Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Outside And Inside

I just realized that I have not spoken to one human today. Not with my voice, anyway. I didn't even go to the post office where at least I I exchange greetings with our postmistress. But it's fine. The world would probably be better off if some of us shut up for a day or so now and then.
It certainly did not subtract from my enjoyment to be silent. I had a lovely day. It was cooler this morning and I did some work outside, cutting spent lilies and cleaning the hen house, watering porch plants and cutting flowers to bring inside.
There are SO many roses in that vase. It's a messy bouquet. I admit that. But these are all heirloom roses and their petals are soft and some of them, when they're open, already look blown even though their petals are still stuck firmly on. In a few days there will be rose petals all over that little vanity and on the floor of the hallway where it sits, too. Who could mind that? The roses scent the air and I feel as if I have an abundance of rich sweetness in that vase.

Besides the roses, I also cut camellias which, it came to my attention, are starting to bloom.
Here are some of the Camellia Sasanguas which bloom first.

I love them. They hardly look real and remind me of the crepe paper poppies people wear on Memorial Day. The bright golden yellow stamens bring to mind sea creatures as much as they do of anything terrestrial. 

Anemones, in fact, is what they look like to me. And having just looked up sea anemones, I have now learned that they themselves were named after the flower anemone. 
Well, there you go. 
And here you are.

The Pink Perfections have started blooming. 
And you know how much those perfection confections make me happy. 
They remind me of a newborn's cheek, a little girl's dream of love, the clouds of sunset or sunrise, barely tinted by the sun in transition. 


Although it was lovely this morning, it's been drizzling a bit since this afternoon and it's getting cooler again. It's not going to be cold but it's cool enough for cashmere and I like it like that. 

Besides all of that outside stuff, I've also tightened up some buttonholes on a dress, cut out Maggie's nightgown, and taken my new iron out of the box and used it. 
I swear to you- finding pleasure in a new iron is not something I'd ever thought I'd do but there you go. It's so steamy! A steamy, dreamy iron. While I was doing the buttonhole thing and the ironing, I watched a movie called I'll See You In My Dreams
A New York Times reviewer, Stephen Holden, called it, "A modest, quietly touching portrait of an older woman radiantly embodied by Blythe Danner."
And I agree. 
At first I thought it was just going to be one of those old lady movies and it was but it was more than that. There were some fine actors in it. Blythe Danner plays the lead role and a lovely triad of other older woman play the supporting friends. June Squibb, Rhea Perlman, and Mary Kay Place. And in the heartthrob role we find Sam Elliott. 
Sam Elliott. 
What can you say about that man? 
How about this? 
Somehow at the age of seventy-four, he makes most all other men look like male embryos.
And I have to say that Blythe Danner is incredibly beautiful. And both of them are seasoned actors who know how to convey the deepest emotions with the smallest of gestures and expressions. No histrionics required.
There's a kissing scene that made my toes curl. 
Compare this to the highly publicized new movie on Netflix, The Marriage, with Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson which I have also watched this week and which I found completely unsatisfying. It was as if scenes from many different movies about divorce had been cut and pieced together and I couldn't manage to muster up a bit of empathy for any of the characters and to tell you the truth, Adam Driver always makes me think of a big whiny baby. When I first saw one of his movies I was intrigued by his unconventional features which is what I generally find attractive but, eh, I don't know. 
Big whiny baby. 
And Johansson's performance was so understated that I could practically feel the restrictive pain of her emotional Spanx. 

Well, who am I to cast judgement? 
No one. 
But I'm allowed to have my opinions and those are mine. 

I also ordered some Christmas presents for my grandchildren today. I fear that most of them won't be here until after Christmas but la-di-dah. 

I haven't paid much attention to the news today but I just checked and it would appear that Orange Imposter is still alive. 
We persevere. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Between post nasal drip and no one to talk to many days save the cat, I often have a gravelly sounding voice, when I must use it. I've wondered of late if it could be transmuted into money.
    I've never really cared for Blythe Danner. I don't know why.

    1. I was never that enchanted with Blythe Danner either but she sure came through in this film. I was impressed.
      So- thinking about doing a little sex phone work? Why not? You could probably do that and weave at the same time!

  2. Those pink camellias are truly perfection. So beautiful! They don't grow here - far too cold - though I suppose we could get them as annuals. It just wouldn't be the same.

    I'm with you on the new iron. :)

    1. You can't grow camelias as annuals because they are a bush which eventually grow into tree-like plants. I'm very glad I live where they do grow. They make winter so much sweeter.

  3. Thanks for the flowers. Just snow and ice here.

    1. How do you stand it? You are stronger than I am.

  4. Yes, we do indeed. Your flowers are lovely.

  5. Love all your flowers. There has always been something about Adam Driver that just irritates me, even though I usually love men with deep voices.

    1. I have the same reaction- and maybe it's because he plays annoying roles. I don't know.

  6. The camellias and roses are looking great. Our camellias don't make an appearance until spring -- and they're white ones and I don't like them much anyway. I wonder if we can grow sasanguas here?

    I'll look for that movie. I love Blythe Danner (and I love her daughter Gwyneth, too, even though everyone makes fun of her).

    1. I'm sure you could grow sasanguas there if camellias grow. They're just different varieties of the same thing, I believe.
      The only thing I really liked Gwyneth in was "The Royal Tenenbaums." I loved her in that. And I'm sorry but it's SO easy to make fun of her when she claims that women should steam their vaginas or, well, you know- those things.

  7. Ms. Mary Moon (I just love your name), have you ever seen HBO's Olive Kitteridge? It was the most stunning portrait of a long term marriage and an aging woman that I've ever seen. Olive is a complex character, both curmudgeon and radiantly perfect in her own way. They show her across the aging spectrum and the realistic challenges she faces at each stage. It's a miniseries (maybe 5 hours total?), and you can get a free 7 day trial on HBO to see it. I hear the book is even better.

    Your pink perfection rose is amazing!!

    1. I've seen the series AND read the book! Loved them.
      Thanks for the compliments on the pink perfection but it's not a rose. It's a camellia! They do look rose-like, don't they?

  8. I have some roses blooming too. after a couple of cold/cool days we are on a warming trend again.

    1. Chilly here. But not cold. Still lots of buds on these roses.

  9. You make me want to find and watch that Blythe Danner/Sam Elliot movie. I rather enjoy toe curling scenes. Beautiful flowers.

    1. It was on Netflix. I recommend it. Not great art but a good movie.

  10. I've seen that movie with Blythe Danner and Sam Elliot. I enjoyed it very much and yes, she is a beautiful lady. And Sam, his voice is like panty remover.

    Those flowers are gorgeous, especially the pink perfections. I am deeply envious. Everything is covered in snow here:)

    1. Oh my god! "His voice is like panty remover."
      I laughed so hard. It's true!
      And this reminds me of something Bruce Springsteen said on "Fresh Air" once which was that the message of every rock song ever written was "Will you take your panties off?"
      Can't argue with the Boss and I can't argue with you.
      No snow here. But we're supposed to get a lot of rain tonight.


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