Monday, December 9, 2019

In Which I Get Stuff Done With The Help Of Magnolia June (And Her Mother)

I had a few errands to run today and Lily and Maggie came with me. We started out at Costco where I bought a new set of headphones. I'd bought a set at Best Buy yesterday but despite the clerk's insistence that I would love them, I did not. The sound was tinny to my ears. Why do I listen to employees? His name was Dakota although he looked more like a Sherman to me.
"Okay, Dakota!" I told him. "I am going to trust you!"
"You can trust me," he said. "I've owned more than eighty pairs of headphones."
I thought about that for a second and said, "Well, if you'd found the perfect pair you wouldn't have needed eighty pairs."
I should have realized then that perhaps Dakota was not to be entirely trusted.
Anyway, when I got home last night I opened a Costco mailing and they had a pair of the same brand I've been using and which I like very much but which I fucked up due to a fault design (in my opinion) user error involving the charging port so I decided I'd get a pair of those. And be more careful in my charging technique.

So we went to Costco and I got the headphones and we looked at a bunch of stuff and Maggie wanted toys, of course, and Lily did end up buying a huge box of goop for her to share with her brothers and I got a few Christmas presents and then we had to go to lunch because I was hungry.
We went to Jason's deli where Lily and I like the salad bar and Maggie loves the cream of broccoli soup. Yes. She actually chooses that soup over pizza.

After lunch I took my Dakota-recommended headset back to Best Buy where I had a completely pleasant transaction with the customer service lady.
Some people were just born to be in customer service.

Then on we went to Joann's fabric so that I could pick out a nightgown pattern and some flannel to make Magnolia a nightgown. She was not in a good mood because she wanted to go home and play with her goop although her mama kept telling her she couldn't play with it until the boys got home anyway. But she had no desire to look at patterns or material with me and in fact, told me quite bluntly that she did not want a nightgown.
Too bad, little girl. You are getting one and you will wear it!
Well, I don't really care if she doesn't want to wear it.
One of the sweetest things my mother used to do for me was to make me flannel nightgowns. I did love them. They always had eyelet on them and so shall Maggie's. But instead of a sweet little flower pattern on the fabric like mine always had, Maggie's looks like this.

Looking at it now I'm not sure why I bought this particular print. But I did. Lily liked it and it is sort of interesting in a goth-rainbow-unicorn sort of way. 
And then, to Maggie's even deeper annoyance, we went to the shop next door to look for presents but we bought nothing there. 
When we got in the car to FINALLY go home, Lily gave Maggie a small can of Pringles that she'd gotten for her at Joann's. The picture at the top of the post is of Maggie saying NO! to my request that she share a few with Mer. No sharing of the Pringles, people. Just forget it. 

When we got to Lily's road, Gibson had already called about four times. When he and Owen get off the bus they are allowed to turn their phones on so that they can be in touch with Mama on the mile walk home. Lily says that they call every day to ask her to come and pick them up which she generally does not do. But today we saw them on the way home and stopped to let them get in the car. They were delighted. They were even more delighted when they heard about the goop. They both wanted Maggie to share her chips with them but she refused. However, she did offer them to me at that point. 
The child could teach a class in How To Piss Off Your Brothers And Weld Your Power Against Them. 
She also wouldn't give Gibson a kiss. 
"Oh, come on, Maggie!" he said. 
"No," said the little princess and that was that. 

While all of this was going on, we kept getting texts from Hank and Rachel. They adopted a new cat! 

They are both so thrilled. They have named her Honey Belle which I think is the perfect name. All I can say is- that is one lucky kitten. If your Facebook isn't working it's because Hank and Rachel have completely exploded it with pictures of their new baby. 
And who could blame them? 

Before I'd left Lily's house, the goop was out and being played with. Warnings had been given about not taking any of it out of the dining room and specifically not off the table. Glitter was involved. 

When I got home the quiet and peace were lovely. I did some laundry and plugged in my new headphones (which seem to work nicely) and punched down and kneaded a new loaf's worth of sourdough which is now in the last minutes of its baking. 
Tomorrow Levon might come stay with me for awhile so that his mama and brother can have a little movie date. I don't think that August has ever been to a movie yet and I know he'll love it. And I think that Levon will have a good time here with his Mer. I hope so. 
I've picked enough tiny greens and lettuce leaves to make myself a small and tender salad. I got one egg today but it was in the nest and that is good. I haven't heard from Mr. Moon since this morning but I'm sure he's fine and I know he's enjoying himself. 
And I am enjoying the time alone as I generally do. 

I better go check that bread. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Just look at the animal wall that cats can run and climb and play on! I used to have a cat that color, and I named him Butterscotch. Hank and Rachel are up the same color path with Honey.

    1. Yep. Little Honey Belle looks a tad like Maurice too. I hope her personality is better. They adopted her from a cat cafe that does rescues so hopefully, she's been socialized well.

  2. Honeybelle and my Lukas could be twins! I hope she has a nice life. I think Maggie will enjoy her nightie and I hope you enjoy your evening.

  3. I predict that in the future Florida will be represented by Senator Magnolia Cheese Pringle. She will piss off The Republicans even more than Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren put together but at night she will still sleep in a unicorn print nightgown - just like the one her Mer made for her when she was little.

    1. I think she might even make it to President Magnolia Cheese Pringle. Why not?

  4. I so admire that mile walk from the bus, unlike the cosseted kids here who are picked up and delivered at the end of their driveways, one after another.

    1. Well, Lily used to pick them up at the bus stop but this year she and decided (with Jason) to let them walk. I think they have a great time doing that although they complain about it.

  5. What a sweet kitten. I'm amazed that the school bus drops off the kids a mile from home. What's the point of the bus? Although it is a good for them.

    Hope you had a lovely evening.

    1. The road that Lily lives on may have something to do with it. It's not a county maintained road. So I don't know.
      I DID have a nice evening.

  6. That's a busy day! It's funny how willful Maggie is. She makes up her mind and that's that.

    I love the unicorn fabric. It's got a trace of psychedelia to it, doesn't it? Like that could be someone's crazy acid trip.

    Beautiful little kitten! I'm always so encouraged by seeing photos of adopted animals, knowing what wonderful lives they'll lead.

    1. Well, when Maggie was born it seemed that right from the get-go she was going to be the boss of everyone. And so it has been. And she can be sweet as honey too. Good thing she's so dang cute.
      That unicorn fabric is a bit psychedelic. I hope it doesn't disturb her sleep.
      Yes. That kitten could not have found a more loving family to live with.

  7. Maggie may not like her nightgown but my 42 year old daughter would love a flannel nightgown out of that fabric. once my kids were in middle school they had to walk home unless the weather was bad.

    1. I hope that Maggie changes her mind. But honestly- it's mostly for me. I just want to make her one with eyelet trim.
      My kids have all done a lot of walking to and from school.

  8. I think the rainbow unicorn whatsit fabric is fabulous. I can see a child unable to sleep making up stories by just looking at a section of it.

  9. I guffawed when Maggie told her brothers no to the Pringles and then offered it to you! She's the undisputed queen of her world.


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