. Mostly just to see if I minded. I often wonder what he'd say when these things come up if I put on my headmistress voice (I have one, trust me) and said, "No, dear. I don't think so."
He would fall over.
And it's a moot point. As long as he is able, it's fine with me.

Levon was here when he called and he talked to his Boppy. He and I had a fine time together today. He's acquiring so many words lately. The thing he kept saying today was, "That's so RUDE!"
He also likes to say, "That's so funny!" which he said a lot while we were watching "Mighty Little Bheem." I love that series. The artwork is beautiful. It's set in India and Bheem is a preternaturally strong baby who is the joy and the torment of his mother.
And Levon is right- a lot of it is so funny.

Besides watching a little of that, we read books but he's mostly interested in the ones with trucks and tractors, etc. He had snacks and dipped graham crackers in milk which made a huge mess but I did not care. We sat out on the front porch for awhile and rocked in the chairs. He kept making me switch chairs with him because whichever one he was in was "too hard" to rock although he certainly seemed to manage fine.

Such a beautiful little boy.

Here he is showing me how he can raise himself up on his arms so that his butt is above the chair seat. I'll be honest- I was impressed.
I was also impressed that he noticed and commented on the fact that I was wearing a dress he'd never seen before when he got here. It got up to almost 80 here today and so I switched out my overalls for a very old hot pink linen dress. "What's this?" he asked, pointing to it.
"That's my dress," I told him. "Look! It's the same color as your shorts!"
He pointed to my dress again and then his pants. "Green, green!" he said.
"Um, well, close!" I said.
But I tell you what- the kid can count to thirteen. At least.
He's a precious little guy and I probably told him two dozen times, at least, that I loved him today. I was a bad Mer, though, in that I did not get him down for a nap. I don't think I realized the importance of that and I could tell that Jessie wasn't thrilled that his schedule was so screwed up. But hey! I asked him if he wanted to take a nap. He said no. 
Who was I to question that?
Oh yeah. The adult.
I'll try to do better next time.

When Jessie and August got here to retrieve the boy, I asked August about the movie. He'd loved it. I asked him how big the screen was and he said, with many exuberant hand gestures, that it was bigger than my whole house! I asked him if there was much kissing and he said no, but there was a lot of hugging.

So that's been my day.
I'm going to make some spinach pasta tonight. With baby peas. The longer my husband is gone, the more baby peas I get to eat.
Here's what my baby garden greens salad looked like last night.

The perfect salad. There are probably ten different types of greens in there along with vinegar, olive oil, salt and a little feta cheese. I could eat that every night of the week but at this stage of the garden, I have to pluck and pick very sparingly. Each and every tiny leaf is precious to me. 

The hens are back on the nest for sure. I got three eggs today. Before I know it, the problem of having too many eggs will be a reality again. What a lovely problem to have! 

Another thing I love about Baby Bheem is that their chickens lay green and blue eggs. Just like some of mine. Levon and I took a walk around the yard and when we got back in the house, Liberace and one of the hens were in the kitchen. I have to tell you that a full-grown rooster is almost as tall as a toddler. Levon sort of hung by the door while it took me a second to register that the birds were in the house. 
"Scat, y'all!" I said. "Get on out of here!" 
And I chased them out while Levon watched with great interest. We talked about that all afternoon and when we were watching Bheem, there was an episode where all of the animals came into their house. The cows and the pig and the goats and the chickens. We both laughed because we could relate. 

Have you seen the moon tonight? 

Life in Lloyd. Not so very different than life anywhere. Or least anywhere that chickens lay green eggs and sometimes wander into the house.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. What a lovely post. When we moved to the countryside first, I was scared of all animals. Even the chickens. Its hard, being short, around livestock. I got used to everything except cows.
    How can anyone not like peas??

    1. Well, I was scared of roosters my entire life until I got one and realized they don't have to be ankle-scarring murderers. Although they can be fierce.
      I don't know how anyone can not like peas but my husband doesn't. Or cooked carrots. Or beets. He likes just about everything else though.

  2. Sometimes I come here and read something like this
    Life in Lloyd. Not so very different than life anywhere. Or least anywhere that chickens lay green eggs and sometimes wander into the house.
    and it strikes me as deeply profound because it is.

  3. Always a pleasure to read here. You made some great memories with that little one today.

  4. You are a mollycoddler Ms Moon! Small boys and girls need their naps and they are not entitled to vote on the matter. Jessie should have "whupped your ass" as I understand Americans are wont to say.

    1. Yes. Yes I am a mollycoddler. Jessie probably should have whupped my ass. I deserved an ass-whupping. As we do truly say around here. You're not wrong about that.

  5. I had my grandson on the weekend, he's going through something called 8 month sleep regression. I looked it up. It's thing. Basically sleep becomes a fight. He way exhausted but unwilling or unable to sleep. I however do not suffer from sleep regression, so nana was tired.

    I agree with Jessie, naps are important. I love that you have to chase a chicken out of your kitchen.

    Glad you had a good day with Levon.

    1. Me too. And you are a sweeter grandmother than I am. If they're not sleeping through the night, I don't especially care to have them stay over. Is that mean? Probably. Sometimes I feel like I lost so much sleep when Lily was a baby that I haven't caught up yet. I maybe never will.

  6. I was reading over my post. Apparently Nana is still tired because it doesn't make much sense. He was so exhausted...

  7. apparently the hens are happy that the extra roosters are gone. that moon was so bright last night I kept thinking it was dawn every time I woke up.

    1. The life of the chickens is a much happier one now. I'm sure the hens all have PTSD though. But they'll soon forget. I hope.

  8. That moon was shining in my eyes last night through a gap in our curtains!

    Love your stories of life with Levon. It's great to get to know a little more about him, and how he behaves when he's on his own. "That's so RUDE!" Such a funny thing to say.

    Glad you didn't begrudge Mr. Moon his additional hunting time, though I must say, slogging around in Arkansas does not sound like fun to me.

    1. I don't know why he says "That's so rude!" He must have picked it up somewhere. August, perhaps?
      Yeah. I have no desire to slog around Arkansas either but each to his or her own.

  9. So lovely that you get to spend one on one time with each of the little ones. And your eggs are the most beautiful I have ever seen. The colors continue to amaze me. Why are all the eggs I ever buy white or brown? No pearlized blues, no delicate pinks, no whisper of green. I've said it before, you are the real true pioneer woman.

    1. I guess that the breeds that lay colored eggs are not suitable for factory egg-producing and that's why all of the stores carry brown or white eggs. If you go to a farmers market, you'd probably find gorgeous colored eggs.
      I'm not a pioneer woman. I just play one on the blog! Ha!


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